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Googleshng - June 21 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Going to the mall today to pick up LoD. LoM still isn't here. I think I'll leave the intro at that for now, I'm in a hurry.

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Hey Googs,
Who are the two characters to the right and the left of Aya Brea in the collage on the top of RPGamer's main page? Ever since the re-design I've been wondering who they are. I know the other girl up there is Kidd from Chrono Cross (you can actually see that shot of her on the demo that comes with Vagrant Story), but I don't recognize those other two people from any rpg that I've played. Thanks,

From left to right, it goes Justin from Grandia (and Puffy), Aya from Parasite Eve, Meis from Thousand Arms, and Kidd from Chrono Cross. That reminds me, we should have a whole pile of collages circulating up there, think I'll poke people about that.

Hello Googleshng,

Just wondering, have you heard any reviews on Legend of Dragoon that DON'T compare it to FF8? I want to know whether it's worth getting as it's own game. I'm not looking for a FF8 clone, just another RPG to play. I can't seem to find any reviews anywhere that don't mention FF8 and it's pissing me off.

Just thought I'd check with "THE #1 source for your RPGaming needs"...


Well, JD is doing our review of it, and I believe he'll be doing so within the next 48 hours. I've heard him talk about it a lot without mentioning FF8, so your prayers may be answered. 8)

This happens a lot.
Dear Google the Guru,
Actually, the fact that Square developed the Final Fantasy games for the game boy is false. Now I'm not sure which is which, or if they are both still around, but there are two companies sort of involved with Square, or at least there used to be. There is Square itself, which is the developer of Square games, and then Squaresoft with publishes them. In doing this Square doesn't have to bother with any other seperate companies. They have, although, done so in the past, for example, they worked with Nintendo on Mario RPG, but also, I believe they did this on the three Final Fantasy Legend games. I believe that actually, a company called Sunsoft developed the games, and were published by Square, but it could be the other way around. I do know for a fact that the company Sunsoft definately was involed somehow with the FF Legend games because I just took a look at my copy of the original FF Legend box and manual. They are both marked with the Sunsoft logo. I guess I just wanted to tell you.

Every once in a while, I get a huge pile of corrections about something. What's weird is that sometimes, like now, a bunch of people 'correct' me when I'm right. Square developed FFA/FFL1-3. Square published them also. However, when they were recently rereleased, Squaresoft didn't feel like handling the publishing, so they passed it off to Sunsoft, who by the way did a lousy job, the rereleased version of FFL3 doesn't have the very important monster chart. Actually, it can generally be said that when there's one company mentioned on the packaging and another on the title screen, the first is the publisher, then second is the developer. When there's only one, it's generally the publisher, because developers don't tend to get the credit they deserve. Square did codevelop SMRPG though. Also, Squaresoft published the US release of the original Breath of Fire, because Capcom knew that, at the time, Squaresoft was the only label people really looked for on RPGs (well, maybe Enix).

Xenogears Spoilers

Hey Google,
It was my b-day yesterday, and I sent in a quickie on it but you didn't post it... I thought you were supposed to for someone's birthday.... now I wanna cry, I feel so forgotten....
I haven't written in for a while, so I made up for it with some Xenogears jokes and trivia. They're kind of lame, but some people have laughed at them in the past. Enjoy!

1) Q: What's the difference between Solaris and Shevat?
A: Solaris goes down when Id destroys it, Shevat goes down with Deus terraforms the planet! (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
2) Q: Why did Fei cross the road?
A: Because Krelian was ressurecting Deus on the other side (hahahaha!)
3) Wouldn't it be cool if someone flashed their eyes blue back at Miang?
4) There are ten rings that surround the Xenogears planet horizontally 5) You are irritating, do you wish to cease your existance?
6) Q: How many lambs does it take to fill up Solaris?
A: All of them, because once one enters it, it goes straight to Soylent (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!)
7) It is quite possible to defeat the four of Deus's pillars while keeping one specific gear in each of your parties that has only 1000 fuel when it starts the first battle, just very tricky.

I, um, did warn you that they were lame, right?


You know, I think that's the first time I ever forgot to print a birthday quickie. Reading lame jokes shall be my punishment.

Cruel Joke
I really don't get this #$@!...check
That was written 6/13/00...
Yet I haven't heard a thing about it until today, and I was just in EB at the mall yesterday and they said it was still coming out and stuff, like nothing had ever happened. Then check and you can still preorder the PSX2. So what the HELL is going on here?! It clearly says from Kutaragi's quotes that PSX2 will NOT be coming out in America...But everyone else I know hasn't heard a word of this at all yet. Also theres an announcment for their partnership with Microsoft for PSX3?! WHAT THE HELL?! Arg explain to me what the hell is going on here...and just tell me that PSX2 is still coming to America and I'll be happy. And also on my visit to, I was reading some user reviews of people who have imported/played the PSX2 in some way. The majority of people say it sucks bad and that DreamCast rules over it. I'm anti-Sega. I bought a Dreamcast the same day it came out and played imported games and stuff in the stores...I returned it the same day it sucked so bad. So since this IS a question & answer section, A) Is this true or untrue that PSX2's release has been cancelled for America. B) Why the hell does the majority of people say it sucks so bad?


See how it says "The Gotcha Report" at the top there? Think about that for a second. This is a joke, and a pretty cute joke at that. The picture at the bottom is really funny. Anyway, as for what people have against the PSX2, well: It's rediculously expensive ($300 for the system and $70 for games last I checked), while most of it's specs are pretty impressive, it has deficiencies in certain areas (like the lack of hardware anti-aliasing), plus evidently it's a pain in the neck to develop for (which for the record is why the Saturn died such a horrible death), and well, nothing has been announced for it that I can't live without. I'll probably end up getting one anyway of course because it's something of a job requirement. Anyway though, at this particular momment, a Dreamcast is half the price, comes with a built in modem, has better graphics, and has a huge and growing library of some very droolworthy games. Of course if the legends are true, Nintendo's new system will blow them both out of the water in terms of hardware capability, cost $100, and cure cancer. 8) (Note: after sending this letter this person sent an oops letter upon noticing it was a joke.)

More Xenogears!
Hey 10^100-shng!

I LOVE XENOGEARS! Or should I say, loved? Because I lost my memory card after logging 65 hours of long-drawn out text. . . just SLIGHTLY farqing frustrating.

Now I have the problem of not being able to put myself through 65 more hours of the same stuff to finish the game. At least not yet. I need a game to tide me over until I can bring myself to start all over.

So the question is: Can you recomend a game that is storyline intensive (comparable to Xenogears, if possible), perhaps has significantly better graphics and is not as much of a pain in the tail to play as FF8?

I have no problems playing older games, just as long as it's still on PSX. Can you help?


Hee hee! I can kill you with my hair! I am Kabuki Quantum Fighter!

There are no games with plots comparable to Xenogears. Period. However, if you want a nice long game with a pretty good plot, there's always Grandia. Also, if you want a plot a lot like Xenogears, you could always watch Escaflowne and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Plus eventually Chrono Cross will come out, and seeing as it's by the same team as Xenogears, it should tide you over a bit too.


Are you Catholic Googlething?

Uh, no... that's an odd question.

Alright, I have a question for you. What's your opinion on the whole Gogo thing? Is it really Daryl, or some weirdo that lives in a Hoover?

- Quistis Chick

I personally put no stock whatsoever in the Gogo is Daryl theory. I don't even see where that comes from really, Gogo is in FF5 also for one thing.

Hey Google,

YES! I got LoM yesterday, it's fairly good. Although im getting this to keep me busy until Chrono Cross and FF9 come out. Hope you get LoM soon O_o


It finally came as I was writing the 5th response. 8D

The memory sphere is called the Gazelle Ministry. Well, at least the minds preserved in it are.

The Crusader

That's right Billy!

While watching Spaceballs I noticed that barf is a MOG. Yet he doesn't look like a break dancing moogle, but still......

Hey, you're right!

I know there was a birthday quickie here somewhere...

Happy birthday whoever's it is... or was that yesterday too?

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. Yadda yadda yadda, blah yadda yadda. Yackety smackety doo dah. Whoooooooooooooooooosh!!!!!
Thank you

Quickies get less coherrent all the time.

The Last Laugh:

OK, LoM just got here, and my mom's on the way over with LoD. So what the heck am I doing writing a closing? Anyway, I'll be sure to play at least a little of both of these today (unless LoM is so good I can't put it down or something) and will have a couple impressions to give you all tomorrow... then it'll be the weekend and I'll get to play them YAY! Bye now!

Googleshng "HAPPY!"
I've got games and money to buy more now! Let the real questions commence!

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