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Googleshng - December 1 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I haven't gotten many questions today. My mail box is filled to the brim with chains of logic from people trying to determine my gender. Now, while I do find it pretty amusing that you're all puzzling over this, you're all forgetting to ask questions! This is a Q&A column, not a Saturday Night Live sketch! I mean, if it weren't for the fact that I have enough of the entertainers spirit that I like letting everyone think whatever makes them happy, I'd be really really ofended by now. First you all think I'm a guy, then a girl, now a guy again... heck, you can all assume I'm a 12 year old Japanese Schoolgirl or a 500 pound bearded guy named Bubba for all I care, but you don't have to go sending me your rationalizations, you know?

Now then, for all of you weird paranoid people who simply MUST know my gender, go to my page. If you read everything on there, it isn't that hard to piece it together.

OK, by complaining to people, I did manage to scrounge up a FEW letters... mostly about Shiva, so it looks like I might be able to throw a column together after all.

Oh, I've also made a number of new entries to the picture archive, so check it out.


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This question really oppened my eyes
At the risk of sounding stupid, what is Princess Mononoke? It sounds pretty cool. Also the "disarming" (bad pun, sorry, I'll go sit in the cornor now) of Shiva does suck.


Well, Princess Mononoke is an anime by Hayao (HAPPY?!?) Miyazaki, a very famous anime artist, with very high production values, which has been dubbed by an all star cast (Claire Danes, Gillian Anderson, etc. etc.) and given a limited release in artsy theaters all over the country. A complete list of these theaters is located here. Anyway, it's a really cool movie, it has the only good anime dub in existance, and it's IN US THEATERS, so go see it now!
As for Shiva, I'll cover that a bit later.

So, I hear Square's taking Final FANTASY back to it's fantasy roots, where it belongs. Don't get me wrong, FF7 and 8 weren't bad games. Well, 8, at least. But you can't deny that neither really felt like Final Fantasy should. Anyway, we all know that, that's not the point. The point is... do you think Square will continue the trend even further and dump Sony's doomed DVD player, thus making a glorious return to the best (I say this because technically, the Dreamcast is inferior, the PS2 will cost twice as much, and nobody likes Microsoft) next-gen system, Nintendo's whatevertheydecidetocallit? How about using some of you're new staffer clout to suggest a poll? I think this is an issue a lot of people have strong feelings about.
Oh, and one last thing... why didn't you tell my you're a girl, man?

Well, I honestly do kind of like the increasing technology throughout the FF series, but it can't really get much higher without going into pure cheesy 50s style sci-fi, and that just wouldn't work. So, yes, I suppose reverting to something more rooting in fantasy is the right way to go. As for the upcomming console wars, well, I know I'll be flamed to death if I even touch the issue, but I do agree that the price tag on the PSX2 is WAY too high. I can't afford one, and it looks like garbage too. I mean, it's the only one without 4 controller ports, and heck, those are PSX controllers! Anyway, I for one am boycotting it.

Now HERE is a good question!
Hey Goog,

I have a couple of questions about Xenogears that I'm hoping you can touch on!

Firstly, doesn't it piss you off that the best song in the game is only played once? ONCE!!! Lahan's theme is AWESOME! I'm listening to it right now. Every since I first got the game, I fell in love with Lahan's theme, but they never play it again. I've started like 25 new games, just so I can hear it.

Anyway, my next question is actually legitimate. Do the character's actual stats have anything to do with how their gear performs? As much of a Xenogears fan as I may claim to be, I've never beaten it because I just can't kick Deus' butt. That's why I'm wondering: will it do me any good to level up, or would I have the same chance of beating it if I were on level 1 as I would if I were on level 99? I asked this to another Q&A guy a while ago and he just told me how he beats the last boss, so DON'T DO THAT, please! I'm at level 59, and I've ended up at about that level every time I get to Deus, so I'm wondering if I should try to level up before I get there. Thank ye.

Flik "If you thought the song Knights of the Round Table was funny, wait until you actually read what the words are!" ...damn, I just realized that I need a last name to accommodate the quote thingy...screw it.

Well, aside from Ether stuff, I'm pretty sure your stats don't matter. Going up levels WILL help you out though, just because it unlocks more spells and deathblows. Now, I have a serious question for you. How the heck is it that you're only on 59? I was in the high 80s by the end and I missed all the fun secrets on disk 2!

Shiva's gender is indeterminate, actually. Some idols picture "it" as a guy, some as a girl, and same thing with the stories surrounding the deity. But then, I guess that just shows that it's not the gender, but the deeds, that matter, right?

But the Odin thing is inexcusable. Norse mythology did not start out 5000+ years ago with every Norse village worshipping a different god/ goddess, like proto-Hinduism. Slepnir has eight legs every time he's mentioned.

Just felt like adding my two cents to the issue

-The Librarian

Yes, Hindu Mythology does pretty much mess with the gender of gods like crazy but generally, Shiva is considered male and has 4 arms. What really bugs me though is that Shiva doesn't have ANYTHING to do with ice at all. I mean, if they wanted they could just stick in the name of ANY norse goddess. Sure, it wouldn't be an ice goddess per se, but it would be a goddess who was around ice at least!

Pretty Pictures
Great and Mighty Gender-less Googleshng:

Do you think games that incorporate Anime-style characters appeal more to RPGamers than non-Anime characters? It seems to me that RPGamers, in general, like Anime as well, but is that a true grabber for the average gamer...say, yourself? ^_^


Well, I have yet to meet someone who likes RPGs and NOT anime. I for one really like anime style RPG characters. If you want to deal with the general public though, let's look at some of the most popular characters from games over the last few years shall we? Well, there's Tifa in FF7, and the main character from Tomb Raider, and then there's Ivy from Soul Calibur... is there any connection between them?

I don't think RPGs should target the general public though. Bring on the pikey hair!

I don't see any more questions, so I'll just print this
Hello. I'm doing some sociological research for a paper I'm writing for English class on the subject of nerds. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to fill out this survey and return it to Then pass it on to everyone you know! A large sample size makes it more objective. Thank you.

1. Do you consider yourself a nerd?
2. Define "nerd".
3. What is the opposite of a nerd?
4. Is there a sharp and statistically significant distinction between nerds and other people? Or is it more of a bell curve? Or is it just an arbitrary label?
5. Are there subcategories of nerds? If so what are they?
6. Do you ever feel persecuted? By who?
7. What are your hobbies? Please distinguish between casual hobbies and obsessive hobbies, but list both.
8. What technical skills do you have? (Not only mechanical/computer/math/science skills; you can also list foreign languages, musical instruments, whatever.)
9. What are you bad at?
10. How do people become nerds? Is it voluntary, genetic, or forced on people by society?
11. How easy is it for you to communicate with people?
12. What are the prerequisites of cultural literacy?
13. What other categories do you use to classify people apart from "nerd"?
14. Are there any other questions I should add to this survey?

I think maybe I should explain this. A friend of mine sent this to me (at my personal e-mail address, but I have aliases set up so it all winds up in the same box), expecting me to just answer it and give it back. Well, since I'm so low on material, I posted it. If you feel like filling it out, it should help him with his homework (although it's kinda old so he might be done). Don't send him anything besides this please though because his mail server has a pretty low ceiling, and I REALLY don't want people flaming my friend. Especially since nobody flames me!


It's just a guess but...
I think Shiva might be from shiver. It makes more sense than the Siva idea.

You know what's funny? That would actually work! If you write both with Japanese characters, it's the same word!

I got my braces off, and my teeth look all shiny!

Uh, good for you?

Alright guys I've did a little back tracking in a few columns and I found on November 5th, In google's words he said "The slime GUY" and was referring to himself. Reconize the word "GUY." Even Brad referred to you as "he" on that same date. If you don't post this I'll be 100% sure.


There's just one problem with your logic. At that time, Brad didn't know ANYTHING about me that wasn't public knowledge. I wrote all my stuff and he built around it. Therefore, that won't float with these jackals.

oooo cruel man. I sent you a fruitfully infortmative e-mail and i even sucked up to you but you didn't post it..... very cruel man... i followed all your little rules too.

-Ross Levine

I'm sorry, I got a ton of good stuff yesterday, if tomorrow's slow I'll go dig it out, OK?

I vote:


I didn't know you can vote on people's genders... hey! Let's all vote female for all the big action stars! That will really causesome chaos in Hollywood!

Ya know what's weird about you being a girl?
1. 99.9% of all RPGamers are guys (0.05 are Tonberries)
2. uh... uhhhmmm... Nevermind.
I dunno. You just don't sound like a girl to me. *doink** Hear that?
That's the sound of a GUY RPGamer. A girl has a slightly different tone... Now, a tonberry RPGamer... That sounds like this *doink*
*falls on floor*
P.S. I copied the idea of using HTML from "102". Bwaaa haa haa ^_____^

To quote the first issue of Ranma: "Uh, could you please stop that?"

Dear google,
I have yet another question on the subject of subtitles vs. dubbing. For the most part, subtitled animie videos cost more than dubbed, why? It seems like dubbing anime would cost more money to make than subtitiling it, and therefore cost us more.

It's quite simple. The publishers know that sub people care more, and will therefore pay more money. Evil corporate jerks. >8(

The Last Laugh:

I'd just like to say a few things here. First, if you don't get the title, there's this weird little superstition about saying rabbit twice first thing on the first of the month. Also, we have another animated gif here for you. Enjoy.
Anyway, I forgot last week, but there's this new concept here with having other staffers guest cohost on Fridays. This Friday's will be Miyuski from the News department. Hmm... well, he doesn't have any Q&A worthy skills per se... but he has a girl's name and he likes anime and J-Pop! Since this will be on Friday, send me questions for him on Thursday afternoon. In the meantime, send me questions. QUESTIONS! 8)

Googleshng "Gender Yo-yo"
How come Thor Brad and Veronica get shiny happy pictures but not me? 8(

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