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Googleshng - December 3 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

As you know, tonight Miyuski is guest hosting. Also, RPGamer's mail server is jammed, so if you didn't send stuff in early like I said, it's stuck in limbo and will explode in a big mass when they go back up tomorrow bombarding me. Ah well, I don't mind.

Also, there are even more funny pics in the archive there, so check'em out.

Miyuski: Well, since I disposed with the self-introduction last time, I guess I'll just write some general stuff. I'm really, *really* annoyed about the recent increase in games using mod chip detection for the PSX lately. I just bought Vandal Hearts 2, and I brought it home, stuck it in my PSX, and was faced with a big red NO sign. Luckily, being in college, I just traded my PSX for my friend's easily, but mod chip detection is still dumb. My mod chip won't even play copied games, but I'm still being locked out of games by the gaming companies that I'm supporting. GRR.

I'm glad I got that off my chest, it had been bothering me recently. In other news, Evolution is coming up for American release, and I'm really excited! The game just looks like a lot of fun, and I've played the Japanese version a bit, so I'm psyched. I hope it's a success, being one of the first DC RPGs out there. :)

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Anime Day
Hello Google and hello to that Miyuski guy! So Miyuski I heard that you are a anime fan. Good because I have some anime questions to ask you. 1, what are some of your favorite animes of all time? Mine is Venus wars, Ranma 1/2, Sorcerer hunters and Record of Lodoss wars.

Vampire Princess Miyu, by far. I just love Narumi Kakinouchi's artwork and Miyu's character. It's been my favorite ever since I first started watching anime, and it will continue to be for a long time! Some of my other favorites are Card Captor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi, Escaflowne, Rurouni Kenshin, Here is Greenwood, and Sailor Moon.
I would have to say Escaflowne and Slayers are my favorites, but I don't want to go into the whole list.

2, What anime do you hate the most?

Dragonball Z. Arr, I do not like Dragonball at all, mostly because I dislike Akira Toriyama. I've seen a few episodes, too, and...ARGH. I like most shoujo anime, and have a general dislike of giant robot anime, although neither is always true.
I put mental blocks over everything that offends me. Let's see, here's one labelled Tenchi... ooh, there's way way too many of these. Hey! Don't bash Toriyama!

3, What anime would be cool to become an RPG or any other type of game? I think that Record of Lodoss wars would be a cool RPG.

Vampire Princess Miyu!! Okay not really...Escaflowne would make a great RPG, it would be a lot like Xenogears, actually....
I agree on Escaflowne and Xenogears. I've also played some really cool Dragon Ball RPGs (Japan only, SNES) and, well, Slayers/Lodoss would be cool.

For my last question, have you ever seen that anime called Golden boy? If you have do you think it's funny or to damn perverted? For me, I think Golden boy is quite funny and better if it was longer than 30 mins. That's all I gotta say.

I've never seen it, but I do know there are more tapes of Golden Boy, if you're interested. :)
I haven't seen it either, but I've heard bad things.

I hope you can post this because I asked Veronica these questions, she never answered. I asked Google he or she didn't answer. So I hope you can answer this so I don't keep on writing this all the time! Thanks and merry christmas. > > Grimace

I think I'll just take this space to gripe about Christmas music. I hate it. 'Tis the season to wear headphones!
I would have posted them, but people were getting ticked about anime stuff.

Vandal Hearteo!
Hi there however-your-name-is-spelled-man/woman!

I was wondering if Vandal Hearts II's plot is related to the first game, or can I understand the game even if I didn't play the prequel?

Zohar Gilboa (yes, it's my real name)

Nice name. Vandal Hearts II's plot isn't related at all to the first game, the look and feel are similar however. So your not having played the prequel won't be a problem at all. It certainly hasn't been for me so far. I'm enjoying playing through the game right now, still indecisive about the good and bad qualities of some of the systems they use, though. It's an interesting game at the least.
I'm picking it up tomorrow.

Merchandising Merchandising!
You don't even have to print this, I just want to know. Where the Evangelion movies (Death and Rebirth, End of Evangelion) ever brought to the States, subtitled or dubbed? Thanx.

Not yet, but the Evangelion movies are slated for release in 2000 in America in both subbed and dubbed form. They were picked up this year by Manga Video, and the dub is supposed to be done by the original cast from the ADV dubs! Finally a spark of good news for anime fans here.
That they are. By the way, I've seen End of Eva fansubbed. It's QUITE druggy.

Music is good
Hey, Goog...

Have you heard anything about the new FFVIII arranged soundtrack? I think it's called Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec. I read about it a while ago and on another site (FFOnline), they've already bought the CD to review it. I can't find where to buy it anywhere. Do you know where I might be able to find it, or at least when it might be released if it isn't? Thanks.


Yes, the Final Fantasy 8 arranged soundtrack is out and about! You can look for it at places like or You can also try to find places in Japan that sell it, but that might be a little bit tough if you don't know Japanese. It's tough being an RPGamer, I say!
I have to say SOMETHING... hmm... Word! 8)

The anime questions keep pouring in
Oh Googly one,
Where can you buy rare anime online? I'm looking for some Subbed Dragonball GT tapes. Please post this didn't post the last one Grr....

-Edmond "Flying Fat" Honda

Rare anime, huh? You can always check ebay, there's rare stuff there sometime. I buy most of my anime locally or at, but you can always check the Anipike's ( list of commercial sites if you're really stumped.
I'm not sure how great the big sites are for buying. I prefer small stores myself (although you have a higher chance of winding up with a bootleg fansub), Also, for some stuff, you're best off just going straight to the translators. For example, Escaflowne is nearly impossible to find if you don't go to

Don't worry, it's the last one
Dear Googwise and Miyuski,
I was wondering If either of you has picked up Martian Successor Nadeisco. I got it the other day and liked it a lot. Genkigengar forever ;) Also what is both of you guys favorite genre of anime? Personally I like Giant Mecha and Fantasy.

Dave "Guy Dygogi" Panseri

Actually I just watched the first tape of Nadesico right before Thanksgiving, and so far I think it's pretty neat. Ruri is cool, of course. As for genre, I'm a huge shoujo fan. Magical girl, stuff like Vampire Princess Miyu or Fushigi Yuugi, you name it. Shoujo forever, or something. It's the anime for people who can think! ;)
I'm falling way behind as far as picking up new series, but it's almost Christmas, so my cousin will come and cram a WHOLE bunch down my throat. Ah, life is good. As for what I like, well, either stuff that has a little of everything, like Escaflowne, or comedic fantasy like Slayers and Dragon Half I guess.


He's a streetsmart, fast talking, SLAM DANCING google-

Cool, but don't everyone start calling me Gog!

I've been working really hard and I finally scored the Googleshng, Thor AND Sharkey GFs! Now I am invincible! Aren't you proud?
-- brenden

Miyuski: The Jasconius GF is yet stronger, you still have a lot to learn, young one.

what would you rather have,more kitties or shiva in a g-string?

Google: I'll also go with cats.
Hunter: brad in a thong, duh

did you know i had my eyes on you?

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.

Miyu: So *you* were the one looking at me funny in that bar! Another mystery solved!

If you entered the postal service, would you be called a mail man or a femail man? Wait... thats not right...

Miyu: Actually, femail is what you call mail with heart stickers on it, you seem to have your terminology mixed up there.
Google: I think Terrorist is what you meant.

i think it would be more approriate if you were depicted as flea from chrono trigger... hehe..

I agree.

Y'know, I'm bi, so I'll love you no matter what!


Miyu: Sorry, I'm only for Ryteria honey, so...oh wait, you meant Google, didn't you?
Google: You two make such a cute couple. ^_^

The Last Laugh:

That was pretty fun. I know not many RPG questions got answered, but I think there's enough to satisfy. Anyway, this took me a lot longer than I anticipated, so I suppose it's time I turn the reigns of Q&A over to Veronica for the weekend. Play nice! Hey, maybe it'll give people a chance to make some high quality pictures of me!

Anyway, with any luck this weekend I'll get Vandal Hearts 2 and my monitor fixed, so fans of my page may rejoice. For now though, it's 2 AM and I think I'm comming down with a cold. Do you know where your children are?

Googleshng "Nickname" and Miyuski
No Farscape this month! 8(

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