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I hate Mondays.
Googleshng - December 6 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

On Mondays, I only get letters from people who read the column on Sundays. Unfortunately, people don't seem to read the column on weekends. There's a trickle down effect you know! People don't read on the weekends, so they don't write on the weekends, so I don't have as good of a selection as normal, I print something I'd rather not, and people jump down my throat about it. Just like the whole PSX2 deal. Ah well.

Oh, by the way, this week I think I'm finally going to get my monitor fixed and therefore be able to work on my page again. Well, I guess I should start the column. Oh, and I got Vandal Hearts 2.

Got blood?

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Vandal Hearts 2
Innovation? Didn't expect that!
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Phantasy Star 2
Not getting to this anytime soon.
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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My SNES is dusty!
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Phantasy Star
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Punch Out
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Smash Bros.
Samus I Amus!
Told you I'm low on mail
Dear Googleshng,

I've got a question... Who's your favorite RPG character and why? Mine would have to be Delita from (duh) Final Fantasy Tactics, 'cause he was really cool. What other characters can you think of that started off as a nothing and rose up to becoming a king and ending a major war by using and manipulating others?


Ooh, it's really hard to choose. How about I name 3? Magus, because he's so darn cool, Miau, because he's the only playable character in an RPG I can think of thats a house cat, and Anri from Shining Force, because I turned her into the toughest mage I've ever seen on my game. As for Delita, I never really liked him (I liked Algus, he's such elitist scum), but there's plenty of rags to riches types. Play Suikoden, or read The Chronicles of Amber for starters.

That fight's a pain
Hey hey google man

I went back to playing my forgotten FFT game after finally beating FF8. Everything was going great guns until I ran into Mr. Weigraf at Riovannes castle. Right after I won the battle right outside the castle, it gave me the chance to save, so I did. Then I go directly in to fight Weigraf with Ramza all by his lonesome. The problem is, he kills me in two hits with his lightning stab. I tried everything I could think of, there's no possible way I can beat him. And since I saved it right after that first battle, I don't have any chance to go back to the world map and level up. Is there anyway to get back out of it or any secrect strategy I don't know, or am I just screwed and have to start over again.

--The Geek

This fight gave me problems too. Then I discovered how unbelievably degenerate yell is. Make yourself a monk with squire abilities, and ideally use the auto-potion/X-Potion trick to keep from dying right away. Then all you have to do is run around yelling until your speed is, say, 50, then accumulate until your strength is likewise and hit him once. 8) Oh, and if you think THAT fight is tough, wait until you get to the next one. It's the hardest in the game in my opinion.

Parasite Eve?
hey, google..whatever... here's a question. what does everyone find so repulsing about Parasite Eve, i mean it had a great weapon and battle system, great cut scenes, and most importantly, a really hot chick with a huge gun. I find the game great, even without a long time to the end. Eh? cornflakes and other such whatnots should be shot by the penguins

Water Mage Samenko
"Are we there yet cactus man?"

Well, I kind of liked PE, but it does have a couple annoying features. First off, you move EXTREMELY slowly. Second, just 1 character. Then there's the music. I love it, but it's so inapropriate (or non-existant sometimes). Oh, and it's short!

YOu punk kids and your 'socialization'...
Not really a question, but perhaps enlightening anyway...

Chimerasame asked a Quickie yesterday about where he could meet RPGirls, as he was unable to find any off-line. Ronnie, helpful as she is in many other matters, provided the poor soul with a rather less-than-direct answer.

So never fear! I'm here to help. Go to a SF/Fantasy convention. It may be a disturbing experience for you in many ways (I guarantee you'll meet people there far more open-minded than you), but I've met many sweet, genuine young women at such places who amazed me with their knowledge of RPGs/anime/Star Trek(!?). You could probably narrow the playing field by going to a anime-specific con. Find a girl cosplaying as Azalyn from Captain Tylor or Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 and you've got someone to play Xenogears with until the cows come home.

Finally, check your motivation. Are you trying to find friends who share your interests, or just "pick up chicks"? One path is far more rewarding than the other.


Anime conventions rule. I've never seen a GIRL dressed as Shampoo, but I have seen girls at anime conventions who play RPGs. Besides, where else do you get to see an 8 foot tall Pen Pen or a huge Ohmu costume with light up eyes? That reminds me, I have to finish that before Anime Central.

Import time!
Any clue whatever happened to Slayers royal for the PS? And D&D arcade as well? I've been waiting for almost a year for those... where'd they go?
::insert eyes from the FF3 opera house here::
I got a really interesting anime hardbound magazine the other day. Any suggestions?
How in the 'ell do you pronounce escaflowne?
I've been picking up weird vibes from my monitor, and I think they're trying to tell me your gender... but I haven't got them entirely translated yet.. they're all garbled. Send STRONGER vibes!
Who's Gog?

Tialla Rian (also Sheyvah Daeron)

Slayers Royal, in addition to a whole bunch of other Slayers RPGs, is, I think, out already in Japan, but there's no plans to translate it. Can you say import? 8) Anyway, the only other question you asked that I can make any sense of is the Escaflowne one. Anyway, it's pronounced just like it's spelled. Es-ca-flow-nay.

How did you people buy games before I came along?
Hi Google... I don't know which game of these to get and I only have $60 to spend.

1. Suikoden
2. Suikoden 2
3. Parasite Eve
or 4. Final Fantasy Tactics

Please help me with your RPG wisdom.


P.S. I have Xenogears and it's my fav game!

Well, I think almost everyone will agree with me if I say FFT. I've talked about the Suikodens plenty I think you'll agree, Parasite Eve ticked a LOT of people off (short, but not BAD), but everyone loves FFT! Long, challenging, fun, good plot, all in all a great game. Actually though, aside from Suik2, those are all old enough that $60 can get you all 3. Just look anywhere but Funcoland. 8)


Tomorrow (or by the time you run this, today) is my birthday!!!

Well then, happy birthday!

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Ask politely.

I vote that Palom & Porom's twin magic "Comet" hereafter be known as "Babboon Meteo."


That's cool enough to warrant your very own tilde! Here: ~

Google, do you think that the world would end in the year 9999?


Nope. I don't.

I ran out of Quickies!


This has never happened before.

Look at all this space!

How will I fill it?



The Last Laugh:

I'm in a hurry, so I can't write a cool closing, sorry.

Googleshng "Yikes!"

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