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Googleshng - May 23 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Last night my cousin was singing Perfect Drug at me, having had it stuck in his head since seeing the video for it using clips from Perfect Blue. So now it's stuck in MY head too, along with the fact that Perfect Dark is out now, so I have all these Perfect four letter words floating around in my head with their creepy drawing styles and cool gameplay and repetitive lyrics, ARGH! It's times like this I just listen to Dare to be Stupid.

Anyway, sorry the column is late again. Yesterday was the official day for people to give me bad news appearently, and bad moods make for bad columns and rants, so I had to hold off for a while. Anyway though, right now I'm feeling fine, I got a rant up... to the new server at least, and I really like some of the letters I have today, so, let's get going.

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Hi Goog!

I just got Vagrant Story over the week-end, and I understand the concept of how the game works. This is also in regards to the guy who could not beat the rock monster(Golem).

First, how it works:

Each weapon possesses several factors: the strength(a no-brainer), monster-type use(what kinds of enemies it is goo/bad against) and type(blunt/edge/pierce).

Strength is a given, so I'll explain the other two. The effectiveness of the weapon on different monsters depneds on its monster-type. For example, look at Ashley's Fandango. When you check the weapons stats, you'll see all these numbers along with three names: human, beast, undead, phantom, dragon, and evil. The Fandango will probably have a high number for human. This means that the Fandango will add more strength to your attack if you use it on human enemies than it will to the other types. If the number is a negative, then it will do less than the normal amount. How to increase these numbers? Use the weapon on the types of enemies you want to use it on; it will become more effective to that certain monster.

Blunt, edged, and pierced form what type of attack it will be. Certain types work better on some enemies than others. Sorry, Goog, but I have not seen what they are effective and ineffective against. However, this might help: a list of weapon types and what they're good at:

Dagger: Good against Undead, Bad against Beasts, Phantoms, and Evil
Sword: Good against Humans and Beasts, Bad against Dragons
Great Sword: Good against Dragons
Axe/Mace: Good/Bad against Undead, depending on weapon and attack
Great Axe: Good against Humans(?)
Staff: Good against Undead and Evil(?), bad against Humans]
Heavy Mace: Good against Humans and Undead(?)
Polearms: Good against Dragons and Beasts
Crossbow: Good against Beasts and almost every other class, depending on use
Bare Hands: Weak against all

Now, how to defeat the Golem:
My advice is to first enter the battle with the Chain Abilities Heavy Shot and Raging Ache equipped on the Square and Circle buttons. This way, you can alternate between the attacks more easily. In addition, these abilities are also easire to time, and Heavy Shot dishes out a fair amount of damage while Raging Ache increases in damage as you progress in the chain. Aim for his legs, since they have a better chance of hitting him(and you'll want to stay away from him). Also, if you need the extra help, equip the defensive ability Reflect Damage to dish out more damage. When you are weak, run far away, heal, attack magically if you want, and return to finish the job. The trick is Chain Ability. Heavy Shot and Raging Ache are easy to time, and are strong attacks that increase in damage. If you can keep a smooth, continuous flow of attacks on him, he will not be able to hit you as much.

Hope I helped out!
Caffeine Addict #09

That's all fairly good advice. I'm not too sure on using the crossbow for beasts, I've been using one, and I find that for a LOT of them, it's nearly useless, despite being +30 or so. Meanwhile my +0 to everything scythe handles them quite nicely. The one thing I'm still not sure about is the whole thing about having 2 attack/defense powers for Strength and Intellegence, unless the intellegence bit is just a modifier to your magic power/defense.

How odd
Hi Googs
I have asked question to Brad earlier but for what I've noticed he don't have played Vagrant Story that much yet. Anyway, about a week ago i got stuck on a boss. It's the one in the forest where it snows. He kills me off with a single "Acid Breath" attack. Any ideas of how to beat this critter? And for others, remember that the weapons changes attributes when attacking enemies. If you are finghting lizard like enemies the dragon level raises. When fighting humans, human level rises etc...

It's funny, every single letter I've gotten today about Vagrant Story is from someone within 10 minutes of this boss in one dirrection or the other. I just beat it and saved it a couple days ago and haven't had time to play since. Let me just kill a couple birds with one stone here. To actually get to this dragon, you more or less follow the wind dirrection I seem to recall. I love the particle effects in this game. If that doesn't help you, try making a map on paper. I do seem to recall though that you turn left on the first screen. Anyway, to answer YOUR question, I personally ran right up to it (a good strategy with ANY boss) and just relentlessly stabbed at it's head with my anti-Dragon spear. It did quite a bit of damage, and being right under it's neck, I was out of range of it's Acid Breath.

Big pile of stuff
Hey googleshng,

This is my first time so be gentle : )

Square's a great company. I'd have to say that they're unparalleled in the RPG world (please note that my opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the parent company, RPGamer ... I've been wathcing too many infomercials...). Why is it that Square is branching out to different markets? I mean, not that they're doing a bad job necessarily, but why did they feel the need to make games like the Tobal series and Ergheiz that aren't really RPG's? Also, even though it's the middle of the year, why are so many RPG's coming out right now (Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Mana, Breath of Fire 4, Threads of Fate--looks pretty good... I got 200+ hp/mp with the demo disc...hmm, why don't I have a girlfriend?, not to mention the PS2)? Which would you recommend for those with a, shall we say, tighter budget?

Hey goog, I know you share my obsession with Anime, so I have to ask whether you've seen Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka? It's one of my favorite, yet it doesn't seem to get much attention in North America.

Trevor, also a Pug, Bekolay

Well, to answer your first question, because they can! Obviously Squaresoft made some kind of deal with the devil allowing them to make great games for ALL genres, not just RPGs, and they're trying to get the most out of it. 8) Your next question can be answered more easily. Every year around now, there is the TGS, and there is E3. The two really big press events were every company gets to show stuff off. Since there's no other time in the year that has to do with games, except Christmas, developers try to get as many games as the can finished just before E3, so they can get them all hyped up right there, and release them over the next few weeks/months. It all works out REALLY well for me, because my birthday is only a few weeks after E3, and there tend to be cool games coming out all around it. 8)

FM3 Cameo
Small FM3 Spoiler

Actually you can get it just as you break up with the rebels. The fastest way to do it is to put in the winners E-mail address manually. When it lites up respond, and she'll send you the picture. You should do this to all the emails to get several secrets like that.

Thanks for that tip. Oh and before you all start asking me just what that address is, I BELIEVE it can be found in the Network FAQ we have for FM3.

Black smithery
Good Sir Googleshng,
Can you explain Vagrant Story's weapon-making system? I've adapted to the creepy dungeon setting, and I'm finally getting the hang of this chain-combo system, but I'll be danged if I can figure out what I'm suppposed to do in those work rooms. It's like Parasite Eve's tool system, but this isn't nearly as straight-forward and intuitive, or at least it seems that way. In general, should I break weapons apart and create my own or should I combine weapons? And what should I look at as far as stats when creating weapons? I understand the levels concerning EVIL, HUMAN, DRAGON, etc., that negative is bad and positive is just dandy, but what about the numbers under ORG/EQP? How exactly do they apply to me?
Many thanks, and a thousand blessings upon thine rant page.

Ashley Riot, Riskbreaker Extraordinaire

(or as my friends know me, just plain old Jason. But I like Ash better ;)

OK, if you have to time to, whenever you get to a work room, just take everything apart. Then systematically check if you can combine all the blades you haven't been using with eachother, or ones you have been using, to get something better. You can pretty much ignore the bonuses for monster types and such, because those can be brought up easily enough through character building. What you should look at is the type of blade you're getting, and the attack power of it. As for ORG/EQP, that's the stats of the blade/weapon/armor itself on the left, vs. what you'd end up with after equipping it on the right. Once you have the 6 or 7 blades you plan to seriously used, just attach hilts to them (really simple, if it's blunt, get a hilt with a high blunt value, etc.) give them cool and/or appropriate names (or funny, call your spear Bruce!) and throw all the leftover blades and hilts in the box for later.

FM3 + Game
Another FM3 Spoiler

Yeah yeah, another front mission 3 question. I just beat the game in Emma's scenario, and got the "last game save" or something along that line. i loaded it and it started the game over. I did Alisa's scenario this time around, and just fought purple haze. Anyway, is their anything different by starting the game like that? Because all i see is the timer is at 39+ hours from the last game. ~TonberryKing931

Yes. All the skills you got the first time around you start with. Spiffy eh?


Enemy Drakee aproaches!


Finally, a change of pace.

-Prince Phil


The Chrono Cross OST is really, really cool.

Zohar Gilboa

I'm sure it is.

..then you absolutely must see the second season, Slayers Next! It is even BETTER than the first! RAGNA BLADE!!!

-Psxphile (lover of all things Slayers)

Why do so many people suddenly assume I've haven't seen Next? I've SEEN every bit of Slayers that's been translated (except that first tape of Try, waiting for the boxed set), I just only now bought my own copy of the first season. 8)

Hi Google!
Is it just me, or would Ashley Riot be really cute if he'd cut those weird growths sticking out of his head that resembles two pikachu tails?


I don't consider anyone cute. Speaking of the freaky hair things, and there's 3 of them, why are all of Square's character designers suddenly becoming obsessed with that? I think it started with Fei, SF2 has some REALLY odd ones, now there's Vagrant story... GET NEW BARBERS!

What is Lords of Lunar, and how do you get to it? Thanx.

Wondering/Wandering Fool

Didn't I JUST answer this? Put in the demo disk, hit up down left right triangle start.

D'oh! I sent it too early, before I checked the FF7 video. The answer is...

The odd part is, I got a bunch of letters like this.

The Last Laugh:

OK, there's the column, very late, I'm really sorry. I'll get tomorrow's up on time I STILL have no clue whatever happened to Cheshire Catalist... maybe I'll have to start putting stuff of my own down here, no wait, there's my big huge pile of unused funny stuff. I'll just start cracking into that. 8)

Googleshng "Busy"
Bursto Rondo!

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