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Googleshng - December 22 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

How long have I been saying it was the 6th right here?

Anyway, I've been spending the whole day helping the new meat get this huge Koudelka update up. It's really taking a lot out of me for some reason. Ugh, and I still have to get a rant up tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, about that whole FF5 thing, hereis a picture, and here is a step by step guide through some other unvisible place. That should thouroughly crush the issue. Thanks to the people who sent those.

Hmm... I haven't updated the pic archive lately. I hope I haven't thrown any stuff out. I'm sorry but I haven't had any free time to upload them in. Oh, and for the record, google.jpg is a REALLY bad title to use for such a thing. same with google.gif, googleshng.bmp, GOOGLES.JPG and so on. 8)

One last openning thought for you. Someone yesterday sent me an e-mail which reasoned that I must be a girl because I was in a bad mood on the 20th 2 months in a row. I mention this for several reasons. First, that's disturbingly observant. I mean, I thought I'd only been here like 2 weeks not 2 months. Second, that's REALLY sexist. Third, well, there might be something to the theory that the cycles of the moon effect the minds of my the average reader. I mean, chances are I'm not refering to YOU, but people have really been doing some odd stuff the last couple days. Mailing the wrong person, flooding me with FF5 stuff, sending the same think 5 times, etc.

Well that was a long tanjent that went nowhere. Let's get rolling.

What's Santa bringing YOU?

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Dear Goog,

I think the concept of the "quickies" has been pretty much thrown into the gutter. Because of that part of the column, people who write incredibly stupid letters or short two word or one word letters are able to have their "works of art" published. It was originally implemented to answer short questions that do not require a full section of the column, but it's progressed to being home to stuff like:

You're not wearing shorts!
-AGiES- *(Brian Easton)* Otaku for life!

Oh well. Just felt like mentioning it. :-) Not your fault, of course. I think it was the Bradster (He's cool, so we'll blame ermm... Veronica for it) that did it to them. :-( Also, you might wanna think about having something else in place of the regular Q&A for Mondays if you continue to not get any email. :-) You could do sumpin' cool at the top, and then answer a few questions at the bottom for the serious emails.


Well, I see your point. I even agree a bit. Actually, if you pay attention, I HAVE posted some serious quickies in my time. Still, I think one of the main reasons Quickies became silly is that well, we all need to unwind by the end of the column, you know?

Save me!
Hey Google,

Everybody knows the Playstation 2 will be backwards compatible, but I read somewhere that the new memory cards will be in bytes, not blocks. Well, how will that affect a game like Xenogears that lists the memory card's contents when you save? How would it display the data... especially for PSX2 games? I'd hate to think that I can't play one of my favorite games on the PSX2 without it crashing every time i try to save. Any ideas?

I wouldn't worry. First of all, I hear that the PSX2 can use memory cards for both systems. Even if it can't, dumping blocks isn't as bad as it sounds. I don't know the real numbers and I don't want to accurately estimate them, but let's say 1 block equals 1 meg. If a game needs to save a meg of stuff, well and good, but if it needs to save .1 or 1.1, you're wasting a ton of space. On the PSX2 it would just make a smaller block. As for having more than 15 saved games on one that displays all the contents, hmm... I wouldn't worry too much about it right now.

Yay! Norse Myth!
Hey google, you're into that Norse mythology stuff, so help an ignorant gamer out. How is "Ragnarok" pronounced. I know it means "twilight of the gods." Come on, tell us the story of Ragnarok. Miyu got us bad off topic with Anime and JPop, so let's get even further into left field with some Norse mythology!


OK, Ragnarok (Rag-nah-rock) is, quite frankly, the big fight at the end. It's a big long myth written in future tense, and it's all a big huge fight scene where just about everyone (gods, mortals, everyone) die. Isn't Norse mythology great?

Xenogears rules.
Is it true that Xenogears didn't get good good sales here in America? I think Xenogears is the greatest RPG of all time (Too bad about the second disk.. interesting, yet somewhat boring). Anyway, the characters were just excellent. Each had an own unique background that fits in with the complex plot.(Like Chrono Trigger). The pot was excellent, deep and complex, with a good theme about life and religion. The music was very beutiful, and really set the emotion.

Question 2
What do you think of Wild Arms 2? The characters look like rip-offs of the first. (What kind of name is Ashley for a guy? geeze..)

Xenogears is what's called a sleeper hit. It didn't get enough publicity for everyone to play it, but those who did (like this crowd) for the most part loved it. THere's a LOT of sleeper hits on the Saturn. 8)

As for WA2, well, I'm getting WA1 for Christmas, haven't played it before. I can say though that I know of at least one really cool guy named Ashley. The main character from a little film called Army of Darkness. He cut his own hand off and replaced it with a chainsaw he did!

Wow, a CT Question?
Ahhh, been a long time since I've played Chrono Trigger. Two questions, Googleshng (note the fact I wrote out your entire name. I could go into a long rant about this like I did in my last two emails but they weren't published, so I'm starting a process of elimination to see where the roadblock is. ...Hey look, I just made a long rant...!):

1. Is there a Triple Tech for Frog, Marle, and Robo? I've got all their techniques, and I've got the blue, silver, gold, and black rocks--still no Triple Tech for them...don't tell me the designers didn't put one in or I'll pout (Four years after I last played, I'm going muy unconventional and excluding Crono from my party permanently after the whole Zeal disaster). Figures, I throw the most interesting characters into a party and get no Triple Tech [I killed Magus because I was in a bad mood when I reached the North Cape, so don't bring him up in an 'interesting character' argument for THIS game...when I can + up >:D].

2. If you haven't deleted my long, rambling email yet, then:
How do you pronounce the character's names? My friend and I once had a long-running argument that was never resolved over this and playing CT again got me thinking about it. Sorry if it's incoherent, but I can't very well attach pronunciation symbols to this email ;_;

First, you're missing the White (or "girly") rock which I recall is just about the easilest to get. Anyway, nope. I seem to recall there's Robo Ayla and Magus, and something with Ayla and Frog, but your 3 don't work. Heck, just check who can equip which rocks. Oh, and you shouldn't ever kill Magus. He rules far too much.

While I did snip the rest, here's how I pronounce them: Crono is obvious. Marle is like snarl, Lucca is Luke-uh, Frog and Robo are obvious, Ayla is Ay (like the Fonz says) la, Magus is like Bag us, and the Epoch, either Eh-pock or EE-pock are acceptable.

In warm and icy water!
Can I get the rights to develop the game "Googleshng's Legacy?" It would start you (Googleshng) and you would have magic powers of being able to turn into a girl whenever you wanted.

--Frank is the Bartender

Someone beat you to it. You just described a Super Famicom Ranma RPG that never got translated, but with Ranma not me. It's pretty cool actually. 8)


So, you think you have no enemies, eh? Don't count on it...

Bob the fish

PS Let's see the pic of Brad...

Didnt Earthworm Jim kill you? Anyway, here you go! 8)

Dressed like this? Be ye mad? -Kylar

I am TOTALLY baffled by this Quicky.

Will you wish me a happy 18th birthday Google?

Ribby ~@-@~

P.S. Ya know how much a pack of TT cards goes for on average?

Yeah, sure. Happy Birthday Ribby. Anyway, I don't really know, but I'm going to guess 10,000 yen. You didn't want that in dollars, did you? Oh wait, the value of a yen fluctuated since I last checked.

I got it! Your name Googleshng came from the Netscape Search Engine, Google, didn't it? See! I'm so smart :)


No. I've had Googleshng as a name for like 10 years or so. I think Google is referencing ME. They changed their name when I started being popular, and they reflect my views! (Search for More evil than Satan)

Actually Brad has dated men before..I hope he dates me sometime..he is such a hottie!!! TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!

I like Skittles a lot. Both the candy and the Mac shareware game.

may i have this dance?

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.

Yes, but not with me.

Woohoo, Princess Mononoke is coming to the playstation2!

Banana Sausage


The Last Laugh:

Nice column from my point of view. Anyway, sice I fed Friday's to Brad's ego, tomorrow there will be special guest cohost Kiah. He told me something to have you ask him about in particular, but it was a few days ago and I don't really remember what it was. Hmm. Well, he does uh... new media. Oh yeah, he's been making a few new media updates so ask stuff about those games. Anyway, I'm about to pass out because I've been working since I woke up without really taking a break, plus I think I'm comming down with the cold that's somehow going around RPGamer despite the fact that we never physically meet.

Man I'm tired. Oh, go check out all the happy new Koudelka stuff.

Update: OK, Kiah knows a ton about Baldur's Gate and AD&D in general, get them letters in early.

Googleshng "4. Itchy. Tasty"
I have Zac in a bikini and Brad in a plugsuit. Pic of me and we can hold a beauty contest!

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