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   Happy Birthday to me.  
Googleshng - June 8 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Yeah, this is late. When I checked my mail last night, there wasn't much there, so I decided to wait until this morning. I still have strangely few letters today (like, 60 or 70 or so) but I'll have to make do. I'm particularly baffled that none of my friends sent in weird stuff to torture me since it's my birthday. Normally everyone I know loves doing that sort of thing. I don't even have a pic from C.C. today.

Now then. Tomorrow's Q&A will be hosted by Jeff Davis. Way back when, he had my job. In fact, he posted one of my cheesy little comics, which caused people to actually start going to my personal page, which caused me to update it regularly, and eventually grow into the minor celebrity I am today. The really memorable thing about him though is that he knows pretty much everything there is to know about RPG music. Name a game, he'll tell you the composer's life story... or name at the least. As a matter of fact, he's so into RPG music that he's taking over our music section now that Mark Jordan is stepping down after a very long period of running it. I was planning to save that little tidbit of information for him to get into in the introduction to his first update, but it's taking him too long. It should be up later today, you should probably read it before sending him any questions along those lines. Anyway, it's good to have him back on staff. Now on with my birthday stuff free birthday column!

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This weekend.
Define "RPG"
Maybe this debate belongs in the eds section, but maybe a definition or two would be nice.

What defines an RPG exactly? Before, FF6 back, it was fairly clear, you know what I mean, they had levels, a storyline and whatever... but what defines it now?

If you're not getting the point, well, I'll just quote an example or two. Dakatana is a doom clone, but it has 'levels' where you kill so many, power or whatever goes up, and it has a storyline [Although a pathetic one]. Same as Disiples: Sacred Lands, except the fact it's a strategy game, where you command groups... which grew in experience... and it had a medicore storyline [and a pathetic ending]

Maybe I just need a clarification... even C&C2 is starting to creep this way, units which gain experience... I'm not sure what an RPG is made up of anymore anyway. I'm not going to proclaim that these are RPGs... but where does the line in the sand get drawn?

I must say, I'm somewhat fazed, and a tad confused, and I'd like to hear anyone's definition which is a little more seperating than mine is right now.


Mistress Nightshadow

PS: Happy birthday to you... you live in the zoo... That'd be about right, considering you're a slime.

PSS: Did you have a birthday rant? Where did your homepage move to?

Well, now that you mention it, I once put up a rant a while ago about the fact that these days, developers try to blend elements from different genres, so now the best way to draw the line is to look at the best examples of every genre and see which the game is closest to. Plus admit that the line between Action and Action/RPG is just gone. As for your P.P.S. there, the new url is and yes, I plan to put one up this weekend.

Sort of a multiparter
Hey Google!

I'm just wondering when Chrono Cross is coming out. Because now it seems like a bunch of games will come out at once almost. OB64, CC, and then Lunar 2 I think. Also, when you reserve one of the three summer Square games do you get the CD on the spot or is it sent to you? I wish I reserved Legend of Mana but didn't get the chance. Anyway, I kinda agreeds with the thing about Nobuo and his work. I feel the same way almost. I don't think he's not suited to doing sci-fi music, it might be personal taste also. I prefer the type of music from FF6 and 5 over that of a lot of songs from 7 and 8 because the majority of the latter games are techno, futuristic, synths, ect. I don't think that anyone has considered that it was themself that is the reason and not Nobuo. Thanks!

Tristan Adnade

P.S. I like the overworld from FF7. ^_^ The orchestrated version is exactly the same but it's better for some reason. O.o

Well, I thought the techno thing was already adressed yesterday. The CDs for Square's games, yes, you do get right on the spot when you pick up the game. I'm not getting the LoM one though because I didn't have enough money to preorder it... still can't afford it. Finally, as far as dates go, well, click that little releases link on the left there. 8)

CT Remake
First off, let me start off by wishing you a Happy Birthday. Now on to the question. I was curious if there were plans to send the Chrono Trigger remake over to the US? I know they made one for the PSX in Japan.


Nope. We're not getting it. As for why not, well, from what I've gathered, FFA really didn't go over too well here. The US RPG market really didn't get to a good size until FF7 came out, so the naustalgia sales just aren't high enough. Sucks huh?

Where are you now Erdrick?
What happens to characters after the end of a game? Do they go back to they're normal lives with stories to tell the local children? Do they settle down and have children who show up in sequels? Are they forced to watch as strange word and hard to pronounce name fade in and out before there eyes? Does their world go black except for the large THE END? Or are they just a jumble of ones and zeros that have no existence beyond the medium upon which they're projected?

The Mouse of Glen

Well, sometimes they're forced to do things they would never do normally off in fanfic land, but I guess the rest of the time they just go back to every shop and inn they ever visited and smack the people around for charging them money when they were trying to save the world. 8)

Happy Birthday to our favorite ball of slime!

First off, you will find attached, for your super-special birthday surprise, a fan google drawn by my sister. Inspired by your column with Lorelei and your discussion on Harvest Moon, I present to you... FARMER GOOGLE!

Now onto the questions...

In Harvest Moon, who is your favorite lass to court? Personally, mine is Anne, because I love red hair done up in a pony tail.

I'm wondering, what if that long haired person-looking thing on your sigs isn't you, but it's a person whom you have grabbed control of and are using to plot all sorts of evil. Thats why the slime (The REAL Google) is always riding on his shoulder, controlling him.

And finally, I've heard that once Cloud hits level 98 in FF7, Safer Sephiroth becomes a LOT harder, my question is, how much harder? ^_^

All in all, Happy Birthday!

~Geoffrey 'ePaulson
And his sister

Uh, you forgot to attach the picture. Anyway, the first time I played Harvest Moon, I married Anne also, because I hoped that if you did, she'd make diabolical machines for you, like, say, an automatic harvesting device of some kind, since it's the only basic ability you can't get upgraded. Appearently though, once you marry someone they just turn into a personalityless blob, which is kind of disturbing. So, whenever I'm struck by the bizzare desire to play it, I go with the girl who works in the bar, that way you don't have to sacrifice good work time to get her persents. As for FF7, well, if you character build that much, I can't see there being any challenge whatsoever.

Beautiful Writing
Yo, Goog

Hey I have question you probably have never had, (because it is so stupid) what game do you think had the best world map?

And have you been keeping track of FFIX? And if you have who do you think is the best charecter/why? (Mines VIVI because he's old school!)

And (I use that word a lot don't I) do you like the fantasy theme (I mean its called Final Fantasy not Final Sci-fi)

And BTW I think the theme to Vandal Hearts was a Japanese lullaby.

Best world map or best setting? Setting would go to the PS series, PS3 is particularly interesting. FF6 also has a cool one because it changes halfway through. I can name the game with the worst one though. Dragon Warrior. It's a tiny little letter C! I haven't been keeping track of FF9 at all, since I already know I'll get it, but Black Mage==Very Cool. That FF question is kind of vague. Finally, that is NOT Japanese. It's also not Latin, English, French, Spanish, German, or Chinese.


It's sung in Polish (with a bit of French in the end song). The girl's name is Yadranka (which name sounds very sexy for Slavic ears).

Best regs


OK, three people sent me three totally different answers to that question. This person however knows the name of the singer, which indicates some research was actually involved. Therefore, I'm assuming this is correct. Besides, it does kind of have that tape playing backwards kind of pronounciation I've come to associate with Polish. Now I can finally rest.

I love this game! But I can't score all of the Kartia text when I play. Did Altus put not all of the text in the game? What's the deal?


There are two characters in Kartia. Not every text is available for both of them.

But Googleshng, have you forgotten Legend of Mana, the very game of which you have spoken so highly? A theme song in Swedish, it has. 'Tis way cool, methinks.

-Makkuro (oh, by the way, happy birthday)


I have heard, froma reliable source, that once you have lyme disease you always have it. So it really just acted up on you a few times.

I'm probably a more reliable source having had it 6 or so times. Basically, Lyme Disease causes neurological damage. Nerves don't regenerate. So, any symptoms you get from it you have for life, but it doesn't really flare up or anything... unless you get bit by more ticks like me.

Hi goog,
I want DQ7 already.
Can you post a RPG release schedule for the summer months or do you know where I can find one.

Like I said earlier. RPGamer has a release dates section! I personally spent several days making sure it was up to date when this incarnation first went up and spend way too much time smacking the news staff to keep it that way. Check it out!

You have an aunt or uncle I would guess so... are you their niece or nephew?

Yes. Of course. I'd have to be one of those, wouldn't I? 8)

do you know if there will be these following sequels? 1Castlevania SOTN2,Xenogears2,FFTactics2? And do you know if they will use the extremely brilliant idea of materia in one of the upcoming FFs?
Please reply

No, no, no, and no. Square doesn't reuse mechanics, period. SotN is part of a large series (Castlevania) where more games have been made since, but none like SotN. Get Metroid games. There's no FFT2, but there's Hoshigami, and the Xenogears team left Square, but they seem to be working on a very similar game.

The Last Laugh:

Do you realize how many developers today are composed entirely of ex-Square employees? There's Crave, Sacnoth, Maxfive, Monolithsoft, Lightweight, Brownie Brown, I believe some more that I can't remember. It's just insane! For every non-FF game Square has ever made almost there's a seperate developer now! Just how big WAS Square before all these people left?!?

Anyway, JD is guest hosting tomorrow, well, hosting hosting actually. So, any and all questions pertaining to music should be sent in right now.

Googleshng "Birthday Being"
I thought C.C. would send something at least. 8(

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