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Googleshng - June 20 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

What are things you see in the first town of a lot of RPGs? Correct! Now then, today someone sent me a news story on how Pokémon has recieved an official blessing from the Pope. I wonder if he knows that Gold an Silver introduce Demon as a type. 8) Think they're changing that in the translation though. In other news, LoM still isn't here yet. This is really getting sick. If it doesn't get here today, I'm going to scrounge up some money and try to get LoD, then I'll at least have something to talk about. Actually, I might get it even if LoM does get here... I actually have money right now, it's weird.

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In the PSX:
Square Demo Disk
Say Fuzzy Pixels!
Help me almighty slime thingy,
I am not stuck or anything just REALLY confused I recently bought Earthbound for my SNES (it was $15) and i love it but somethin bout it is troubling me. So here is my question..... What does the flying photographer do in the game??? someone tell me pleasssseee!
ps Forgot Mario 64 where is Toad 64??

Well, when you win the game, it shows all the pictures he's taken during the credits. Plus it's great when you're playing and shout out "Fuzzy Pixels!" and everyone in the room gives you an odd look.

You can't find LoM? My local Walmart has tons of copies. They always have tons of copies of everything. (Well, they run out of Pokemon stuff.) Of course, I DO live out in the boonies, and I doubt that even 25% of the local population could operate anything that runs off electricity, including game systems and computers.

I'd like to point out that Brad DID in fact give a spoiler to Chrono Cross in yesterday's Q&A WITHOUT putting a spoiler warning. I read it, and considered sending him hatemail. I refrained, though. Actually, I've seen talk of this same spoiler in Q&A before, recently, I think on Brad's days.

I don't know where the guy got that the LoM quote was from a sproutling in Dominaria. WHAT?! There's a town called Domina... But that's the closest it ever get's to "Dominaria", and that's not the town anyways. It's in one of the first towns you get to, and the town is called "Lumina". It's the place where you first find the Dudbears. Near the entrance to town. There's a Dudbear wandering around, and a Sproutling that is usually hiding behind some scenery at the bottom right of the screen.

Sorry to go on and on, but I really wanted to clear this up, and display my grief about the CC spoiler.


OK, like 5 billion people corrected the Domina thing, so I hear by revoke that tilde and give it to them I guess. Oh, and don't hate Brad for printing a spoiler, everyone accidentally spoils stuff all the time. Why just the other day I told a bunch of people how [SPOILER] dies in [SOME GAME]. Finally, as for why I don't have LoM, well, I could go out to a store and buy it right this second, however, someone told me they were getting it for me for my birthday (with the music CD too!) so I'm waiting for that. Don't want two copies, you know? Anyway, it was sent by insured priority mail, which means there is absolutely no excuse for it not to be here now. The postal service just sucks.

Good question
hey goog,

do you remember back when resident evil 2 first came out and they had some kind of contest thingy where the winner would have a role in the resident evil movie?what do you think is going on with the winner of that contest?does Brad REALLY have 12 fingers?oh yeah,cecil vs cloud 1 on 1? who do you think would win?

Cheyne :)~~~

That really isn't an RPG related question at all, but it's a slow day. I've been wondering that myself. I mean, Resident Evil 2 came out what seems like a really long time ago... making movies tends to take a few years though. Hopefully they really are making one, and the lucky winner there gets to play some random zombie. Brad does not have 12 fingers, he clearly has 9 or 11 depending on whether you count thumbs. As for your final question, that depends, as a Dark Knight or a Paladin? Oh, and nobody better try saying Cloud would beat Cecil as a Dark Knight. I'm sticking to the attack command here, best equipment, starting fully healed. No summons, no limit breaks. Cecil has that instant kill sword, don't forget it.

Uh, no.

I was playing through Xenogears late last night and I just realized how much Xenogears' characters are like Evangelion's (purely in personality). For example: Fei and Shinji, Bart and Misato, Rei and Elly, Sigurd and that scientist with the mole and blond hair, Gendo and Krelian, The memory sphere thing and The Seele Commitee, the list goes on and on. But as you can see the connection is apparent. Have you ever noticed this Goog?

~The Infamous Moogle Man

Uh, I'll grant you the Seele thing, but other than that, uh, no. I really don't see any similarity between Rei and Elly... Elly has a personality! 8)

Somebody was wondering if Square would develop for the Dolphin and I have a theory that I think actually makes some sense. I'm not really sure when, but there was a time when Square suddenly stopped producing anything for any Nintendo product, and suddenly went over to the Playstation with the excuse of "Too little space on a cartridge." This makes sense, but what doesn't make sense is the fact that they never made anything for the Gameboy, which is the most popular handheld device ever made, with millions of units sold. Now, it would be understandable that they would be able to produce better games on the PSX with the large amount of space on a CD, but why not produce for a handheld console that is owned by millions of Americans?? It doesn't make much sense, considering the popularity of Square ever since FFVII, anything released for the Gameboy would have most likely been very successful. I believe that somebody from Square got in an argument with a Nintendo employee that pretty much screwed their relations. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Especially with how big Pokemon became, you would think Square would have wanted a piece of the action, and they have no excuse for not going to the Gameboy. Maybe a bit of a far off theory, but who knows.


P.S. It is a well known fact that the Oracle at Delphi was destroyed by a big ass slime!! :) OPPRESSED SLIMES OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Uh, Squaresoft HAS made Gameboy games. I can name 4 off the top of my head. There's FFA/SD1, and there's the FFL/SaGa series. All 4 of those were rereleased not too long ago at that. As for why Square isn't doing any Gameboy stuff right now, well, Square likes mindblowing graphics, and that's just not possible on the gameboy.

Multiplayer RPGs
Hi Google,

One of my favorite features of Secret of Mana was the multiplayer support. I have some fond memories of sessions shared with that game and good friends. Unfortunately, this feature seems to be fairly uncommon. So, my question is this:

Are there other console RPGs that offer similar playstyles? I'm not talking about massively multiplayer RPGs, or really anything online. Just support for two or three friends in a living room. Phantasy Star Online looks like it will come close to what I'm looking for, and I think Final Fantasy VI lets you split control of the characters between the controllers. Are there any others?

Hope that you got Legend of Mana safely today, and that the postman escaped unharmed. Actually does LoM have multiplayer support? I haven't bought it yet.



Yes, LoM can be played Multiplayer, a friend of mine was doing so all day yesterday to my irritation. The only other thing that comes to mind as far as recent games is Phantasy Star Online. Think Secret of Mana but the people controlling the other characters on your party don't have to be in the same room as you, or on the same screen. 8)



Geez, suddenly I'm making Fan-Goog's like nobody's buisness. Well, here's a comic describing your efforts to obtain Legend of Mana. If you can't read it let me know and I'll re-do it so it's legible.


It's funny because it's true.

Okay Google, I got the mime in now ^_^


Yes, that's 2 quickies from the same person, but what can I say? I have a soft spot for FF5 Job charts.

No matter how many times I use Gravija on Squall, that lucky **** still has 1 hp left! What am I gonna do!

-Isaac Newton

Alter Fate! Er, I mean, attack him. 8)

Uh, my armadillo ate my quickie, sorry.

Don't sweat it, happens all the time.

Dearest Google,

If the cow says "moo", the duck says "quack", and the horse says "nay", what does the slime say?

-Roger the Shrubber

They tend to die too fast to find out.

Did you get LoM yet?


They're singing in Swedish in the intro song of LoM !! hiyay!!

/ Gorodeu

I've been told this.

The Last Laugh:

Sounds like the mail is here, better hurry and rip it open.

Googleshng "Tortured"
Being in purgatory sucks. They don't even have any magazines to read.

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