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Googleshng - June 22 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

OK, LoM and LoD are both pretty darn cool. LoD is a pretty standard RPG, with a couple of interesting mechanics, and 4 disks of FMV. Oddly enough though, considering how great the graphics are, the graphics kind of suck. By that I mean, FMV, great looking, backgrounds, great looking, in fight graphics, great looking, but the out of fight characters look bad, like FF7's, and the animation is all kind of jerky, even during the FMV. Plus the translation is very bad at times, and it features one of my all time biggest complaints about modern RPGs, repetitive in fight voice samplings. Other than that though, it's a pretty darn good game. The music's good. (and I'm not just sucking up because JD's interviewing the composer!) The voice acting, surprisingly enough is good, nice plot, and just generally fun.

LoM on the other hand is just cool all around. It's so cheery and customizable and non-linear. The basic gameplay boils down to this: You've explored the whole world, so you go outside, stick an artifact down on the map somewhere, a new location pops up, you go in, find some people with a problem, help them out, exploring the new location while you're at it, and in the process you end up getting a few more artifacts with which to repeat the cycle. Meanwhile you're literally constantly learning new techniques and special moves, and getting a big whopping pile of stuff to bring to your house. Fun.

Now then, on with the column and then I can get back to them.

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Hello again,
Never wrote in before and now I'm throwing two your way. Gasp!

I wanted to know, did the Xenogears team do Chrono Cross? I was under the impression that they were the ones who did Dewprism/Threads of Fate. The Tactics team did Vagrant Story, FF's group has remained somewhat consistent and the people doing Chrono Cross were found lying around the Squaresoft offices in closets and desk drawers. Just curious.

Also: 1) You seem to have an affinity with me as far as anime goes ... and Xenogears does indeed have an unmatched story and grandia is a very fine RPG ... so I wanted to know, how do you find Tales of Destiny by Namco?

2) It's my birthday today. Yippee! I'm 21. How old are you googleshng? Or is that for you to know and me to wonder?

Have a good day.
Jonathan Joynt (Not a pseudonym. I get lots of cute comments 'bout the last name.)


No, Threads of Fate is by the same people as Brave Fencer Musashi. The CT/Xenogears/CC team by the way has left Square and is called Monolithsoft now. As for ToD, well, I haven't played it.

Spin that camera

Hope you got LoM! Personnaly, I FINALLY got Vagrant Story, as it is now released in Québec. The guy who sold me the game told me that it was only a temporary situation and that future games won't be delayed at all. But I'm not really sure I can trust that as he also swore to me that LoM wasn't released anywhere, including U.S. Maybe he just hit his head? Anyway, I guess I'll just go and burn that darned french instruction manual now...

Oh yeah, a question.. In Vagrant Story I think it is very annoying to press L1 to go to the right and R1 to go to the left... I got killed a few times already because of that. Is there any way to configure the controller in that game? Maybe I just played too long Xenogears but I just can't keep from pushing R1 to go to the right...

Anyway, i wish you luck for LoM, and please carefully hide the mailman's corpse as it would be sad for all of us if you were to go to jail ;)

The Bloody Maniac

Well, good for you then. Anyway, this reminds me. For all games that have a camera to spin, there's a general standard as far as which button spins it clockwise, and which spins it counterclockwise. Xenogears goes against it. It's really annoying isn't it?

Fun Fact
About the Resident evil 2 Film question, Capcom didn't like the scripts they where originally given by the dawn of the dead director and rejected it. I saw on some site recently that Capcom has finally been given a script they like and decided to start making it. It had a picture of someone making a Zombie mask which looked pretty cool.


This isn't even remotely related to RPGs, but it's still nice to know.

Dear Abb...err....Googz
I was out ambling under the Rhapsody screen shots...The battles confuse me, some of the shots make it look like a SRPG, and others remind me of a normal battle scene, c'n you clear it up a smidge? Along w/ any other basic info about the game...I hadn't heard of it till I looked at the SShots, it looks kinda interesting, more of a light tone to it then the standard gloomy RPGs these days...

Yes, Rhapsody is a TRPG appearently. A TRPG aimed specifically at girls. Odd huh? Oh, and you don't like dark brooding plots? What's wrong with you? 8) Seriously though, LoM is extremely happy and bright if that's the sort of thing you're looking for.

LoM opinions
Hey, glad to hear you finally got LoM! I just finished it for the first time yesterday after work, enjoy it... it rocks. I think I wanna get Legend of Dragoon now, but every review I've read has been different. Half of them say it's totally awesome the other half say it totally sucks... so whats the deal? Do you know anyone reliable who's actually played the game? All the reviews I've read have been video game magazines, and we all know they don't know JACK SQUATT about RPGs. Thanks man. Keep on rockin' in the free world.
-MT Handed

Well let's see, based on the current poll, every letter I've gotten on the subject, conversations with everyone I know who has it, and my own personal opinion, I would have to say that LoM is a very good game. Also, I can't seem to find it, but someone wrote in saying they wished LoM had a 2 player mode. I don't know how someone could miss a thing like that, but it does. Not only can you give control of your partner to a second player at any save point, but there's also a place in the first town where someone can bring in their character from their own game! So, if you and your friend are both stuck on the same thing, you can just bring both your characters into one game and be twice as good. Spiffy huh?

(Sigh) Oh, Googleshng. I'm very disapointed in you. To the left of Aya at the top is Cornet from Rhapsody. NOT Justin. I know, it's the hat, but Justin doesn't wear a skirt.
frum Rand

Why sure he does! Maybe you just haven't seen it! Anyway, a couple people corrected me on this, so I eventually tracked down the person who made it, and yes, Rhapsody not Grandia. Now I want to know why when I was checking someone so forcefully assured me it was Justin. I'll have to go smack him or something.


LoM got boring. I'm really into this cup and ball now. Whoa! Wow! Man, you never know which way this crazy ball's going to go!

Ikari Gendo

Hahaha! Good one.

You suck.

- The Postal Service

HAHAHA! Better one!

Someone wrote in your column on Wednesday that you didn't print a quickie for their b-day, and mentioned it was the first time you forgot. Not true! My b-day was last Wednesday, and you didn't print the quickie I sent in, either! For shame! Other than that, keep up the good work with the column. :-)


Well gee, I was just totally out of it Wednesday I guess. Oh, and happy birthday.

That birthday thing was for me for June 21, 2000.


Was not, and what's with all the birthdays suddenly? Happy birthday yadda yadda.

I need an outside opinion, I have FF5, 6, and 8. Which should I start playing now that I'm on summer vacation and actually have time to play. And today is my B-Day :)

ANOTHER? Anyway, I'd say 6 first.

Haha. Justin and Puffy. =)

Lex said you told him it was!



What? LoM arrived while LoD was on it's way! Going to get 3 in one day next week. Koudelka and VB come out the same day and I still need WA2.

The Last Laugh:

There's your column, read it, enjoy it, play with Brad for 3 days, and then send me a whole ton of LoM and LoD questions.

Googleshng "HAPPY!"
Off to play Legend of... eh, one of them.

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