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Googleshng - June 21 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

This weekend was so much fun. Not only did I get LoD and LoM, which are both pretty darn fun, but my cousin who I haven't seen in months came over, so there was much watching of Giant Robo and playing of games to be had all around. In the morning he's leaving, won't see him for a year since he's going to Japan. While I played a lot of games and watched a lot of anime, I DIDN'T get a lot of sleep. So, if I come off totally incoherrent, now you know why.

On another note, tomorrow Koudelka and Vanguard Bandits are due out. So I'll have 4 new games to play, in addition to having to beat Vagrant Story... and come to think of it, WA. For that matter, I can pick up WA2 tomorrow also... and someone is mailing me a copy of SaGa Frontier because they don't like it... and I still want to order Dragon Force Tactics ogre and Panzer Dragoon Saga once I open a bank account, so that'll be a stack of TEN GAMES that need winning! How the heck did THAT happen? O_o (Oh and I didn't miscount, I've won Dragon Force)

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I've been playing LoD, and it's damn good, especially graphically *drool*. Anyway, one thing has been bothering me the whole time - StarDust. I keep finding it in and around houses and such, and the number I have is listed on my save file info, but I have absolutely no idea what the stuff is for. And, unless I'm some sort of five finger, Texas retard, it's not in the manual.

So please help me where Brad failed - answer me!



Many RPGs have things like that. Basically, the more you have, the more cool little things you can get once you reach a certain point in the game.

Legend of Which?
Hey Google,

I was wondering, if you had to make a choice, would you recommend LoM or LoD, because i have barely enough money for one, and it's a tough decision.

P.S, Brad stayed up until 1:30 AM for us. Would YOU do that for us?

Mi-No Likey

That depends on your tastes. LoM is a non-linear highly customizable Action/RPG with cool special attacks you get by doing spiffy combos. LoD on the other hand is a textbook RPG with a lot of purdy FMV and cool special attacks you get by doing spiffy combos. They're both fun, so get whichever you're in the mood for. Also, LoM is a whole lot shorter, but has a LOT of replay value.

As for staying up until 1 AM to finish a column, I stay up until 2 doing them every night. Heck, not to long ago I stayed up until 5 one night.

Is Shana worth it?
Hello Googleshng,

Ok, I couldn't wait for a review so I went out and got Legend of Dragoon. Kick ass game. One question for you though... am I wrong or is Shana the most useless party member in ANY RPG? She has no addition attacks, only gets 30sp for her single attack (which is also pretty weak), and starts with one spell that heals your entire party... although when I need that kind of healing power it's usually her that died. Plus with her tiny sp gain, I probably wouldn't be able to use it if I needed to. Anyway, do you know if I should bother working on her stats... she's at like level 10 or something and the rest of my guys are at 17... without giving away the story of course... just if you know that I'm going to be forced to use her or something.

I've never seen a healer role filled so weakly in any game. At least characters like Rosa and Aeris could fight when they weren't healing...

By the way, do you think Monster Rancher 2 is a RPG? I'm so addicted to it it's not even funny, I even stopped playing Legend of Mana so I could raise my monster some more.

Ok that's enough. Later.

I know what you mean. For all intents and purposes, Shana has no attack command, so that healing spell is all she has. That requires 4 rounds of charging (although I'm told she always gets 1/4 of her Max SP, so that's 125 at level 5). All for a spell that heals your entire party. On the other hand, there's Rose, who is a pretty decent fighter, and her level 1 spell steals a LOT of HP from a monster and uses it to heal your entire party by quite a bit. Hopefully her other spells are less useless, don't forget defending ALSO heals you. Anyway, my personal plans for Shana are this: Once everyone has all their Additions maxed out, and are on DL5, THEN I'll get Shana up to DL5. I figure she might be kind of useful way later in the game, but for now, she rots in the corner. 8)

And no singing!
To the "all knowing" Googleshng - ... wait, are you "all knowing"?

If you are, answer me this (please, of course!) - I just bought the Legend of Mana OST (this being my latest addition to please my RPG music fetish, well, we all have ONE RPG fetish, don't we??) and I'm kinda freaking out about the track "Song of Mana". If you need help, it's the song played after you start a new game and finish the character creation (you know, the movie with the flying mailbox!). Anyways, I'm totally stumped at the language that this song is sung in. It's defiantly not English or Japanese ... not German cause I speak that and I would know ... hmm, I'm thinking north to northeastern Europe?? I have no idea. PLEASE! I'm getting weird, and I think my OCD is coming back ... help, please!

Kainoa - The one and ONLY RPG freak in the entire state of Hawaii

Yes, I know All. He's a nice guy, has a lot of stuff too. Anyway, on to your real question, that song is in Swedish. Actually, Legend of Mana as a whole has a vaguely Swedish vibe to it. Largely from the drawing style.

Cruel Joke
you have not answered a question such as this kind in a long long time, and i forgot your answers...
I have played Shining Force II (this introduced me to rpgs, and i loved the battles) , FF6, Chrono Trigger, FF7, FF8 (Which I was sorely dissapointed in), Xenogears, Grandia, and i am in the middle of Suikoden II right now. My problem is that i don't know what to play next. Please help me out. Oh, and I still have my Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Genesis, and you could suggest games for those systems too. if you answer, i'll give you a double tilde... PLEASE!!! I'M GETTING DESPARATE!!! I'M ALMOST DONE WITH SUIKODEN II...

Bad time to be asking this question. Here I am juggling 3 new games, and there's 7 coming out this week. If you like TRPGs, there's Vanguard Bandits (Mecha and Working Designs), Rhapsody (Girly and song filled), and arguably Koudelka (Lovecraftian Horror in 1800s Wales). If you like Dungeon Crawls, there's Evolution 2 if you want something cheery, Vagrant Story if you want something dark, and Diablo 2 if you want something for PC. Want an FF7 clone? There's LoD. Want an Action/RPG? There's LoM. What a wonderful week this is to suddenly not be broke.

LoM Stuff
I did send you a LoM question, and you ignored it! Oh, well, maybe you can answer it on Monday.

My question is, what's with all the "primary" and "secondary" items? Are these things you can use to build weapons or something? How can you build weapons? I suspect you can use your "workshop" behind your house, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Keep up the good work, Goog.


It bothers me when people get mad at me for not printing letters that I didn't get until after I put the column up. Not sure if this is one of those. Anyway, yes, once you've accomplished certain tasks, primary and secondary materials can be used to make weapons, armor, musical instruments, and golems. Such tasks tend to be things like, say, find Watts. Also, in order to start getting pets, you have to do an event that takes place in the west end of Domina after you've played a while.


Googleshng is a cursed wretch of Jusenkyo. Splash Goog with cold water and s/he turns into a slime. Spring of Drowned Slime is very cursed!


Another Quickie from this person says she drew All Purpose Cultural Slime-Being Google-Google. I want to see this picture.


No I said Allo.

HI!!! hey, i drew a picture of you using photoshop 5, a very expensive program, so this is a very high quality pic! you better post it, or ill take the same pic and draw a knife through it then send it to you again and again, k thanks, see ya.

me as in kage goei

No comment.

You know Googlething if you turn out to be a guy. It's gonna be just like the Crying Game.
Ugh that's just disturbing.

So many quickies in my box about wheher or not I'm a girl... did I miss something this weekend?

The "almighty Lhoracle" (if that is his real name) forgot to mention that in final fantasy 8 you can cause over 9999 points of damage

Kristifer- faithful worshiper or the great and powerful googleshng

Lohr. Anyway, I don't recall that letter, but yeah, Squall's best limit break, at least one blue spell, the explode ability, and Eden can all do 5 digits of damage no problem... not to mention 10,000 needles.


108 characters in suikoden 1&2... and 108 races in LoD... coincidence? i think so!... or maybe not...


-shramoon "formerly known as the frito bandito"

I never noticed that. I think I'll go through and count all the monster types to see if they cheated or if they left room for plants and those various animals in the background.

Hey Goog,
Any idea why LoD claims to need 2 blocks of memory space on the box but is only taking one on my memory card?

Because someone made a mistake.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry this column is up a bit late. My cousin who I won't see for another year was visiting, and he had an early flight, so, I couldn't maintain my usual nocturnal schedule. Tomorrow's will go up on time though. Now I have to get out of this room before I boil to death. Off I go!

Googleshng "Hot"
This new scheduling rules. I wonder why it didn't occur to me earlier.

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