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Googleshng - June 19 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

LoM should have gotten here on Friday at the latest. Here we are though, Monday morning, and it still isn't here. Plus the local Funcoland, which I'd heard had copies of a bunch of games I was looking, for did not. So, basically my weekend was kind of a washout and I just ended up programming, reading Ranma, and at one point was taken in by the foul demonic evil that is playing Harvest Moon. Not that Harvest Moon is a bad game or anything, just that it's hard to put down but not very entertaining. Especially once you've bought everything.

On another note, someone just sent me a link to the trailer for the Escaflowne movie. Unfortunately, it's .asf which is an evil Microsoft format that I can't open. Now sure, I COULD just go to Microsoft's page and download something to open it, but then I would have a Microsoft application on my computer, and, well, I refuse to. I hear it's really cool (but low quality). Trying to get someone to convert it for me.

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hey man, what's up?

1. I stayed up until four a.m. last night watching the CC preview video over and over. I think i memorized it now. are you proud?

2. What are your thoughts on seaman?

3. In FFIV, what is the recommended level for entering the Magnes cave? I'm kinda stuck cuz my silver stuff is just so heavy and I...can't...move...uhhhh.... but when I take it off I get whacked.

4. Am I the only person in the world that thought Vagrant Story wasn't all that good?

5. I was playing an emulator of Phantasy Star I last night and when I tried to save it the emulator (meka, i think) screwed up my computer and now i have icons of random townspeople under my computer and recycle bin, etc. Just thought I'd let people know that 'emyoolaytorrs arr baad!'.

6. No, i'm not on crack.

~Casey Edwards

Why would I be proud of someone I don't know? Seaman, to my understanding, is an Action game staring an angler fish with a human face, and has an ad compaign comprised of dirty jokes. Eww. I got through that cave in FF4 just by keeping all my metal stuff and running from all the fights, you get to use it again when you reach the boss. 8) Vagrant Story is DEFINATELY overhyped, still pretty good though, and yes, emulation is bad m'kay? Getting PS stuck all over your desktop is kind of cool though.

YaaaAAAaaaii! <- hard to spell weird moaning.
Hey, Ive heard that SNK is discontinueing (however you spell it) puting games in the US, will this affect Koudelka? I've been waiting on Koudelka for a long time, very excited about this game..looks wonderful! I really hope they decide to put it out in the US.. do you know where I can get midis or whatnot to this game also? Ciao!


Well, SNK published the Japanese version of Koudelka, they're not doing the US one. Therefore, SNK going away doesn't affect Koudelka one bit. The U.S. version by the way is being published by Infogrames. No, that's not a typo. Infogrames, with an R. Weird huh? As for your other question, well, why don't you hop over to the music section and ask JD?

Vagrant Story Length
I don't suppose there's any sort of chance that RPGamer will refrain from posting spoilers about Final Fantasy IX altogether, will they? Or at least leaving them unmarked? I completely stopped going to RPGamer and every other video game site at about when Final Fantasy VIII was released in Japan, so as to not have the plot spoiled. I don't really wanna have to avoid RPGamer again... :-)

- Michael "Antichron" Powell

Well, I can't stand spoilers myself, so there's no reason to fear me. Plus as you know, I make big garrish blinking red centered spoiler warnings. The rest of the site is pretty save, as long as you leave news stories for Square games and media updates alone, so, that pretty much just leaves Brad... I think I narrowly avoided reading a Chrono Cross spoiler yesterday. That would have been bad. I could be wrong though, because I'm pretty sure he labels them.

Hey, Google, a couple of things....

First, I thought there would be a card in the Games section for the upcoming re-make of Crystalis. Maybe that should be added (and e-mailing someone else, right?) But anyway, I want to assure FakeOut and everyone else that the remake will be making it. It's actually being re-made by NST (Nintendo Software Technologies). It is going to be released because we at the "corporation" we get the games a little early, it is scheduled to be released later this month. The game plays cool, but the music is crap compared to the original.

I did have a question, your opinion really. Do you think there is a good chance Square will develop games for Dolphin? I know part of Square's gripe was that cartridges were to small (whatever), but with DVDs (particularly since PSX2 is DVD)....what do you think?

-The Son of Goliath

Well, yes, there's a chance Squaresoft will do stuff for the Dolphin, although how much of a chance can't be said at this point. I hope they do.

Bad idea
i don't really necessarily want this posted ont he page but i really just am looking for a reply with some information. I was in funcoland buying jedi power battles the other day, and the guy said somethin about an online star wars RPG for PC coming out. I was just wondering if you know anything of this? Any info or links would be appreciated. Thanks.


I've had that verified by a reliable source, unless they scrapped it since. Anyway, history has shown that Star Wars licensed games suck, and I don't like Online RPGs, so, I'm not looking for stuff on it. 8)

Lunar 2
In responce to your responce to Kenneth Whitten, RPGamer Sage in today's column, you were wrong. The plot of Lunar 2 isn't being revamped as Lunar:SSSC was. Just wanted to let you know!


I don't recall plot being specified in that letter... it was a while ago though, my point is that it is getting a face lift, not just being unceremoniously ported (like with FFA).


That quote is from Legend of Mana. A sproutling near the entrance of Dominaria says it.
- d00bi0us "awaits his tilde"

I've heard conflicting reports on the town name, so: ~

Do you think it is a coincidence that Rei has red eyes and blue hair and Auska has red hair and blue eyes. -lewsteran

I've learned the hard way not to touch Eva questions with a ten foot pole.

Get with the times! We need a blinky Goog!

Been there, done that, posted it recently.

"A slime draws near..." "Really?! Whats it look like?"


I know you're not Brad, but does the Dread Pirate Roberts have anything to do with the Dread Pirate Mike?


Mike? Are you secretly a dread pirate? Oh, he left. Out pillaging no doubt! 8)

Out of quickies.

Only had 10 letters last night.

Brad needs to update earlier.

Ideally 24 hours earlier.

The Last Laugh:

OK, I am going to go outside, and watch for the mail truck. When I see it, I shall bring it down with a mighty spear, rip it open, and take out my copy of LoM. This is just getting rediculous here. So, hopefully tomorrow I can answer some questions about it.

Googleshng "Gimme LoM!"
I know! I'll hold my breath! No wait, that stops working after you turn 6... doh.

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