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Googleshng and Kiah- December 23 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Before we get to the column proper, I have some announcements to make. First of all, I'm surprised that more people corrected my Ragnaršk pronounciation than the fact that I forgot about the Gold Rock.

OK, sorry. Yesterday I was wrong. That party DOES have a triple. Give Frog the Gold Rock and the Masamune+ to use it.

As for Ragnaršk (see? I can spell it right people), here's two people from Northern Europe saying it correctly: One and Another. Unless a god appears in my room and corrects me, I'm not going to change this again.

Hey, does anyone have a nice voice and the ability to make wavs of it? You could record the correct pronounciation of everything and we can make it into a guide! 8)

One last think before Kiah gives his introduction. At the bottom of the column is a picture of a Sailor Moon cosplayer that can REALLY fill out a fuku. I met this person at Anime Central when I was there. Very hot. Don't you all go saying I'm a sexist and flaming me until you've seen the pic. You have been warned.

Hi, I'm Kiah, the resident psycho at RPGamer. I do New Media, and the occasional news story. You can also call me Matt, M Man, Psycho guy from RPGamer, Hey You... (list of names continues). My field of knowledge is pretty much exclusive to AD&D, since I lack a PSX. Oh well. Anyway, let's get into the questions!

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Must win.
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
I'd even play 3.
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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Phantasy Star
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Punch Out
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Feed Me Semour!
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B-da B-DA!
Dear Googleshng,
I have to agree with you, the coolest guy ever to not live, was the main character from the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Series. However, his name is Ash, not Ashley.
But, still, he kicked alot of arse, I mean, the man built himself a replacement hand and made gunpowder from his chemistry book, how cool is that?
The only other cool main character is Joel(Not Mike) from the first MST3K series. Sorry Mike, Joel was better.
Oh, right, this is a videogame column, guess I should ask a video game question. I am an avid rare game collector, and if you name a realy rare game even for the NES, i've got it. I recently dug out my copy of Lufia 2(which was like the best SNES game) and got to when i get the Dual Blade. Then I remembered the serious glitch where you cant make out anything. This was in several copies if I remember correctly. Did they ever release a fixed version of the game? I wanna get my hands on it.
Thanks for listening to my rants,
The Missing Lump

P.S. I honestly dont care if you are male, feale, both, or neither, keep up the great work.

No one cares that I'm co-hosting... sniffle...

Anyway, yeah, Ash is cool. The only way I knew about Ash was excessive watching of Reboot in the afternoon. Fear me, for I have way to much free time.

As for the Lufia 2 question... I dunno. I played all of 5 minutes of it. Sorry.

Ahem. If you had faithfully watched all three of the Evil Dead films, you would have noticed that Ash's sister calls him by his full name, Ashley. Other Ashes include the main characters in Vandal Hearts and Pokémon.
As for Lufia 2, sorry, it's always glitchy there. Actually, Lufia 2 has a LOT of bugs. Still a great game though.

Save me!
I'm actually starting to enjoy not getting any of these posted! Really! Here's some questions anyway:

I've had quite a bit of nostalgia running through my existence lately so I thought maybe someone else should be forced into my momentary insanity.

7th Saga: What the hell is Pison's problem? He recreated himself on two seperate occasions and got increasingly easier with each transformation. You'd think he would have hired some cronies after getting laid out the first if not second time.

Dragon Warrior II: "Thou art as strong as a hibbabongo, and twice as good looking!" That comment was just funny. Is it possible to get a second Water Flying Cloth? I know you can get a second magic loom but is the second artifact still on the second floor of the twin tower?

Chrono Trigger: No matter how many scenario's I complete, the old man ALWAYS tells me that "Someone near to me is in trouble. Find them fast!" I always assumed that this was Lucca's mother but after completing her scenario nothing changed with the old man. (?) </NOSTALGIA>

And a future question: How did you like the overall story with Wild ARMs? It's personally one of my favorite PSX RPG's out there.

"Have a merry christmas!"
-Dr. Kathryn Railly


OK, I haven't played half of these games, but here goes.

7th Saga: He couldn't afford a chiropractor. After you "laid him out" the first time, he couldn't move for a week. You're lucky he doesn't want you to pay his therapy bills.

Dragon Warrior II: Why do you need two? I'm reasonably sure only the Princess can wear it because it's a dress... and I don't think Nintendo would let a cross-dresser through their censors.

Chrono Trigger: Played it, noticed it, didn't bother me that much. I still got New Game +, so I didn't worry about it.

Wild Arms: Haven't played it, so I give it a 5 on the scale of 1 being random to 10 being random.

I'm not going to use the pretty multipart format today. 7th Saga: Pison's just a loser, OK? DW2: I agree with Kiah pretty much. Chrono Trigger: I hear that goes away after you off Zeal.

MORE Pronounciation?
I've been wondering, how in the heck do you pronounce Aeris? I pronounce it air-is as in hiss. Two of my friends pronounce it Air-ees as in the god of war. Which is correct?


I'm not sure I'm the person to be asking this, but you did, which means I get to mess with all of your minds. I pronounce it A-ris or Air-is, depending on what kind of mood I'm in. So I say your friends are wrong, because Kiah said so.

It's Air-iss... or Air-ith if you prefer. Actually, if you want the traditional pronounciation of AE, that's another story, no correcting me today!

Kiah actually answers?

Well, guess this things going to get to you and Googleshng both, so...

1. Have you any idea how much Diablo 2 is going to cost, and the release date? My friend Mark and I are going to purchase that as soon as it's out, and get some CD-R's and well...(Shh...!) (What, c'mon, we want to adventure together for a lower cost! Necromancer and Barbarian all the way!)

2. Yeah! Someone who plays AD&D! (Hey Googleshng, do you play to?) WHat kind of campaign are you in? I made my own, it's a big chain of islands with magical technology like "Crystal Ball Telecommunications Network" and stuff like that. If you both could be any character in real life, what kind would you be (i.e. Cleric who cast Necromantic spells, ect...)

That's all for now. Hmm, maybe I should do Googleshng a nice anime pic of himself in pencil for his signiture Brad and Veronica had...nah, why would you want that?


No clue as to the cost of Diablo 2. However, the law of Predictable Software Companies states that $40 is a good estimate. As for the release date, Blizzard says First Half 2000

Right now, I'm DMing a Dragonlance campaign online. And if I could be any character... I dunno. I can never decide what kind of character I want to be. (Psionicist? Shifter? Bard? Ranger?)

And, if you really wanted to appease the New Media guy, you could draw me a nice ninja. =D

Don't trust Blizzard dates. They're delusional. As for AD&D, well, it's pretty much the worst RPG I've played, but it's really fun. I once was in a very long campaign that started normal but turned Planescape, and then another where I was a modron, pretty soon when I go to Chicago I'll probably join another campaign that's going on. Hmm, maybe I can take over the girlfriend of my cousin's hasidic lesbian elven priest... or not. Oh, and as for the pic, go ahead. I could use one.

More of this?
Howzabout "Googleshng's Tournament?" A fighting game where you change gender and you have different attacks and weapons in different genders, and all your friends are the same way, and you can fight as them too.

--Frank is the Bartender

I'd play it. Don't know if I'd like it, but I'd play it.

You just described ANOTHER Ranma game. Several actually I think. At least one of those HAS been translated though. Besides, all my friends are male all the time... to my knowledge.

You frighten me
Hiya Google and Kiah!
What do you guys think of Torment and how it stacks up to BG and vice-versa? I plan on getting Torment for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure I'll like it ... but I never played BG. I've thought about getting BG too, but I'd like to know what you guys think.
Happy Holidays! And a happy (Read 3 PM for 12/22)
I still want to bear your children, Orgashng,
-Janet Reno

Ahhh! Janet Reno! Hide everything!

... Ahem! Now then, Mrs. Reno, I haven't played Planescape: Torment quite yet, despite the fact that I've been drooling over it in the New Media section every time I do an update for it (Mike told to stop it though, he got tired of it dripping on his Pikachu). From what I have seen, it seems to be much like Baldur's Gate.

Seeing as you haven't played it, I'll put it quite simply. Baldur's Gate is AD&D put into computer game format. Very few rules were changed, and those were just minor things such as rangers not being able to use two weapons. I apologize for dragging this out so long, but Planescape: Torment and Baldur's Gate are both worth it.

I haven't played either since I'm broke, but Zac (remember him?) is running around drooling over Torment, besides, Planescape is cool. Oh, and I don't like plugging sites like that, but it's Sharkey so you're forgiven. Sharkey's cool.


I wish I were born a man

Kiah: There is surgery, you know...
Google: You stole my joke!

Do you know what Koudelka might be rated?

Kiah: To put it simply, no.
Google: At least T, possibly M. I know it has swearing, and, well, look at her outfit.

I found Squall in FF Anthology! My life's quest is now complete! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! Lali-ho! Wark! Kupo! G'hee hee hee...
- Ion
(yeah, it's cheesy but it makes a good quicky, ne? =)

Kiah: No, it makes a horrible quickie. Don't call me anymore! You just want my body!

You've lost weight, Santa! And where's your beard?

Kiah: I dunno, but here are some nice men in white jackets to help you out...
Google: That's not Santa. That's Ben Stein.

Are you gona update on christmas day?
- me

Kiah: Probably not. Christmas I'll be playing with my new toys.
Google: I don't have to! It's a Saturday, and it's not a rant day. Eat it Brad! 8)

Can you put a link in the quickies to the Q&A column that had the Chrono Trigger endings list? I can't seem to find it.

Kiah: No, but I can.

Q..q..qq...Q..Q died?
Q died!?
Oh man, James Bond movies will never be the same...
I guess I'll go in my closet and cry all day now.

Kiah: Just be careful when you come out.
Google: and they just set John Cleese up to replace him! I suspect foul play!

The Last Laugh:

I'll let Kiah go first.

Kiah: Well, that was educational, good for you, and just plain fun. Well, I lied about the educational and good for you part, but, what are you going to do. Everyone run out and get Baldur's Gate. Even if you can't play it. Just buy it and make a little shrine. You can make a shrine for me, too, if you really want.

Matt "I'm CRAAAZY!" 'Kiah' "I'm stealing Stom's thing" Prince

Google: Some people told me that on the PSX2, you need PSX1 cards for PSX1 games, like I said. Also, the PSX2 cards are 8 megs as opposed to 256k. Do the math. That's smurfing huge. Let's just hope they aren't as prone to wiping themselves though eh?

Are you all really so desperate to see a Sailor Moon in tight fitting clothes? OK... but I think you're all rather sick for wanting to see this so badly. I mean, really. Seek help people!

Googleshng "Pure Evil"
When I said very hot, I meant the weather. It was like 90ˇ that day. >8)

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