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Googleshng - June 7 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Scaring people off with programming talk is fun. I wonder how many of you will run when you read the response to this first letter. Anyway, after a couple of weird days, and before that some odd weeks, my mailbox finally looks the way it's supposed to again! Yay! Anyway, tomorrow I was planning to have a surprise guest host for you, but he wanted to have a full day, so he'll be here friday. Oh, and no it's NOT Thor. Next week maybe.

Anyway, that means that tomorrow isn't special at all really. Friday is my birthday though, and I know certain people have been plotting to send weird stuff to me on my birthday, so, since I won't be here then, if you simply must send me weird stuff, now's the time to do it... try to give me some actual questions too though please. 8)

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Programmer talk!
Hey Googs,

What's the deal with 65,535? In the original Dragon Warrior, the maximum amount of experience and gold was 65,535 each. Then in DW2 or the original Final Fantasy (can't remember which; maybe both), the maximum gold was 65,535. In Phantasy Star, the maximum get the idea. Why that number? I figure it must be some mathematical thing with computers, but do you know for sure? Thanks.


Now THIS is my kind of question! I assume you all know at least on some level that memory is divided into bytes, each byte being composed of 8 bits, and each bit having a value of either 1 or 0 (or true/false, on/off, whatever). So, when you have to store a small number, you just use 1 byte, that gives you a range of 0-255 (2^8=256). That's why you see the number 255 in so many cart based games. Anyway, when you need a bigger number, you just cement two bytes together, and you can go all the way up to 2^16. Subtract one from that (so you can use 0) and you get 65535. Now then, which is the most disturbing? The fact that 8-bit systems have so little memory that only 2 bytes can be given to money and EXP, the fact that Junt noticed the maximums are the same in all those games, or the fact that I didn't have to do any researching to answer this question? 8)

But fahthah! I want to... SING!
Greetings Googleshng. Your opinion please.......
Which do you prefer (and why perhaps):
-RPG intro themes that have lyrics in Japanesse.
-RPG intro themes that have lyrics in English.
-RPG intro themes that have no lyrics at all.
-RPG intro themes that have lyrics in a language you don't understand.
(Japanesse for many ppl)
-Quickie Question Guy-

Definately Japanese. It's just a really good sounding language to me for some reason. Plus the Japanese voice range is... different. I've heard good examples of all 4 though. The only random language song I can think of though is Vandal Hearts. Seriously, is that just random hodgepodged european or what?

Well look who it is.
Hey Google (happy birthday on friday)

Im all hyped and ready for the next Zelda game for N64. But the concept of it bugs me a little. The fact that you only have a couple hours to beat the game before the moon destroys the world worries me. Although I like the fact that it retains a lot of the same fighting system and graphics. What are your impressions of this game?

btw- Is Perfect Dark worth buying?

Shinji Ikari-" there is no I in team"

It's not that you have a couple hours to finish the whole game. It's that you have a couple hours to perform each little task in the game. I find solving puzzles with time limits is more fun anyway. My only complain is that I seem to recall hearing that it doesn't have every mask from the last one. I want to see what kind of puzzles have to be solved by becoming undead! I want the ability to turn into a red haired girl with two kopeshs! I'm a Ranma fan, what can I say? As for PD, yes, it's quite spiffy.

Alot of people think Nobuo's work has gone down hill in the last few Final Fantasys. While he has had some killer tracks on both games, I feel the overall quality may not quite be up to his former glory. However, I don't feel that he has lost his touch, merely he was not as suited to write music in scifi settings. His best work has always been his classic traditional sounding pieces. I think the next game being in a fantasy setting is going to help Nobuo and thus the soundtrack immensly. I predict best soundtrack in a game since FF 4 or 6 (I still can't decide which one is better)

Well hey, I seem to recall hearing that he originally planned to retire after helping out a little with Chrono Trigger. I mean, the guy has done a LOT. You can't squeeze masterpieces out of a person forever you know. You have an interesting point about the sci-fi thing I suppose... although that doesn't explain the overworld theme from FF7. I really didn't care for that.

Yo Goog,

If you want questions so much, my suggestion is to only post e-mails that ask a question. Even if it means that there won't be much of a column, but sometimes you can't always be nice. If you really want questions, you have to take charge and only post questions. Of course, the quickies can still be the funny stuff, but the big letters should only be about questions.

Now that I've said all of that, I have a question. How did you feel when Squaresoft decided to send over Secret of Evermore instead of Secret of Mana 2? I was really mad, as was my brother. We were both hoping to get that game, but Squaresoft sent one of the worst games my brother and I have played. Secret of Evermore sucked.

Kaiser "Don't touch me! I don't know where you've been!"

Hey, I have no problem printing weird stuff instead of questions. I just prefer questions because, you know, answering questions is kind of my job. Anyway, Squaresoft did not "send over" Secret of Evermore. That game was made right here in the US of A. Actually, I believe that it can be said that Secret of Evermore was really the first game by Crave (remember? The company formed by a bunch of Square's US employees breaking off?). As for why we didn't get SD3, well, it was one of the later SNES games, it was a big cart, and to my understanding, it was so text heavy that a translation would push it over the maximum cart size. Kanji are a heck of a lot more space efficient than our alphabet you see.

Vagrant Story
Hi googleshng,

How many time a released game must stay in the upcoming section to be considered released? ;)

I've been checking everyday, waiting for a review but I guess i'll just ask directly to you: is it true that vagrant story is less than 10 hours long? if not, how long is it?

The answer to the first is as long as it takes for someone to stab someone else in the ribs and tell them to move it. Normally we move them right when the game comes out, but occassionally someone forgets. Actually, someone just went in and double checked all that stuff, so it's in the right place now. As for why we have no review, well, that's because it's a lot more than 10 hours, pretty tough, and our policy is never to review games we haven't won. 30 hours is probably a better estimate, depending on how good you are at actually damaging bosses. Personally I'm at about 12 hours/37%. Gotta love games with completion percentages... and plus games.


It's 4 AM. You should get some sleep and put the quickies in tomorrow.

You're right. I'll do just that.

The Last Laugh:

I've been staying up too late recently. Oh, and appearently C.C. has risen from the dead!

Hmm... I have pain in all my joints. If that isn't sleep deprivation kicking in, it probably means I have Lyme Disease... or arthritis. Oh well, wouldn't be the first time I had Lyme Disease. Actually... I think it'd be the 7th. I live in the very region it's named after you see. Plus my back yard has a family of deer in it. Deer tick isn't just a weird name. On the other hand, I haven't gone outside in months, so it'd be hard to catch it. Oh well. Me sleep now.

Googleshng "LoM soon?"
I get the creepy feeling I'll have 50 "Happy Birthday" quickies. I don't plan to print these if I have a choice.

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