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Newbie! I choose you!
Googleshng - December 6 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I grew tired of the lack of news and new media, so I set into motion a cunning plan. See the results? Lots of new updates! Don't thank me though, thank the new guy who can't be thanked because he doesn't have an RPGamer address set up yet. Fine, thank me, I know him. 8)

Anyway, nearly all my mail was nothing but answers to that little FF5 question. DIE!

Ahem, well, the person who asked that question got through there by playing up that far in the real game. I got some rather interesting alternatives, like emulator upgrading, layer disabling (which I know doesn't work in this case), and someone actually giving the button sequence through it!

ACK! Chrono Cross Spoilers! I need an IRC bot with BLACK-IC capacity for this sort of situation. Anyone have one?

What's 1 and 1?

Ask Googleshng
11! Hyuk hyuk!

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Buckle Down
Has this ever happened to you? You have about 5 RPG's you're playing at once and you don't know which one that you want to finish?

-Terrorific Daos

That happens to me all the time. Here's my solution: whatever's in the system right now, leave it there until you win it. Then take it out, put it in it's box, and don't touch it again until you've won everything. Repeat as nessessary.

Win Xenogears!
Googleshng, there's a question I have asked all Q&A hosts a like, every new one, every old one, and they cannot respond to it, or they turn it down. But it keeps itching at the back of my head, like a spider, where I can't reach it. Please end my suffering! Please answer the question all other Q&A hosts have been unable to answer!

Is Krelian a man or a woman?


I was really tempted to give this a one word answer but I just can't. Sorry. Krellian is MALE. This is particularly evident when he is shown topless in an anime segment. If you count that as a spoiler, you're too uptight, and you should all have won Xenogears by now anyway.

Get lives you freaks.
Yo Goog. Long time fan (Go Slime World #1!) here, Attached is a pic to help in FFV from A SITE YOU WILL FIND BY LOOKING FFV UP AT YAHOO.
I think you're a guy. Now I have proof! In the quickies yesterday, there was QUITE a typo...

Hey goog,
You're a girl!!!!!!!!
Brad said so!!!!!!!

He called me a girl about 8 times and a guy about 7. THen
he went back and changed the extra she to an it. What's your point?

I knew it! And if it turns out you really are a girl, I still want to bear your child! I love you, Orgashng!

Later, Honeybuns!
-Janet Reno

The pic mentioned is nowhere to be found. As for the rest of this, I don't really see what it proves except that Brad is male. Actually, I have a pic that throws that fact into doubt. I'll have to show it to you later.

Oops again.
On the first quickie from December 20, said that your cousin got FF7 on the first day it came out, yet he still has not one. Poor grammar aside, how can he have gotten it if he still doesn't have it?


It was 3 AM when I wrote that. I can't believe it was my only typo, and if it wasn't, DON'T tell me. I meant won OK? I think he just got to disk too though. Yes, that too WAS intentional!

Rumors suck.
Greetings, O' Genderless One. I have a question that may fit within your area of expertise. A friend of mine claims that, through a glitch in the game, you can get a duplicate of the Diablos card by killing him a certain way. I have looked all over the internet and have not been able to find any information to back this up. However, in his save-game, he DOES have 2 Diablos cards. (I've seen it.) Is it possible that he got this through his "glitch", or would he have had to use some kind of Gameshark cheat (which is what I'm leaning towards)? Thank you.


Well, a complete fluke might do something like that, but I don't think that's legit. Besides, pics can be hacked EASILY. Have you ever been to my page? 8)

Square needs to get their priorities straight
Hey Goog, a few days ago I was relentlessly resetting my FFA copy of FF6 (searching for Squall) and I was presented with a little red dude in armor. Are my eyes decieving me or is that FF3j's "Onion Kid"?

~brenden "I bent my Wookie"

I haven't heard THAT one before. Cool. I'd rather have decent processor speed still though. 8)


Hey Google
I bought FFA, and am totally stuck in FFV! You know the part in the ship gravyard? I can't get out of it!

-RPG Chick

Gee, this is familiar. If you're REALLY stuck, get a walkthrough. You should be able to get through solo though.

You're not wearing shorts!
-AGiES- *(Brian Easton)* Otaku for life!

Your right. I'm wearing sweatpants like I always do.

So... no one can tell if you're a man or a woman? Whew! Small world...

- Sailor Uranus

Yes. I think it's time to set the record strait. Sailor Uranus is female everyone! As is her girlfriend! Don't let the translators trick you! Why do I know this? 8(/B>

Playing Seiken Densetsu 3, and the voices!! the Voices in my Head!! Can't stop the Voices! Get the Fairies out of my head!

It's REALLY funny when you're Kevin.

Whats your stance on personal lives? I mean talking about them in the column. You barely do it, except maybe in the closing. Personally, I don't wanna hear about Brad's "hot" girlfriend (Who by the way isn't hot at all.)


I'm adamantly against having personal lives. Wait, that wasn't your question... tough!

So! What would you do if a sea of renegade Santa clones (Known by many as a "Yule Tide") swarmed over your city? MWAAHAHAHAAAA!

-Chairface Chippendale

Their Achilles heel is the noogie!

I wont be able to read your Q&A for 2 weeks!!!

I'm sorry for you.

The Last Laugh:

I'm running late again. A couple quick things. Tonight Thor, AK, and "Josh Reid's number #1 fan" all gave the impression they like my column. Since I already had Brad, miyu, and JD's blessings, I think that means I have no enemies! That gives me a good feeling.

Anyway, I know you want to see it, so here's a picture from Dave "Gai Daigoji" Panseri:

Googleshng "I have a pic of Brad in a plugsuit"
There's 2 instances of in column hidden text. No, I've never done that before.

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