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Googleshng - June 1 '00- 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, I finally got Lorelai to guest host. It took me a really long time since she's had a busy schedule forever. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a chance to maybe have a nice relaxing weekend so I'm keeping my intro brief. I'd suggest a prank to play on Brad to get back at him, but I'm above that. Plus he appologized... sorta. Anyway, here's Lore.

Hoihoihoi all!

Glad to be back co-hosting Q&A. I think I have a better idea on how to do it this time and I'm a big girl now, so I can handle it. =) Google asked me to guest host, like, the night before, so I haven't had any time to dig into my old RPG's and/or refresh my memory...but I DID manage to dust off my Official Xenogears Strategy Guide! So...if any of you read the Xenogears questions, I didn't MEMORIZE all those facts...

Ok, well, I guess we should go on with the show. I always blab a huge bunch of...nothingness on the Fanart column's intro, but...I don't have much to blab about today, so let's get to the letters!

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Amano Sempai
Hail Go0g's and Lorelai

2 of em for ya.

Okay, so this is probably the most cliche' question you're gonna get today, but I thought I'd waste some time and ask anyway.

Miss Lorelai,

What is your take on Amano art? Personally, I respect it for what it is. It definately has its flair and I think it shows great ingenuity for personal interperetation. Yourself?

Lorelai: I think Amano's art is wonderful! It's unique, graceful, and beautiful, almost delicate. However I have to admit that it grew on me; I didn't like it much when I was first introduced to it (i.e. Final Fantasy VI, or III here in the US) I thought they all looked sort of "undead." Its a style with a genre and class all its own, and I'll be darned if can ever draw like him.

On another note.

Do you limit your artistic talent solely to FanArt, or do you pour your creativity into other areas? Abstracts, 'scapes, silhouettes, etc.

Lorelai: Definitely not. I also enjoy designing original characters (as opposed to fanart). On a broader spectrum, I enjoy painting a lot...I've done the portraits, landscapes, abstracts that you mentioned, both for fun and for school. I do a little sculpture, and I do a lot of drawing in other things outside of fan artwork. I particularly enjoy figure drawing, but i do inhabit the fantasy genre a LOT, whatever medium/style I choose to use.

Keep up the exquisit work, both of yous.


I think I've spoken enough about Amano I think, and well, I can't draw or paint worth anything. I think I've proven that. 8(

Getting started
What is a good way to get started in drawing (other then practicing). Any books or reference material?

Depends on what sort of drawing you want to do. If you want hands-on experience and live teachers, take a class at your local community college or something. If you want to learn more about computer art and design, you can do the aforementioned, or you can check out some artworks online and see if your favorite artists have tutorials set up on their webpages. Also, your local bookstore probably has some "how to" books that you can check out. (How to watercolor, how to draw comic book characters, example of hands, wrinkles, faces, etc.) You may have to make a couple trips, but usually you'll find something great!

Well that doesn't help those of us who want to draw anime style. 8( Well, I guess it does.

Xenogears strategy
Omni....potent slimey sh(uh)ng,
And Lorelai (the Fan Art section is the one I look forward to the most ^_^)

Actually this is a question for Lorelai, since she's the Xenogears guru. I'm stuck. Right now I'm defending the Shevat generators. I have Citan defending the first, Billy the second, Fei the third, and Bart the fourth. I can survive the first and second alright, but the third and fourth I just cannot survive. Any tips? Also I have the best frames and engines on all the gears. Oh and after fighting the battles at the different generators, are there more battles to fight than just one per generator? (clear as mud?)

Phoenix ^_^ (who shall continue sending fanart, in hopes that one might eventually get accepted)

"All we want in this world is peace. Or a piece of the world, tee hee!"

WOOHOO a Xenogears question!!! Ok, Shevat generators: Here's what I know. The third generator has a pretty powerful gear and a White Knight, and the fourth generator has a powerful gear and two white knights (dude, Fei should be fighting THIS one!) I assigned Elly the first one, Bart the second, Citan the third (someone with high agility or powerful attacks/healing) and Fei the fourth. I had no trouble...and I didn't even have all the best frames and equipment. You can also switch the order you fight the generator bosses in, i.e. fight the fourth one first. Oh, USE BOOSTER, since these fights are one-on-one. So try it out. As for the second part of your question...uh, there is only one fight per generator. and one boss at the very end that you don't need to worry about until you finish all 4 generators. ^_^

I recall from that fight that it's best to use Citan on the guys on foot, Billy on the multiple white nights, Fei on the obvious one, and Elly on the one I left out. Also, there's a great shop in Shevat, but it's expensive. Actually, fan art updates are what I tend to look forward to also. Used to be Q&A, but, well, now I do Q&A so that doesn't work.

Azure Dreams
Hello again Goog and Lorelai:

I am writing to ask about a game which was mentioned in Monday's column. Super Robot Wars F Final: you can play as Evas and Gundams? Now THAT'S a cool mecha game!! What system is it for and is it in the U.S.? (somehow I doubt it...) Which also brought me to thinking of something else; what would it be like to pilot the Eva units in Front Mission 3?

Also, I play Azure Dreams (and enjoy it a lot ^_^!!) I've gotten as far as floor 30, but my question is this: Lorelai, (I love saying that name) what's your favorite monster? Mine would have to be the Griffins. They're just plain cool looking and they have a nice attack spell too!


Yahoo!!! Yep! Lorelai agrees with you on griffins! My griffin familiar, "Griffy," (ooh that's original) is my absolute fave, and he can kick Kewne's little behind any day! ^_^

I'm not getting many chances to say anything today. I have no clue about your first question, sounds like an obscure freeware game, but probably isn't. I'm in the dark.

Quickie Haiku as follows: ^_^ Do you have a site? Where you write about your self? If so where is it? - Vaevictis666

ummm...well, I have a barebones version of my website at ... but it's far from finished, has next to nothing on it yet, and I'm working on a redesign for it. ^_^ You can keep the URL in mind though, that's not changing anytime soon! Thanks for asking! And sorry I couldn't write back in a haiku!

I think I've answered this often enough. 8)

To Lorelai:

I'm glad you play Harvest Moon 64 and Azure Dreams. Those games don't get enough credit.
Lessee, questions about Fan Art... Could I submit some art without giving my E-Mail address?

Lorelai: Of course. In fact, i don't post fanart with e-mail addresses, if you've noticed. If you have a webpage URL and choose to send it, I post THAT as a link with your name. But I never post e-mails, and if you specify, I won't put them in the artist archives either. (I promise one of these days I will FIX those darn things...)

Question about Harvest Moon 64: What's your opinion on it?

Lorelai: I think Natsume is only making a good game better!!! I enjoyed Harvest Moon immensely, and I was introduced to Harvest Moon 64 at 1999's E3. I actually enjoyed a great chat with Natsume reps Graham Markay (Operations Manager) and Hiro Maekawa (President O_o), discussing all the new features in HM64. I have to say, though, I'm more of a PSX I'm looking forward to Harvest Moon: Back to Nature a lot more than I did with Harvest Moon 64. (That's what we talked about at E3 THIS year! ^_^)

To Googleshng, S/he who has no vowels:

I was going to send your picture first, but then I came upon the ALMIGHTY THOR HACK ARCHIVE and made a picture of him instead. OK, so it's a little late to be sending this, but I've only been visiting RPGamer since 1/2X/00, so I never got a chance to send a Thor hack in. You don't have to put this in the Thor Hack Archive, but could you at least put it in the column?
Now then, what's YOUR opinion on HM64, Google?
Don't tell me you haven't played it...

Sabin "Thou art such a pain in the... Crud! Now you've got ME doing it!" XIII I never have any questions to ask...

Well... I got the original Harvest Moon, but I haven't had any real desire to buy more of it. I considered the gameboy one until I heard they took out having kids, I won't pay for another until you can have kids, have them grow up, and have them help you! If you could play as a girl in said version though, that would be kind of messed up.

Goog & Lorelai (though mostly Lore),
Have either of you played the Gameboy version of Azure Dreams? Is it worth getting? Being that I'm in the market for a Gameboy (Color) Rpg I thought I'd ask you guys. Btw, any recommendations for a GB rpg?

-AGiES- *(Brian Easton)* Otaku for life!

Doh...nope, I don't own a gameboy. My brother does, though, and he seems to have gotten my sister hooked on Pokemon...but I don't count that as an RPG, really. A long time ago, a friend of mine eagerly showed me Final Fantasy..Legends, or something, on his GB. Other than that, I don't really know what to reccomend...besides Lufia: Ruins Chaser (Natsume) which I don't think is out yet. But I trust anything Lufia is good ^__^

Crystalis is being rereleased. Crystalis rules.

Many things.
Hey Googleshng and Lore,

Im stuck in FF5 and need a few pointers. Im right before you enter the 2nd world. Im in the airship in the sky before you go to the 2nd world. Ive been throughout the whole dungeon (most of it) and can't seem to find the boss in the level and also I was wondering which classes do you recommend.
Now I have a couple other questions:
1. Is Legend of Mana going to be worth the hype?
2. In Chrono Trigger, on one of the side quest towards the end of the game, how do you beat the boss in the factory of the future that explains the origin of robots?
3. Will Breathe of Fire 4 be worth buying? (BOF3 was pretty good)

1. YES. It looks freakin' awesome.
2. I can't remember, its' been a while since I played there a particular REASON why you can't beat him? i.e. a devastating attack that he always does? a part in the puzzle you can't solve? Robo can't run fast enough with his electrical charge to open the door? ^_^
3. I think so. I gave a pretty extensive impression of BoF4 in RPGamer's E3 coverage. Check it out for my honest opinion ^_^
As for your FF5 question...which/what 2nd world are you talking about?? There are are so many...dimensions in that game. But as for classes...I had the most fun with Knight, Summoner, Archer, Dancer (woohoo!) and Mime. And the regular form, when you're strong enough, cuz then you can add 2 abilities, I believe.

LoM looks funky, but I need cash. If you mean Mother Brain, just thrash it. I haven't been keeping up on the BoFs at all but I hear great things about it. Also, great class combos for FF5: Red Time Summon Mime, SShot 2 swords, Mime. Mime's totally totally rule you see. That's why they get capes.

I sent Lore too much.
Hello both to Shng-a-Google and Lore:

I decided to write since I was thinking of you in English class today. We needed to write a sentence... any sentence... go figure... anyhow, I wrote about poor Google trying to cross the highway. It got messy, especially when I had to illustrate it.
I was also inspired enough to think up a new game idea with a simple title: Sl ime. It's a pretty simple concept, too. Once again, the world is threatened by some amazing superpower, and a band of heroes must rise. Of course, to start off on a journey, what better thing is there to kill besides a couple slimes before they're ready to start taking on whatever bizarre beasts the superpower sends at 'em? The slimes are getting darn tired of getting slain for minimal experience and/or a little cash. Thus, they decide that all of the slimes of the world should unite to first defeat the heroes, and then the superpower itself while they're at it! Unfortunately, there's a reason slimes are pathetic little monsters at the beginning of RPG's: they're really, really weak. Thus, the slimes are going to have a slightly inclining uphill battle. Using the different abilities of different slimes, they must traverse the world to gather slime allies, and, as a secret character, maybe your slime party can find those gigantic slimes from Breath of Fire I/II(/III/IV???). Anyhow, just an idea.
I'm not one to leave you out, though, Lore! I have a question or two for you: 1. Ok, most people agree that Harvest Moon sounds stupid. I thought it sounded brilliant, but then I played it, and I started to think it was stupid... but I couldn't stop! It was too addictive! That, or the programmers at Natsume finally figured out the secrets of mind control! What can I do?

Lorelai: Submit to it? ^_^ I enjoyed Harvest Moon a lot too, my first year in college (I'm a late bloomer, ne?) and I was so hooked all my suitemates freaked out. (Lorelai's....farming?) Join the club, my brain has Natsume stamped all over it....

2. Similar problem with Azure Dreams, except Azure Dreams sounded great, but ended up being a lot like the bastard child of the Ancient Cave from Lufia II and Pokemon without the true greatness of either of them, but, as it ended up, felt really repetitive. I can't stop now! Oh, yes, I have a different question, too. you most humble opinion, what is the best way to progress through the tower? It's taking me forever, and I'm not sure if it's my strategy or what.

Lorelai: IMO, Azure Dreams is worth a good few hours of gameplay...but I got bored since it's really tough at the end, and the mere thought of climbing 30, 40 floors AND killing monsters AND gathering treasure/deciding which ones to discard AND keeping your precious monster eggs safe....well....I think Koh would be perfectly happy to live his life in his big house, with all his numerous girlfriends prancing around loving him, riding his ultra-powerful motorscooter...

Azure Dreams DOES take forever. That's all there really is to it. ^_^ In fact, i don't think the game ever ends...anyway, I offer you a few points: SAVE your sands in your safe, and buff up a gold sword and a mirror or diamond shield (I suggest mirror, since it can reflect). Once you get a sword and shield of +20 - 30 I think you're fit to reach the top. Also, don't take out your familiar(s) until after floor 12, unless you're levelling it up. Saves MP that way, plus you can get more buffed up on the lower floors and kick more butt on the higher ones.

Thank you for reading my incessant and rather pointless rambling, but, anyhow... thanks again, Gramblebang and Lore!

Insanerest of AOL

P.S.: Has anyone besides me noticed that if you do a little rearranging of the Oracle's name, you end up with Bohr Lard? Just in case anyone needs something new to call him... it's what I now think of him as.

I see why this was ported to Game Boy now. It seems like a Game Boy kind of game. Anyway, like I said, I have nothing against Brad, so I don't condone name calling.

google lore, googlelore, goo galore...
To Google: That cave in the Hiryuu Valley confused me for the longest time, until I started wandering around the righthand side of the room. "There's a hole, there's a hole, there's a hole, there's a hole, there's a hole in the bottom of the floor..."

To Lore: Just wondering if you ever plan to start updating NeoMidgar again (particularly the art gallery).

Lorelai: Dude, someone who remembers neo-midgar....impressive =) =) =) I dunno. I said I would, but I'm hard at work making a new, improved, I can plug: that is where the new art gallery will be, as soon as I have time to create it. ^_^ I'll keep Neo-Midgar around though,'s full of memories!!! For those of you who have no clue about what Neo-Midgar is...check out to see the crappy site that started my internet addiction. =D

To Both: As one of the PSX-deprived (actually, TV-deprived too, unless you count the big one in the dorm living room that I wouldn't risk stashing consoles on top of), I've been planning to get FF8 PC to keep me busy this summer. Do you have an idea of what changes the game went through for conversion? Also, do you know of any other good RPGs that are getting PC conversions (or maybe some that were PC games to begin with)?

- ChocoMog ZERO

OK, don't quote me on this, but I think it's basically the same, except you can play the Chocobo thing without a Pocket Station (which is how to get a ribbon if that's not in any other letters here, thanks), the textures look better, and the music is all midi. Not sure on that last one, but I'll take music over graphics any day. Oh, and this is the first time I ever used the subject of a letter as the title for it. 8)

Lunar 2 Date
All I want to know is when will Lunar 2 be out? EGM said June 2... Working Designs site said August as well as July!!! BAH!!! WHAT'S GOING ON! Just want to know if you have ANY clue.

I guess it's pretty clear: Summer of 2000. ^_^ The reason why Working Designs is fickle is cuz they like to proofread everything and make sure the text, translation, EVERYTHING is flawless. So we don't get wacky translations and typos like...oh....Final Fantasy Tactics =P (don't read me wrong, I love the game...but...the translations was "off course!")

EGM must be on the Happy Plant if they say it's out tomorrow. Vanguard Bandits will be out first, and that's the only straight fact I can give you except that it won't be until at least WD's latest estimate. My personal guess is maybe Christmas, but it'll be a darn good translation! 8)

Harvest Moon 2
Ahoy hoy Lorelai (I put that in their in case it kinda rhymes)

Beware for my questions are numerfied (my calcalometer tells me so teehee)

1. Is it true that a Harvest Moon 2 is coming to gameboy?

Lorelai: Uhmmmm....Uhmmm.... (runs off and bugs Andrew Bilyk - "is there a harvest moon 2 coming out for GB?" Andrew: "Yes there is." Lorelai: "When?" Andrew: "....")

2. If so then when?

Lorelai: Yes it is true! But i'm unsure when. ^_^;;;;

3. Don't you think that a Harvest Moon inspired hunting/trapping rpg would be great. I think it would be a lot better then Legend of the River King anyway. My only request are that the main character wear a 'coon-skin-hat, that trapping be more important then hunting, multiple venues be included (forest, desert, north pole) and that the main character have French-Canadian accent. Also the animals in the game shouldn't be real animals. They should be made up creatures based loosely on real animals (rabbites, large insects, etc..). I'd call it "Spirit of the Woods" I would.

Lorelai: Natsume loves comments and suggestions! Why don't you send your ideas to them? Their website is at

4. Do you look anything like your pictures or are they just an image of your personality.

Lorelai: I do slightly resemble my pictures, yes =)

Well I basically just wrote this because Google said that you'd answer Harvest Moon questions. So please post this.

~James "the Test Rider" Smith

You know what's creepy? That means that Lorelai looks just like my cousin. Right down to the hair streaks. Freaky.

More Xenogears
Hello Lorelai,

I've recently decided to play xenogears again and I've made it to calamity. Now I remember the first time I made to him (back when the game first came out) I stomped him. But now, he's wiping the floor with me. ITS REALLY FRUSTRATING. How can I beat this huge metal JERK?

Lorelai: Check to see if Fei is at least level 19 or 20. If not...GET MORE EXPERIENCE. Use X button attacks on him and every other turn, do your strongest Level I combo. Hitting him with Bart's "wild smile" will lower his hit percentage. Consider using booster...and avoid Fei's Guided Shot.

Also, does your characters level affect what the gear can do? As far as things like response or defense? Or are characters levels and gear abilities totally independent (I never beat xenogears the first time around)
Lorelai: I think they are totally independent. I didn't find a connection, anyhow. Your gear "levels" up only when you buy new parts for it and/or fit accessories that boost its stats.

thank you
6025-not just a number

Well, the deathblows you have out of gears correspond to the in gear ones, but other than that, there's not really any connection. So, once again, levels don't matter much, deathblows do.

The Last Laugh:

Lorelai: Woohoo - er - Awwww, I'm done...! =D Hope you guys found the column interesting, useful, yada yada...I don't think I dissed anyone....So i'll be off back to the fanart department. Ya know where to find me. Ja!!!

- Lorelai

Googleshng: I feel really bad about sending Lore so many letters. I lost count. ^_^; Anyway, I'd love to post all the many many quickies full of quotes from Transformers: The Movie, and reminding me of how it was rereleased (check out Suncoast video) but I'm still trying to get back onto a semi-normal sleep schedule. The few letters addressed to Lore that I recieved while posting this have been forwarded to here and will be answered personally. Pretty cool of her. Bye!

Googleshng "Wait! I still function!"
Later I'll have to tell you all the joke about Lore letting me stay at her place for 3000G a night.

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