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Googleshng - June 5 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

There's no column tonight. The reason there is no column tonight is that literally every single letter I got tonight just answers that SotN question. Those boots increase your height by like 2 or 3 pixels. It says this if you read the item description in fact. Measure it if you want. 8) Anyway though, I know that someone is going to send me a nasty e-mail when they read this, yelling at me for "giving more stupid excuses instead of doing a column". I will gladly forward the entire contents of my mailbox to this person if they need the reality check. I care VERY MUCH about having a column for you people every day. I feel completely awful when I can't give you one, despite the fact that it's never my fault. Heck, that's why I put up these little appologies. That way you at least aren't kept in suspense. I don't get anything in return for doing these columns remember. It's all for your benefit. Anyway, the reason there is no column today, and far too many days in the past, is that Brad printed a question without answering it. Many many of you sent in the answer instead of asking questions. I'm not blaming anyone, just stating a fact. Now then, I've explained all this to Brad (more than once I believe) but it will probably happen again. So, here is what I ask of you. If Brad prints a letter with no answer, or the wrong answer, give me a day to answer it myself before you say anything. If you DO have an overwhelming urge to send the answer in, please include an unrelated question too. Like, say, "How does the magic system in Final Fantasy 27 work exactly? P.S. Those boots from yesterday's column increase your height by 2 or 3 pixels." That would be great. Now then, I'm going to be going, hopefully I'll have a nice plump mailbox of unique questions tomorrow night. Won't I?

Oh yeah, don't send me anything about Brad's columns this weekend. Some rather nasty stuff is in there, but I personally don't want to deal with any of it.

Any questions?
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I really hate not being able to do a column. 8(

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