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Luke! We've got company!
Googleshng - December 29 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I have some friends over right now, so if I seem extra silly, that's why.

Well, I got a Dreamcast for Christmas and nothing else whatsoever. Therefore, I'm hoping for questions about the DCs specs and game library and such. Will I get them?

What is your quest?

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Phantasy Star 2
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Soul Calibur
Hi, oh googly one,
I was just wondering how you got your name in Japanese under your name in your "logo" of sorts? I see some other RPGamer staff members also have this. Did you get it off a website or what? Dreamcast: I think it has NO good games so far...Soul Caliber is utter stupidity besides it's wonderful graphics. IF it gets like 30 good games i will buy it. ONE more thing. In the Final Fantasy Anime why do they pronounce mid's (Cid's grandson) name Mead, and Lenna is pronounced Leena...are those how you actually say it.

Edmond "Shampoo is better" Honda

The katakana in my signiture was made by me. Well, actually I have a weird little font that I used to help, but anyway, don't pick on my spelling since it's the best I could do. 8) Soul Calibur for the record, in my opinion, is one of the best fighting games there is. As for other DC games, well, wait and see.

A new excuse every day. "Let's blame it on the readers by pointing to a lack of letters".

...Thor never missed a column. This excuse thing is getting old. Not just you, but all of the current crop of Q&A guys (by current, I mean EVERYONE since Thor).

Kennedy Roberts

Hey cool! This is like, my first real flame! I think I'll pick on him if nobody minds. Drop dead! Ah, feels good. 8) First of all, last night I was stuck out of town with no way of getting online, and I tried for several hours to get home. Second, when I finally got home (too late for a column anyway may I add) I had a serious lack of mail. Finally, I don't get paid to do this. RPGamer is like Vigilance. It's charity. I could be playing with my friends who I haven't seen in a year but instead I'm here answering questions. As for Thor not missing a day, well, he DID disappear saying he'd be back in a month like, half a year ago, so I'd say he missed QUITE a few.

Master Googleshng,
I'd like to know how you came about getting a Dreamcast for Christmas against your will. Now, I'm not about to go out and buy one myself (Playstation 2 will demolish the competition), but I certainly wouldn't turn one down for free. Long story you say? We've all got time...why else would we be on the internet?


Since you twisted my arm... I was planning to wait on a DC until certain games come out (hoping for a post-Christmas price drop), because I'm flat broke and my mom doesn't really have any money either. Unfortunately, she insisted o getting me a "big present" so, here we are.

Hey Googleshng,
I''ve been playing Grandia for the Playstation and I came across a problem. I've looked at a lot of FAQs and I can't find the answer. I just got to New Parm for the first time and I went to Feena's house, so I could visit her or whatever. When I got there she was nowhere to be found. Where is she?


This is one of the Questions I Am Sick Of Answering. OK, go to Feena's house, and search the clothesline right there next to the save point. In fact, it might even be ON the save point.

Hey Goog (Cause I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate 'Googy'),
Fine, just not Googles though!
Well, I guess your stuck with a DC. Anywho, Evolution is fun, it's dirt easy, but it is fun. Evolution is pretty much all their is out there in terms of RPG's for DC. It's obvious though, that the Evolution series has quite a bit of potential.
There's also Seventh Cross, but I haven't played it really since there isn't enough memory in my card to save its file, it needs like 200 something or other blocks (yeesh.) It's like an RPG simulation, I kept getting killed by crabs (God DAMN those crustaceans, attacking a defenceless protist!) Elemental Gimmick Gear was released today I believe, and it looks like fun, so I guess you can check that out too. It's an action RPG. According to reviews, it isn't really epic in it's storyline, but it's suppose to be a hell of a lot of fun.
Hopefully all this will keep DC owners busy till Phantasy Star Online (drool,) Shen Mue (puddle of drool,) and Eternal Arcadia (pool of drool,) are released. Hope this helps some.


BOTH Evolutions are impossible to find. PSO, if it lives up to expectations, will totally totally rule, EA also has my attention. Oh, and you forgot Grandia 2 by the way.

Hey, almighty Lord of the Dance... oh wait, that's someone else... Ok... Great being of Death and.. no, that's my friend Joey... Here, let me start again...

Oh omnipotent being of indeterminable gender otherwise known as, that's the other apostle... Tell you what, let me just get to my letter.

I was just wondering why RPGamer considers The Legend of Zelda Series an RPG but not the the Metal Gear series? Both have you collecting multiple weapons/items, exploring various areas (dungeons in Zelda, buildings in MG), gaining more life/power through various objectives (bosses or hostages), and no real difference in anything but setting and plot. I sent this in to some other Q&A guy, but he never responded, so I figured I'd try you. Thanks for any reason you can give...

MS, the true king of the pink bunnies

Basically, it's arbitrary. You see, back in the 16 bit days, Action/RPGs were a rare thing, so RPGamer was covering them. Now though there's no real distinction beween Action and Action/RPG, so RPGamer doesn't want to touch them. What few series we already cover get to stay, but things that we never had to begin with aren't getting in. As for why RPGamer never covered the original Metal Gear, well, it's old and obscure.


Hail to me! I am the god of alchohol, Fermenticus. drink up and worship me.

Only alcoholic gods I know of are Bachus/Dionisus and Soma. Let's see some ID!

when will the first few RPG's come out on the dream cast in america?

Like, a month ago. Get with the times man! Evolution... and Evolution for that matter. Stupid identical titles...

Y2K's coming! Hide!


Are you a eunuch?


Hey Googly,
What games are looking for in the big '00 ,if we're all still alive and kickin' :)
~Addicted to Harvest Moon

Koudelka, RE4, Lunar 2, CC, must I go on?

No, I think that Samus was critically injured but the soul still burns
-Annoying Announcer Guy

Nyuh-uh! I won!

Too lazy to check my other mail for Quickies.

So we're one short today.

The Last Laugh:

Well, I have a couple quick things to say before I go. First, if you want pronounciations in the future, you can now listen to low quality wavs of them here thanks to Paws. Also, I'll have to thank Susan again for the awesome pic I used for my new sig gif. Not only is it anime style, inhuman, a mage, and has a slime on it's shoulder, it's totally androgenous! Woohoo!

Googleshng "Friends here!"
It IS androgenous! Watch more anime!

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