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Googleshng - May 17 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

After a long drought brought about by no new Square games and most of my reader base being in finals, Vagrant Story comes out tomorrow. Sure, there's also Wild ARMs 2, but that's not Square and therefore not too many people have played it, and, more to the point, I don't have it yet, seeing as I haven't won the original yet. I did manage to scrounge up the cash for VS though, so finally I should be able to answer some new kinds of questions. Anyway, today I am dead tired from all the many many many many many little tasks I've vollunteered to do for various people... I really have to curb that habit. I'm still chugging away at printing everything I got yesterday, I'll let you know when I'm done.

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How do you pronounce...?
In the Saturn:
Albert Odessey
I should give this back.
Albert O
Hi Googleshng!
I was wondering....about Albert's Oddysey...
What do you think of it? I got a Saturn many moons ago and could never find a copy of it, and I dont believe I ever saw a review. I did, though, hear people complain about how rampant the random battles are.
So what's your verdict thus far?


Well, maybe I'm just getting a tad jaded from having gotten 10 hours in and having to restart twice (before I got my own Saturn, save space was in high demand) but, well, Albert Odessey is a very generic game. Sure there's the Working Designs translation, and the REALLY chibi graphics, but other than that, it's just like countless other RPGs.

Console Warring
I was horrified to see the results of the poll as to which system everyone thought would have the best RPG showing at E3. Most people voted for the Playstation and Playstation 2! Now I want to know who the uncultured communists are who voted on this poll! Now I can understand some people would vote for the PSX because it does have some monster games coming out. What I want to know is how on earth as of 12:00 AM, May 16, 40.89% people have voted for the Playstation 2 with very little RPG's coming out in the next year, while only 8.49% voted for the Dreamcast! With games like Eternal Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, and Grandia 2 coming out it is almost a crime that people who supposedly call themselves RPG players could support a garbage system like the Playstation 2. The only reason I bought the PSX was because Squaresoft sided with Sony. Otherwise, the PSX would have been the next 3DO or CD-i!

One angry gamer,

You know what? I totally agree. I haven't had a chance yet to read up on E3 coverage, so, speaking from the past, the DC has a huge lineup of RPGs coming out in the surprisingly near future, most of which sound very very good. From what I've heard of Eternal Arcadia from the staffers who have played demos, it sounds to be very nice, then there's PSO, Grandia 2, probably some others I can't think of. All the PSX2 has lined up RPG wise that I can think of (bear in mind I'm pretty sleep deprived right now) is FF10 and 11, and, well, Square won't be hyping those TOO much until 9's out... you know, it occurs to me that this whole reply is probably just boiling over with misinformation... nobody go correcting me please. I think I'll wake myself up a tad before I reply to the next one.

Vagrant Story 2?
Welcome to RAW is Googleshng, or something like that.

While watching RAW is War this evening we were treated with not one but TWO Vagrant Story commercials. Something about them puzzles me greatly. During them they say the "risk breaker legend begins". Does this mean that there will be more in the series, or is it just hype? Now remember, "quotable quotes are quotes that are worth stealing by people who have no quotes."

Keep your stick on the ice


Well, a little of both. Like with any game, if it does terribly, that's all you're going to get, and if it sells a few billion copies, chances are there'll be a sequel. That little hype line does sound a bit like hinting at sequel potential though.

Midi to wav
This is for the dude that asked about changing midi files into wave files on Tuesday. There's a way to record wave files from midi's without the use of any software other than the stuff included with Windows. Open up the Windows Volume Control and choose Properties from the Options menu. Where it says "Adjust Volume For" choose Recording. Then tick off the checkbox on the MIDI volume control. What this does is change the sound source of a recording from the default (usually a mic) to the MIDI channels of your sound card. Just be sure to change it back afterwards so you won't be left wondering what happened to your mic :) Now all that is left is to start the wave recording program and the midi player. Start wave recording, then start midi playback. Stop the recording after the midi has finished. It might be time consuming to record a full CD of music but I do not believe there is a way to play a midi faster than 1X. BTW If you have an SBLive, don't forget to load a good soundfont before recording. Encoding to MP3 might be another option if the CD doesn't have to be playable in a CD player. Later, Bill 3:16

There you go. This is one of many many different responses on this, another that comes to mind was Quicktime, which is really one of the better conversion programs all around.

Anime Graphics
Hey Google!

1) Are there any good anime-style-inspired RPGs comming up besides Lunar 2 (which I intend to get)? While CG is cool, I prefer the animated movie scenes.

2) How come I never heard anything about Threads of Fate before I got the newest demo disc from OPM?

3) Wouldn't an RPG with Fear Effect's graphics be the most incredible thing in the world? (provided it had plot to go with the eye candy)

On a non-question side note, thanks for introducing me to Escaflowne. I plan on giving my soon-to-be-acquired Escaflowne box set it's first watch at a 24+ hour anime bash me and my friends are planning. (heck, with all the anime we've come up with, it may roll over into the 30s)

-Nick of Mt. Nevermind

Well, Grandia 2 will presumably have anime cut scenes, but other than those two, nothing comes to mind. Fear Effect, from the screens I've seen, looks like old rotoscoped adventure games on small color pallete systems did. What they were trying is a darn fine goal though, and heck, it might look cool when it's moving.

Slight correction
Hi. In yesterday's column, Killbot responded to WingXero saying that in order to release Tim's special abilities, he must constantly summon the Guardians to which the special abilities are attributed to. That's not true. Every time Tim gets the kill, a point is taken off the ability he is working on. You DO NOT need to summon the Guardian itself. Doing so only allows you to kill more at one time, saving time, but summoning a Guardian is NOT neccessary. Hope this helps!
Son Ryu

This is about what 6 or so of yesterday's letters on the subject said, but I haven't posted them all... yet.


Goog! Your 100th Q&A was on 05/16! It's my birthday!!! Thanks

Uh, good for you then?

Down syndrome is caused by an additional chromosone (making three) on the 21st pair of chromosome's in humans.

Right. XYY. A ton of people bashed me over the head with that, one even sent a spiffy little picture.

why does the sun shine?

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic firey furnace...



It's my first day.

The quote's from Albert Odessey it's said by that anoying valley girl fairy in the first cave. No tlide please, just throw money :)

I'm not even going to give you the tilde... besides a ton of people caught that yesterday I just didn't get down to the quickies yet.

Do you realize that this article is equal to the number of dalmations in the Disney movies?

Yes, but that's column, not article.

On the newer Playstations (the Dual Shock ones), pressing select brings up a sort of light show that goes along with the beats of the music.
......smarty pants.
--Cult of Personality

Well mine doesn't do that. 8(

The Last Laugh:

Ugh.... so tired..... need vacation.... hey wait, after tomorrow I have the whole weekend off! I love my schedule. Sorry for any sleep deprivation enduced errors.

This picture was sent by Llewelyn. I still don't know whatever happened to C.C.

Googleshng "Exhausted"
I want Pocky!

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