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Googleshng - May 22 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

I watched the entire first season of Slayers this weekend, can you tell? Unfortunately that's about as far as I got in terms of taking a nice relaxing weekend off. I spent the rest of my weekend moving my Page of Rantings to a new server, hopefully I'll update that later today, doing a lot of RPGamer type stuff, and dealing with various people's mental breakdowns/job losses/moving plans. I guess I'll have to try again next weekend. On the bright side though, I DID watch the entire first season of Slayers. 8)

Moving along, I'm not too sure how good today's column will be, because most of you seem to have forgotten one my most frequent pieces of advice. If Brad doesn't know something, give me a day to correct him myself before you send in answers. The vast majority of my letters today are on the Breath of Fire 3 thing.

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In the PSX:
Vagrant Story
Hard is good.
Tactics Ogre Advice
Dear Mr. letter-answering guy,
I would just like to let you know that you can raise your troops loyalty by fighting in non-random battles (quest battles) and having one character kill enough people to reach MVP. It won't do it much, but it will do alittle!

Also, if you want to keep Aloser THAT bad, just make her a Witch or a Siren and use an Undead ring on her, turn her into a Lich!
I'm on level 33 of Hell gate, and I am about ready to leave it and hopefully, finish the game. I've never beaten it, but I've gotten to the same point 3 times before I quit!

Forever yours in life, death, and beyond -

That's a sick sick concept... I like it! Hopefully this might help someone.

I recently asked Brad what he thought of Lunar: Silver Star Story (and actually got a response on the first letter!), and I was wondering, what's YOUR opinion about it? I'm already leaning towards spending that bundle of cash on the game (Playstation version), but I want another person's opinion as well. You do not have to reply to this, as I already have gotten Brad's opinion, but any form of reply would be great.

The Golden Retriever-like Fan

Well, I liked Lunar. Sure it's on the short side, sure it has VERY traditional game play, sure hearing "By the power of Althena!" that much made me snap, and sure, it's COMPLETELY linear, but there's a strange sort of charm to it... which is probably a combination of it's neat plot, anime cut scenes about every 5 minutes, and Working Designs translation. Plus the Making of CD has Lords of Lunar on it, and that's just plain fun.

Finally! A VS question
Hey Google,
I just got Vagrant Story, and I'm stuck at the rock monster (I think it's the second or third major battle in the game)! What actually hits it strongly? Is there anything that strikes an average of above 6?


Ah yes. That fight was before I totally figured out how all the game mechanics worked, so I couldn't do much to it either. To my recollection, that boss is Evil, which probably won't do you any good since it's pretty much the first Evil thing in the game. You could experiment around to see if it's more susceptable to blunt/slashing/stabbing a bit, or you could just do what I wound up doing. Keep your risk low, and just throw spells and Battle Abilities at it's head. If you don't like that one, set the defensive ability to does 40% of the damage you take to the thing you're fighting, and just keep using that and healing yourself. I end up killing a lot of things with their own attacks. By the way, if anyone out there has gone to the trouble of making a list of what kinds of weapons work best on every boss in the game, why not send a copy of it to It's a tough game, and I'm probably going to be getting a LOT of questions like this in the near future.

This is in response to what Kahran Ramsus said yesterday, To replenish your character's HP level, you must sleep in an inn, or some dungeons have 3 beds. Sleeping in either of these places will get them back to the HP they should have. Camping DOES NOT WORK, so don't try.
Undine the Puppet Master

So many people sent this in it's not even funny. Thanks though.

Hammer Time!
Sorry to continue this debate over from Brad's column, but I have to say that Hammer is a woolly llama, an opinion which I decided on from the first time I saw him. Besides, llamas are middle-eastern pack animals, and his clothes look vaguely middle eastern, plus he's always carrying out stuff for you. Case closed.

-Chimera Man

I've personally always figured he was a sloth. Look at the tail. There's also always the possibility that he's just kind of a generic mammal. In any case, let's all drop this.

FM3 Cameo
How's it hanging?

Quickly: i heard there was a secret wallpaper for your desktop in Front Mission 3. Something Xenogears related. I can't find anything about it online. Help me? I'm totally lost.

~Super Dynamo

OK, I think I heard somewhere that you can only find this on the Emma scenerio (which 95% of all people wind up playing), and I KNOW it's not available until very late in the game, probably when you first get back to Japan since that's when all the other cool Network stuff happens. Anyway, if you go to the high school beauty contest page, there's an announcement of the winner, and a whole bunch of pictures of her, one of which can be saved for wallpaper. Another is a picture of her and Alisa dressed as Elly and Margie from Xenogears, it's great. Anyway, I'm told it's possible to e-mail her and she'll send you the pic, but when I found this out I was already at the very end of the game, so, too late for me.


Guess what, oh wonderful Brad man,......I'm a pug, too. rrrooowwlll

The Great One

I'm not Brad... he'd probably be disturbed by that though.

Magic wand, make my monster GROW!!!!!!

- Skeletor

No comment.

A slime approacheth. Command?


Is it just me, or is this getting old?

Excuse me, but you are stepping on my foot.


No I'm not.

In the interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi, which I read here on RPGamer, he says that Uematsu WILL definitely be the composer of FFIX.

/Master of Seraphim

Uh, why wouldn't he be?

Want pocky go here: and post something under "Introduction". Get all the Pocky you want :)

For the record, normally I don't post this kind of thing. I did so because A- there weren't many quickies today, B- I like Pocky, and C- that url is almost exactly the same as a site I used to write reviews for. I see no Pocky here though. 8(

By pocky do you mean the raccoon from that SNES game or that odd looking japanese snack thingie???

-=InsaNIaC=- "GLLLICO!!!!"

No, I mean the bread sticks dipped in chocolate and stuff that are hideously addictive.

The Last Laugh:

There you go. I'm really sorry this went up so late, but last night was not conducive to writing. Long nasty story. Anyway, hopefully you'll all read this as soon as it's up, send me a whole bunch of really good questions, and we can all get back to business as usual! 8) Meanwhile, I'll be putting a rant up... I hope.

Googleshng "Back to Work"
Elemekia Lance!

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