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Googleshng - May 18 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Last night I fought off sleep for several hours in order to get my column done. Then I uploaded it, checked all my links, and went to bed. Unfortunately, someone accidentally changed the link on the main page back to yesterday's at some point and didn't notice. So, all of you evidently figured I just didn't do a column and didn't send me anything. The very few letters I did get, I already answered yesterday. So, here I am with no letters at all to print.

On a happier note, I got Vagrant Story. I can answer questions on it now. Now, let me just go pull staffers' hair until they ask me some and we can get going.

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Vagrant Story
What's the biggest drawback of Vagrant Story so far? -Paws =^_ _^=

Well, it's a dungeon crawl. Not TOO big on plot, lot's of running around in a huge maze solving puzzles and fighting. Not everyone's into that sort of thing, but I'm finding it a nice change of pace.

Is it too dark? From all of the screens I've seen, it looks very, very dark. -Lex

Extremely. For starters towards the very begining there's a flashback of your wife and son being murdered... that's not a spoiler it's on the commercials. Then it's straight into a big maze full of FFT style demons, undead, and murky lighting. Good think I love dark stuff.

What do you think of Square's move to put their Final Fantasy series online?

Well, like most people, I don't like the concept. Not that I think this would ruin the FF series, it's not like any two FFs have anything in common except for a few names and spell/ability lists. I just don't like online RPGs, and would rather have Square working on their usual single player fare. I would however be interested in playing a multiplayer FF game along the lines of PSO or Secret of Mana.

Heir Google,

I hear you got Vagrant Story despite being broke you poor bum. I hear it comes with some spiffy demos, namely Crono Cross and Threads of Fate. What's your impression?

- Joshua "Darien" Maciel, king of last-minute questions

Actually, they crammed 7 demos onto that disc. The Chrono Cross movie isn't much new if you've watched all the movies we have up, the same goes for Legend of Mana and SaGa Frontier 2. The Chocobo's Dungeon 2 movie however was... interesting. Pretty neat if you mute out the hideous voice over. That leaves the playable demos of FM3 (very long), Chocobo Racing (leave Kart games to Mario Square) and Threads of Fate. Based on this demo, it's closer to a pseudo-3D platformer than an Action/RPG, and one of the characters has the ability to turn into any monster he's killed, whick is always cool.

Who is your favorite male and favorite female RPG characters and why are thjey your faves? -Paws =^_ _^=

That's a tough one. I guess I'll go with Magus and... Alis from PS1/4. At least you didn't ask what my favorite furry little character is. Myau vs. Mog... tough choice!

Which decade do you think had the most impact on video games in general? The consoles of the 70's, starting off the industry, Nintendo and the Sega master system in the 80's, or the next gen consoles of the 90's?


Let's see... while the 90s have a ton of games that are really first rate, they didn't bring games out into the mainstream (maybe this decade that'll happen), so I'll have to go with the 80s. I mean, the first really successful console, the birth of pretty much every major genre, what more do you want?

The Last Laugh:

Well, there you have it. The staff isn't real big on quickies. Anyway, tomorrow by my count is Brad's 100th column. Also, Paws' new section is also up by the way, go check that out. Oh and hey, read yesterday's column since obviously most of you didn't get a chance to. 8)

Googleshng "Riskbreaker"
I'm making myself one GOOD spear!

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