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Ladies Night
Googleshng - December 6 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Don't try to interpret that title. It's a reference to something going on in #rpgamer while I right this. About 20 people appended Lady onto the front of their nicks, and growing.

Anyway, Vandal Hearts 2 is a pretty cool game once you get used to it. I hate it when my intro is short, it looks icky.

Got mucus? Black bile? Yellow?

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Vandal Hearts 2
Haha! Missed me!
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Phantasy Star 2
Not getting to this anytime soon.
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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My SNES is dusty!
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Phantasy Star
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Punch Out
Gathering dust.
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Smash Bros.
Yay! A Vandal Hearts 2 Question!
You have Vandal Hearts 2? Oh good, then maybe you can help me with something. HOW THE HELL DO YOU OPEN THOSE TREASURE CHESTS!!!! I've attacked them, waited next to them, cast spells on them, EVERYTHING!!! AND THEY WON'T OPEN!!! HELP ME DAMNIT... please?

SLADE "You're the one who took the jewels!"

Looks like I'm the only one who read the little FAQ in the back of the instructions. Buy a Bowie Knife. It gives you the Unlock ability. Tada.

(Almost) Perfect Question
"Oh boo hoo, nobody sent me letters! Please ask me something, I'm SOOO important!"...selfish. Seriously though, I was at Best Buy on Saturday, and I was looking at the DC games, which were right next to the GBC games. As I reached the end of the DC game section, a GBC game title caught my eye..."The Final Fantasy Adventure"...zuh? It was mixed in with the "Final Fantasy Legends" games (II and III I think), but it seemed oddly out of place, with the "The" and the odd lettering of the title. I picked it up, and upon further examination noticed that it was NOT a Square game at all, it was made by (I think) Sunsoft. Isn't that copyright infringement or something?

-Rydel, wondering if Google took the opening sentences personally and won't print this letter.

Aha. As you may recall, a while ago, the FFLs were rereleased. However, Square was too lazy or something to do it themselves, so they had Sunsoft do it for them. Anyway, in addition to the FFL games, Final Fantasy Adventure was rereleased. It's one of the better Gameboy games, plus Secret of Mana is the sequel to it. Yet another victim of Square USA's FF exploitation. The FFLs in Japan are the SaGa series for example.

To buy, or not to buy...
Hi Google,
Should I get Vandal Hearts 2 now or should I wait for something else? Oh yeah, where can I find current release dates.

Denethor Anduril

That depends. do you have a great love of strategy games? Do you know of any RPGs comming out between now and Christmas that I don't know about? If you said yes to the first, get it. If you said yes to the second, clue me in. As for up to date release dates, well, RPGamer doesn't really have those right now... wait until Mike finishes constructing the magical robodemon in his basement. Then we just set that up slaving away over the release dates 24 hours a day. Until then, uh, well... check somewhere else I suppose. I for one like to check on the website of the company making the game. 8)

My cousin has dreams like this all the time.
After playing Grandia for 4 hours trying to escape the Forest of the Red Dragon (4 Hours!!!) I was lulled by the abject boredom into a deep sleep where I had a strange dream...
While perusing my local Mall's suncoast, I decided to elope with Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo. Taking her to Florida, we met a strange man with the head of a slime and the body of that principal from Ranma 1/2. He sang "I am Googleshing! I am Googleshnag! I like oranges!" while strumming on his ukelele. He ran off into the sunset.
Based on this evidence, I have come to these conclusions: You Live in florida, You have a tan, You like oranges, You need to work on Your song lyrics, and Cold pizza before playing Grandia will Mess up your dreams when the inevitable boredom coma comes.
-Rail Cayder
"It all started a long time ago, playing the transformers and the G.I.Joe."


Them's the breaks.
You are right on with your "yell" technique in FFT. However, there is one very dangerous downside. In that fight you are talking about, I found out the hard way that if you have yelled, and then are KO, your speed is still increased, so your death count moves faster!!

The Sensei

That's the life of a yeller. Live fast, die young, leave a pretty corpse.

Just the FAQs ma'am.
Yo Googleshng. That's not that hard to pronounce, you know. I guess one should just pretend there's an "a" between the h" and the "n". Then again it cound be any vowel....Well I'm confused.

About Vandal Hearts 2:
>br? 1) How many discs is it?
2) Any goodies with it, like how Lunar had all those extras?
3) Is it important or does it take much of the game if a player hasn't played the original?
4) Do you think, I know you probably haven't played that much, but do you think it's better than FF tactics?
5) Any idea on when it will reach Canada, eh? (just had to add in the "eh")

Whitey--The good ol' Canadian

P.S.--Canadian's really don't say "eh" more than anybody else.

Working Deisgns sure spoiled us all rotten. Vandal Hearts 2 is just a little old CD in a case with the instructions stuck in the cover like any mortal game. One disk doesn't mean short though. I haven't seen any FMVs or digitized speech, and I happen to know that it is a HUGE game. Also, VH2 is so innovative and different from the first that it doesn't matter if you've played it, and I can't compare it to FFT. Radically different games. As for Canada... hmm... are you sure it's not there yet? I know a lot of places ran out really fast (I got the last copy at my mall!). Appearently the original wasn't all that popular, so they didn't make too many.


Hey Google, I was wondering, how long does it take you to do a column?


Only about an hour or two once I stop talking to people and do it.

That was a evil, evil thing we did in #Richardsimmsons. . .nah!


In retrospect, indeed. Why don't you clense your soul by subjecting yourself to some Beyond the Beyond or Secret of Evermore.

You should have Sharkey as your next guest host. See what he thinks.

Actually, I think I will ask him to sometime. He's on my list after a bunch of beggers.

You like Anri too?! She's my favorite mage, especially because you can put her in a mini-skirt.
--Banana Sausage

Mini-skirt? I just remember Anri having billowing black robes and a hovering staff. Plus like 70 MP. >8)

My daughter Timothy thinks you're funny.


My kitten Lucifer is cute.

Why were you in a hurry yesterday?

Because I was running really really late and my kitten got outside.

Hey Google,
Today's my birthday and i am now 21, what do you suggest that I drink?

Go to the soda fountain in Tavo Bell and mix everything.

The Last Laugh:

Well, that was a rather silly column. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be rocking back and forth on the corner while my monitor is being repaired, so I'm just rescheduling the guest host spot to tomorrow instead of Friday. It's going to be Miyuski yet again, he's addicted it seems. Hopefully it'll be a quick in and out job, wish me luck. Also, Dave "Gai Daigoji" Panseri has sent in this delightful little picture for you all to look at:

Googleshng "Compless Coma"
"When I felt something happy and pointed, strike me in the back of my neck..."

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