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We Fried Santa!!!
Googleshng - December 6 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

The Tick Loves Santa is just about the best Christmas Episode of anything. Although that Futurama was also pretty good.
Anyway, today I have a very important announcement to make to all my longtime fans:
I have a new rant up finally.
I know that's a rather blatant link, but people have been asking me when I would get to that. Actually, I need to put up another after I finish this column. Actually, me, Sharkey, and Thor all updated at about the same exact time. I think that's a sign of the appocolypse or something. Ah well, plenty to read for those who crave the bizzare.
One last thing. Looky Looky! New Koudelka pics! SHINY! PRETTY! Go see!

Like things calming back down?

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Ah, peace and calm

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Great game.
I just played Persona 2 Innocent Sin and I have just one thing to say: it is one of the best games I 've ever played! It's fun,has great graphics and Eikichi is just the cuttiest character ever made! I just don't understand why the Persona series is not so popular...well,that's why I ask you and please,please,you must tell me:does Atlus plan to translate the game?And if yes,when?WHEN?I need to know!!!!
Quistis Kinneas

I don't know about people hating Persona. I've never heard anyone speak a bad word against it. On the other hand, I HATE Persona! I really really hate it. There's no music, well, creepy laughing. The graphics are kinda minimallist. The plot is such artsy philosophy (not really bad in and of itself). The game mechanics are really interesting at first, but talking to monsters, mixing their souls to get throwaway GFs get old fast. The "dungeons" are just snarled empty masses. The voice acting is REALLY annoying ("My Persona!"). Oh, and it's a 100 hour game I'm told with multiple endings. Did I mention the pace? First real boss is like 10 hours in.
As for if they're going to translate it, well, there's a game in the series comming out for gameboy, so that gives it a pretty good shot. Oh, and yes, I'm not in a very good mood right now.

That's dedication!
Hey Google--

I have bought FFA and downloaded the FFV rom... and agreeing with all video game sites that the rom is better than the FFA version, the rom kicks more posterior than the FFA version.

Anyway, I played the FFA, then downloaded the rom, which I'm now stuck on. Is there a patch or fix or something for the graphic glitch when you go in the basement of the shipyard at the beginning of the game, or can you tell me a good strategy for getting through there? Thanks!

-Jade Falcon

See? This is a situation in which emulators aren't illegal... I think. OK, I recall from when one of my morallity free friends was stuck there. Man, I pity you. What I CAN tell you is that feeling around the walls won't work. with that in mind, there's only like 3 screens to the place and they're fairly small. Many a person has gone through blindly. Anyway, someone probably has screenshots up on a personal page that they aren't too keen on advertising. Oh, and since you have the real game, you could always play it up to that point. Can anyone else help this person out? Oh dear, why did I say that? Ask questions too! 8)

Legallease to English. I'm not your interpreter!
Hey Googleshng,
I've asked a few people this already, and none of them could answer the question.
The specs Squaresoft gave on their site for FF8PC are straightforward for the most part. However, there's one part that was really confusing.
Exact quote from Squaresoft website:
-8MB 3D Accelerated Graphics Card (16 MB recommended)(highly recommended)
Does this mean that they ARE REQUIRING a graphics card, and highly recommending a 16 MB card; or that they are highly recommending a graphics card in and of itself, specifically a 16MB, and NOT REQUIRING a graphics card?
This is really confusing the living crap outta me, because it could mean the difference between whether or not my comp can run the game as it stands right now, or whether I would have to go out and buy myself a graphics card to run the game.

~Paladin Knight

It means get a 3D card. Preferably 16 megs. I'm more concerned with that negative 8 megs... 8)

Save us from Brad's ego! It's occupying too many bytes. I hear from Mr. Tidwell that the 1's and 0's he's used to promote his relationship with Heather, and to flaunt his Perl knowledge is going to put RPGamer over it's space limit, honest!
I'm starting a petition. It will read "All the people who sign below this line refuse to be called Steve, and think that Brad is an egotistical power-monger, and should be kept in check by endowing him with self-esteem lower than Pee Wee Herman's."
If he was as smart and ingenious as he says he is, why doesn't he solve the Y2K problem? Well? I say we put an end to this evil charade, and turn Brad into a doorstop. Muahahaha.

-Hoenir Aesir

Is this a bad time to say that I gave in when Brad asked me if he could have Fridays? 8)

Gender-guess Haiku:

Is Google a man
Or maybe he's a woman
Only I will know

So this means you'll tell me, right?
P.S. This Better go in Quickies or your name is Steve

Change your last line to "Nobody will know" >8)

Heh. It only took me....11 months to notice. Or maybe it was triggered by me starting to work at Blockbuster... Anyway, RPGamer's color scheme is the same as Blockbuster's. Wierd, huh?

Hey, I never noticed that before either. Hey boss, let's sue them! 8)


I just beat Final Fantasy 7 for the first time tonight, despite the fact that I've owned the game for more than a year.

Bilsto likes monkeys named Steve

The only thing sadder is that my cousin got it the first day it was out and still hasn't one.

Hey goog,
You're a girl!!!!!!!!
Brad said so!!!!!!!

He called me a girl about 8 times and a guy about 7. THen he went back and changed the extra she to an it. What's your point?

hey google, maybe you'll be nicer than the rest of the people at rpgamer and actually respond to one of my letters. hell, mayber you'll be nice enough to grant me my request: can i be a q&a person at rpgamer, or can i at least cohost for one day?


OK. I'll be nice and answer. NO! Er, I mean, this job's taken, and guest hosting's REALLY booked up.

So, the mighty Celes has fallen!

-The One who fell the mighty Celes

Fenix Down! 8P

You're a girl
you're a pretty little girl
you're a pretty little girl who wants a pop tart

Have a picture to back that up?

Hey Google.. You rock!


He sucked up and threatened me about posting it. GO figure

Tell him, Steve-Dave!

Ok... I'll tell him: Steve-Dave!

The Last Laugh:

ACK! It's late late late! Gotta go get sleep! Otherwise the bad men will come with the coat hangers!

Googleshng "Mail ME on Mondays! Not Brad!"

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