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Googleshng - May 30 '00- 5:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Now doing yesterday's column instead of sleeping is starting to catch up to me. My left eye is throbbing, my vision is so blurred watching myself type is like watching an android type in some cheesy sci-fi movie. That bit's kind of cool really. Anyway, about 30 people sent in the thing about their local PBS showing Eva. I'm kinda freaked out I have so many readers in one little region who actually wrote in with that. Also, none of you would be willing to take Eva and Lum off that, would ya? >8)

Anyway, I'm likely to drop dead any minute now, so I'd better hurry things along.

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Hey Fraggle Googlesng!

FYI, PBS in San Jose, CA (KTEH) is currently showing Eva subbed. They are also showing Urusei Yatsura subbed. In the past they've shown Tenchi TV, Key the Metal Idol, and Please Save My Earth, all dubbed. They have also shown the first Ranma movie subbed. If you really want anime shown properly on TV in the US, you gotta bug you local PBS station!


Like I said. About 30 or so people sent in this exact same thing. You're the only one to call me a Fraggle though. That show was cool... unless that's a distorted memory.


I have a couple of stupid little things to say, but I'll just cut to the chase. I am still on FFVII (I'm behind on my RPGs because I insist on playing all the games in a series before playing the latest), and am up to the crater. I think Cloud is on level 70, and the rest are 60-62. Yet I still can't progress through the crater at all, and so I am still building levels and getting gil in order to build up my chocobos (I haven't even begun breeding yet -- still feeding them those 5,000 gil greens). Am I the worst RPG player of all time?

I'll ask another question to make this letter legitimate. I am still playing the original Phantasy Star, and I am overjoyed that there are three sequels on a technologically superior system that I will get to enjoy. But what is the problem people have with PS3? Does it argue with success and try to do something new with the series and fail miserably (perhaps like Zelda 2)? Or does it just suck for some reason?

Thanks, and thanks for pulling that all-nighter. I'm running out of things to read on the Internet (good things I mean), so I appreciated the column.


I know someone who's less far in FF7 than you so: 8P Anyway, the thing with PS3 isn't that it's a bad game, it's that it doesn't count. It wasn't made by the same team as the rest, and, I can't explain how without a huge spoiler, but the setting is a spinoff. However it's still a pretty decent game... actually it's 7 little tiny RPGs which are about 10 hours long each with cool plots... all though the only real differences are the characters, so it's like 1 30 hour game with 4 endings, how's that?

Shining Forces
G'daftenoon, 'Shng. I have an urgent question for you, amnesiac or not.

It all started a few days ago. After beating FM3, I began to wonder what other games were in the Strategy/RPG genre that I hadn't played yet. With a little searching around, I stumbled upon a retrogaming site that's forums had people talking about a little game called Shining Force. "Huh?" I thought to myself, as I clicked to download the rom.
Within 5 minutes of playing both 1 and 2, I came back, amazed. "SRPGs existed before FF Tactics?" I thought. (Okay, laugh all you want.) "Hey, this game ain't too bad!" I was instantly hooked. But now I have a small problem...
In the second game, I'm kinda stuck on the chessboard battle that takes place on the desktop world. Except I've run out of money, so every time I get my ass whooped by those @!#$ chess pieces, I can't resurrect the people that have died. And there's no chance I'll win with only a level 6 Bowie and a level 7 Peter (both promoted, hence the low levels). What should I do? Is it just the rom doing this to me because of my ignorance? Should I start over from the beginning? WHAT?????

Oh, and as I'm counting on your advice, I won't even call you Gramblegang.

-Red Baron, the Pizza Man.

"Bart: Big deal. They didn't approve of my idea. They said it was unfeasable.
Lisa: It IS unfeasable to resurrect the dead, Bart. And even if the 3 Stooges were alive, I doubt they'd want to hang around with you. Bart: Yeah; I'd guess they'd want to see their families or somethin'."

Simple way to get out of desperate jams like that: kill one or two things, cast egress. Repeat. If your levels are so low you can't even do that, just keep attacking and dying and trying agin until you have decent levels. There you go. Also, remember the the Shining Force AI's achillies heal is that for the most part, units won't break formation, unless that whole formation can read the target. Therefore always use every mage. 8)

Answer from Sunday
Well, yuo always say to wait to ask you about questions you think Brad can't answer, so I held off just for you!...Anyhow...I've been playing Tales of Phantasia a lot lately (import on PSX) and I must say the game is damn sweet in all respects. I am not sure how familiar you are with the game, but something troubles me - there's a game yuo can play in Alvanista Castle where you have to pick up some rocks from a vase - there are 39 total and you and your opponent take turns taking either 1 2 or 3 rocks out at a time, and if you pick up the last one you lose. It seems like no matter what I do he always makes me get the last one! Any strats you think may be useful? (Oh, and you have the option of going first or not). Thanks!

Ooh, I love puzzles like that. The thing to remember is that the number 4 is your friend. Obviously, on your last turn, you want to take the 38th. If on the turn before you get it up to 34, then you can bring it to 38 no matter what they do, and so on, so, go first, take 2, then if he takes 1, take 3, if he takes 2, take 2, if he takes 3, take 1, until you win. Not bad for someone who's been up for 35 straight hours huh? ^_^

I've been fighting a couple of bosses in VS for a few days. I can beat them, but it's always extremely close. I level up my weapons according to enemy types (rapier for beast/undead, fandango for humans, the.. frau... thing-the one good for phantoms- for phantoms). Anyway, my question is: why are the bosses continually as tough to beat? I do an average of 1-3 points of damage per hit, reaching up to 10, sometimes, with prastasia. Also, weapons with negative affinity for an enemy class sometimes do *more* damage than weapons with 25+ affinity.

Am I a freak? Or am I just missing something?


You also have to take into consideration blunt/piercing/slashing, elements, and where you're hitting it. Very complex mechanics in that game.

Dearest <insert ego boosting comment here> Googleshng,

I have come to the conclusion that our friend Brad is a hypocrite. As you can see from the October 25, 1999 column (, he doesn't like being called names, either. You hafta admit, though, Gramblebang is *far* better than 'Lolita'... or 'Googlegasm', for that matter... Just thought you'd like ta' know...

~The Sack~

Ah yes, I remmeber that. I don't mind funky names. I just mind a box full of letters that say Hi Funkyname! with no question. So don't do that.


Hey Rodimus Prime is pretty cool. Ultra Magnus forever!


Grimlock, Wreck-Gar, Unicron. Enough said.

Hey Goog the insomniac, do you make the support group circuit too? Personally, I sell soap...

Anyway, I heard somewhere that Squares upcoming title Threads of Fate was somehow related to Brave Fencer Mushashi. Is this true?

Same engine/team I believe.

Hey Google,
Phantom Pain isn't that cheap, since it has the additional effect of emptying all the PP out of your weapon, so you can't just use it over and over.

You forget you can carry 8 weapons.

Hey Goog,

Are you a regular slime, a red slime, a metal slime, or one of those King Slime slimes from Dragon Warrior 4?


Am I allowed to answer no?

Now Kids WB is going to show Card Captor Sakura, and they call it Cardcaptors

This is getting out of hand.

I'm never going to play your game... I dont have a Mac... Boo hoo...

I plan ports.

Hey I was just wondering if there are or was any plans for a sequel to beyond the beyond? Thanks RW

No. Everyone hated the first.

The Last Laugh:

Woohoo! Column up on time and pretty darn good. I tried to avoid printing all the thanks for missing sleep to give us a column letters, but they're appreciated. I'm still pround I solved that puzzle in under a minute going after being up 35 hours straight. Anyway, I can't see now, so I NEED SLEEP!

Googleshng "zzzzzzzz"
Can't see or speak lucidly, but I can solve logic puzzles!

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