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Googleshng - June 13 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Yikes. Today there's still a bunch of mini-LoM reviews coming in. With any luck by Monday I'll have my copy and will have had some time to play it.

On another note, if you've been having problems with the ads on RPGamer lately, such as error messages, pages not loading, or irritation at pop-ups, please send me a POLITE e-mail saying so with the subject RPGamer Ad Complaint and I'll try to get something done about it.

Any non-LoM questions?
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I'll have it soon.
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Mythology Time!
Hey Goog,

I've got a question that has been bothering me for a while. Square is notorious for including various mythological refereces in their games. Knowing that, I've always wondered about my favourite summon monster Bahamut. Is there any mythology to him or did Square just decide that it would be a great name for their king daddy dragon?

Barry "I wish I could cast mega-flare" Dancer

Well, for the most part, every summon is from SOME polytheistic mythology. Bahamut has been around forever, so I doubt he's in his own little category. Between that and the name, I'm PRETTY sure Bahamut is from Persian mythology.

Where are they now?
Yo, Google,

It's not my first letter to RPGamer, but it's my first actual question.

Everyone knows Xenogears team left Square and is now working on something. Many also know they are called Monolithsoft or something. But is there any actual information on what are they planning? Maybe a web site? Any working titles? Their plans? Also, do you think Square may allow them to use some background from Xenogears, such as names, story connections, etc, or are they going to continue being Shinra?
I know it's not easy question since my own reserach through the Inet brought basically no results, but you guys are almighty, ne?

Well, the only facts available about Monolithsoft are that they left Square, started working on something with the Dev name Project X, which everyone is assuming is a sequel to Xenogears, possibly with name changes for copyright reasons, and that they've wandered over to Namco. Now suddenly, Namco has announced a new RPG, and put out a lot of screens that look an AWFUL lot like the style of Xenogears and Chrono Trigger. Check out all the stuff we just put up about Khamrai after you finish this column to see what I mean.

More on TRPGs
Your great slimeness,

On today's collumn, you posted a letter by Muke, who asked about SRPGs. I've got a few to recommend to him/her, but as he/she thought Tactics Ogre was too "16-bitty", I shudder to think about his/her opinion on these. Like you said, Kartia's a great game, but it has its flaws, like how you can't control your characters outside of battle. But that's minor, because of all the "fun" you have trying to find Text, Kartia, and Items. You were wrong though, the Phantoms aren't your pets, they're more like canon fodder. Really. On the last battle I always create some Akoniets and use them to distract the Fynus while I whoop up on the boss. Anyway, great game, but you've forgotten two of the best SRPGs, Shining Force 1 and 2 (haven't played 3... ******* I never got a Saturn). They're both sprite-based and the graphics look awful, but they have aged rather well (like PS1). They're both for Genesis, so I recommend Emulation (they're not that hard to find ROMs of). Anyway, they should keep you busy for a while (finding all the hidden characters). They're some of my personal favorites, so I hope Muke enjoys.

On another note, I have a question. Are you a slime from Dragon Warrior or from Lunar: Silver Star Story complete? The slimes from DW are cuter, but the ones in L:SSC are cooler-looking. Just wondering


I probably would have mentioned Shining Force if it weren't for the fact it's so old. Still, it's a decent game. The AI isn't very good, but the outnumbering and deadliness make up for that. Plus the Shining Force games give you like 50 very original characters... plus a dozen nearly identical centaurs. That I never understood. As for your other question, well, I'm older than both games!

Saturn saving
Hey Goog,

I just got a Sega Saturn and Dragon Force. I must say that it's an awesome game. Unfortunately, every time I turn the power off my saved game gets erased. I was wondering if this was a problem that could be fixed, or if I have to go on ebay to get an external memory card. Thanks for the help.

SLADE "Nothing can stop a SONIC BOOM!"

PS: Are you excited about BGII? I am. Very.

OK, there's a little panel in the back of the Saturn. If you open it up, there's a little silver watch battery in there. Heck, maybe there isn't in this case. 8) Anyway, it can be replaced cheaply and easily, and that should solve your problem.

More on Quebec
Hi Googleshng,

Here are some comments about the Canadian Vagrant story / Legend of Mana political bull**** fest. However, I'm afraid this will have more to do with the Canadian political situation than with role-playing games...

I'm a French Canadian (I was born in Quebec and lived there for 15 years) console RPG player, and I have been for over 10 years. I started playing when Dragon Warrior 1 was released for the old 8-bit NES. Back then, games which were published by Nintendo (Mattel had something to do with Nintendo at the time, I'm not too sure exactly what) were the only ones to have bilingual French/English instruction manuals. On top of that, there were only two of those: Dragon Warrior 1 and Final Fantasy 1. All other role-playing games had English-only instruction manuals.

However, English-only manuals certainly did not prevent me from understanding the instructions of these (or any other) games. Moreover, as you pointed out, there is a lot of English text in the games themselves, and games in French were extremely rare occurences. This didn't bother me and my friends too much, despite the fact that 10 years ago, none of us could put a proper English sentence together. In fact, we learned to understand written English partly by playing role-playing games, which I would think is the case for a lot of Quebecois console RPG players.

Considering this, I do not see any valid reasons for which the Quebec government suddenly decided to target the console role-players, who do not seem to care if the instruction manual is bilingual French/English or English-only. Since the raison d'etre of the political party currently in power in Quebec is to separate that province from the rest of Canada, the only reason I can think of is that they want to use this to "demonstrate" that the Quebecois people are being oppressed and assimilated by their English-speaking neighbors. I guess that the fact that these politicians are taking the console role-players hostage to promote their political agenda shouldn't surprise me, but I still think it is unfair.

In addition, I hope that the Quebec government realizes forcing console RPG developers to include bilingual French/English with their games to be able to sell them in Quebec is ludicrous. The population of Quebec is only about 7 to 8 million people, so it seems that it would not be profitable for RPG developers to invest money into the production of bilingual instruction manuals to satisfy such a small market. Developers could tell the Quebec government off and not sell games there. This would certainly result in a lot of angry console RPG players in Quebec, and if that happens, I hope their anger will be directed at the Quebec government rather than at the console RPG developers.

Finally, I don't understand why console RPG players in the rest of Canada, which are mostly English-speaking, have to be hostages of this situation and suffer game releases delays because the Quebec government is complaining about the lack of bilngual instruction manuals. I live in Ontario, which is outside Quebec, and I have to wait for Legend of Mana to be released because of this situation. My guess is that the Quebec government is making threats to the Canadian federal government that they will use this to demonstrate that Quebec is not wanted in Canada if the rest of the country doesn't agree to block imports of console role-playing games which do not include a bilingual instruction manual. This is just petty.

On many occasions, we have seen that politics and video games don't mix. Politicians should stop using players as hostages to promote their agendas, especially considering that these players do not want any part of this agenda.

Mathieu 'Enforcer' Petitpas

That was a long one. Like I said, all I have to say on this issue really is that foricing the instructions to contain French while the game is still entirely in english. So, if anyone else has anything to say on the matter, you should probably just take it to the editorials section.

More on LoM
Hey, it's me, the LoM Review Dude!

Do you realize that there are NO comprehensive FAQ's out there for LoM? That being the case, here's your daily quota of LoM info:

There are 11 different weapons: Knife, Sword, Axe, 2-Handed Sword, 2-Handed Axe, Hammer, Spear, Staff, Glove, Flail (not whip, nunchucks! Wha-hoo!) and Bow. The lack of a linear story is covered by a series of bounty hunter/mercenary type missions, ranging from offing some bandits that rob a highway, to assassinating a wizard, to helping a centaur sell 6 lamps so he can get some sweet lovin from a siren.

Another of the high points of the game, aside from the gorgeous water color and sprite graphics, are the sheer numbers of species. The traditional Humans, Faeries, and Dwarves are around, but let's not forget, let's not forget the Pirate Penguins, the Dudbears, the Sproutlings, the Flowerlings, and the Nuns. Oh, and there are Hydras, Basilisks, Mermaids, and Anime Cat Girls that are all fine NPC chicks.

Here's a last little tidbit, for everyone. When you have multiple saves. you can load one into the game you are playing and have your saved character as backup in your current game. Not enough? You can phone a friend and have them take control of your backup character. Still not enough? Well then, take yourself and your friend to the Arena and duke it out, Bruce Lee-style. There are enough whistles and bells in this game to offer a lot of replay value.



Well, today I still got a ton of people saying how great LoM was, and still, oddly, taking a defensive stance. In fact, I've only seen one person complain about LoM, and that was just about how it doesn't have the same mechanics as Secret of Mana. Acthally, that reminds me. If I may go off on a little tangent here, people have been throwing the term "Secret of Mana 2" at me a lot lately and quite frankly, I'm just getting really confused. In Japan, it's the Seiken Densetsu series. SD1 is Final Fantasy Adventure, for gameboy. SD2 is Secret of mana. SD3 was not brought to the US. SD4 is Legend of Mana. So, if you say SoM2, you might mean SD2, because it's the second game, SD3, because it came out after SoM, or SD4, because it's the first one translated since SoM. Confusing.


Okay Googs, here's the big question:
What is that one game magazine who's reviews you trust? Or are you not allowed to say?

Well, I hate shameless plugs, but since so many people asked, Next Generation. Although I liked it even more when it was thicker and less shiny.

Hey Goog, sorry nobody's given you anything for your birthday :(. So I thought I'd give you something! You've given out so many tildes in the past, I figured you must be running low. Sooo.......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
There! Enough to last you for awhile! Hope you had a happy birthday!
- Chris

Uh, thanks.

Please, please tell me that the horrible pun isn't a pun on "llama" and "LoM" (or even "Legend of Mana"). I would have to kill you, and I don't want to do that.


Yes, there is a quickie there, but I hid it because it contains the explaination of a horrifying pun. Next time I warn you not to think about something, you REALLY should take my word for it.

But what does one get for the slime who has everything? (Besides maybe a gender.)

The last 3 tapes of Escaflowne! Now I have to get a credit card and order them from somewhere.

I was just thinking is there any spoilers on the making of lunar CD haven't played the game...


Yes. There's also spoilers on the packaging and in the list of songs.

The quote of the day is from "Dragon Warrior Monsters." There's a dragon flying above the monster farm, and you stand under it to get an egg. If you stand under it again, however, it poops on you and you get the lovely little message in the quote. Of course, the hero's default name is Terry, NOT Zeus (I named my GoldGolem Zeus, though).

--Goblin King

Yup, here's your tilde. ~ By the way, nobody got last week's, although one person DID give the impression that they knew it.

nevermind. Medicine affecting my brain not well.


Evidently not.

The Last Laugh:

Last night my cat jumped onto my desk, knocking my mouse pad (with a hard shell) onto the floor, where it bounced off my chair to the control strip my computer was plugged into at such an angle that it hit the switch, effectively unplugging my computer. Funny huh?
Anyway, that's all for today. Hopefully this week I'll have a very surprising guest host for you all.

Googleshng "bad pun"
I need to start bribing mail men.

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