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Googleshng - November 30 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Before I get rolling, let me just thank all the many many many people who helped me out OS wise. Now I can make movies with this little color digital movie camera.

Anyway, I have set up an archive of the pictures of me I've gotten, but there's only 4 in there. Well, it also has a couple of... surprises for you. I stuck it over there between the regular archives and my big long system list.

There's one other thing I'd like to get off my chest, but one of these letters explains it much better than I can.


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Game Boy RPGs
Well... ya missed a few. Okay, you missed a LOT. Note that not all of these are being produced... you may have to get 'em used.

For your standard RPG, I can point out Final Fantasy Legend 1-3, Revelations: The Demon Slayer (which has awful play control, I might add...) and Namco's Great Greed. Oh, and that Pokemon game if you can even consider it an RPG... it's got almost no plot elements whatsoever >:[

As Action-RPGs, the best of the lot are definately Final Fantasy Adventure and Legend of Zelda. There are a number of smaller ones that seem to use the same basic engine... Ultima: Runes of Virtue I and II, Rolan's Curse I and II, and Ninja Taro. None of them are extremely good, but Ultima II is pretty damn hard. The Battle of Olympus was a fairly faithful port, and would be a good choice if you liked Zelda II: The Adventures of Link or Ys 3. And Gargoyle's Quest was always a classic.

Now we get into a class that is part RPG, part... puzzle game. I am, of course, refering to the Sword of Hope series. Sword of Hope I and II have the same basic gameplay as Shadowgate, Deja Vu, and The Uninvited (all of which, save The Uninvited, were rereleased for CGB) except that you get into random, RPG-style battles that are scattered throughout the land. And if you like Sword of Hope, the rereleases (Shadowgate Classic and Deja Vu 1 & 2: Casebook of Ace Harding) would be good choices. Remember that Deja Vu II was never released on a console system before this...

Hope this helped.

OK. I think that's enough. 8)

Another Multiparter
Yo Google,

I saw Mononoke last Wednesday, the day it came out and man is it a sweet movie. Anything that has lines like "Pay close attention and I will show you how to kill a god", and "Oh great and noble forest spirit, we now give you back your head" is just fine in my book. But I didn't come here to just talk about the movie, 'cuz ah gots some kwestins fer yea.

1)Is it just me or is Xenogears city of Shevat a COMPLETE rip off of CT's kingdom of Zeal.

I wouldn't say so. I'd say it's a ripoff of the floating city in Escaflowne, but not CT.

2)Have you ever played Persona, and if so, what did you think of it?

I can't stand Persona. Someone should give that game some music!

3)When is Lunar: Eternal Blue set to come out?

Well, that's it for now, don't let the Bloody Hobbit Soldiers take you underground, they'll put their Vampiric Necro Slug in your head.

Always Frightening,
Rpgazuga (Spot the reference?)

When pigs fly. Er, I mean, according to Working Design's page, it should be out in April. Don't hold your breath though.

Hey, Sharkey!
In the hopes that you won't continue Thor's old tradition of not printing my letters, I'm writing on the subject of RPG music. While I must have seen dozens of columns on "Music in games. It's spiffy," nobody ever seems to have any more meaningful input than "Yeah. I like music. I cried when Aeris died. Music good." After just playing through Breath of Fire III I'm writing to ask which games, if any, you feel were actually hurt by their soundtracks, and if there's any one particular piece that makes you want to put pencils in your eye sockets and slam your head into the desk. I'm personally nominating Kenny G's "I am the Wind" from Symphony of the Night, both because that tune was a fat wet steaming fudgey pile of suck, and because for every "YoU idot! thatsnot n RGP!!!!" letter I get, a starving homeless child gets a meal.

Also, in answer to a question nobody asked- Hawk wears briefs, though why the artists bothered with something that wouldn't be seen until a pervert with an emulator turned off the foreground graphics layer is beyond me.

I normally avoid posting people's names or addresses when they don't stick them at the bottom of the letter, but this is from Sharkey, who has one of the funniest pages I know of... and is down.
Anyway, I personally can't stand I am the Wind. It's so unfathomably out of context! The music during the ending of FF7 also really bugs me. Then there's Eyes on Me. It's not a bad song or anything, but it just sneaks up on you.

I suppose I should print ONE...
By not revealing your gender, in my mind, you're making a VERY bad mistake. WHY?!?

Well, YOU SAY that the figure of marriage proposals would go through the roof if you revealed your gender. Just by you mentioning marriage proposals makes me want to, basically because I'm GUESSING you're a female. Now, if you're not a female, this rules out my proposing to you, as it also rules out the majority of RPG players (That is assuming that there are many more male RPGamers...And that assumption is by all means correct).

Now, if you ARE a male, then you have nothing to lose by revealing your gender. Then why didn't you? PROBABLY because you're a FEMALE! It's simple logic, you have nothing to lose by admitting that you're a male, but you have a LOT to lose (too many E-Mails) if you're a female. Do I need to go further on this reasoning? Yes I do.

Let's make the assumption that you're a female. Ok, you're a female. Let's say that tomorrow you reveal your gender, and you really ARE a female. This is going to cause a riot. This means that the ENTIRE q&a staff is female. Guys are going to want to go out with you left and right. WHY? Guys that play RPGs are usually losers that have nothing better to do than waste their entire day on the computer or Playstation or whatever console etc. When they find out what's going on, they're going to want to KNOW you. They'll want real life pictures, they'll want you to talk to them, and before you know it: they're going to want to meet you in real life.

With this in mind, it is my guess that you are female. However, I fear that by making this prediction you will try to turn the tables. However, I am going to write more to make sure that we're all so confused that by the time you're done reading this letter, even YOU won't be sure of your real gender. That is of course unless you decide to stop reading right now, delete the message, and never post this work of art on the q&a page.

Let's keep going with the female thing. After writing this, you realize that people have figured out your schemes. You're gonna try to cover up by saying that you're really a guy. UH OH! You're ANOTHER guy? Who wants to E-Mail a GUY when you can E-Mail a GIRL?!? After this, Veronica's popularity soars and your popularity drops. At this point, you're kicked off of RPGamer because nobody likes you, and you were really some incredibly fine chick all along. Too bad.

So, sure of your gender? Hey, I'm not even sure of mine at this point!

Ramza (The most neuter-looking character EVER)

Most of my letters were like this today. So, let me get this straight. Right now, if I were to say "I'm male", then everyone will immediately assume I'm female and am now trying to deny it. If I say, "I'm female", then everyone will assume I'm female because they figured it out and confronted me. Finally, if I were to say nothing regarding my gender, then everyone will assume I'm female because a guy would deny being called a girl. Well then... hmm... does this mean I'll finally start getting pictures of myself in which I'm humanoid?

Lunar Spoilers! Ho!
Hooray! Yippee! Cripes, I thought I was the only one up on Mythological gods and was mad that Sleppie only had 6 legs. Evern worse was when I first played FF6 (it was FF6 back then, so... :P) and got a load of Shiva. My poor jaw almost dropped out of it's socket, and my first words choked out were "Boobs?!" Last time I had checked Shiva was very male, married to Lakshmi, and was into snakes, you know? :) I was also the only one to know how ta say his name right, so nyah?

But, on to the question. I just watched Ghaelon steal Luna and catpure the White Dragon (NOOO! LUNAAA!!!) and one of my friends was telling me Kyle was gonna go drag. Uhm....last time I saw Kyle, he was snoring a snot bubble and looked very butch. Him? In drag? Really? And, if so, am I close? I wanna see this! :)

Indeed. Shiva is the GOD of death and destruction (and dancing). He has two wives for crying out loud! How did this turn into a scantily clad ice goddess?
oh right, you had a question. Yes, you're comming up on that scene soon.

Debates never die, they just trail off!
I have one comment about the sub/dub debate: companies put out both, so everyone can take their flavour and be happy. Sub people won't influence dub people. Dub people won't influence sub people. Debate serves little purpose.

Happy Non-denominational Holiday Greetings, Devon Smith(

That's an intriguing concept. It wouldn't really cost them more than dubbing alone since the voice actors need scripts, and heck, you know there's some people out there who would by the same game subbed AND dubbed.

Androginous Quickies

Here, Google, try this perfume, you'll like it *PSHHHHT* its called 'Eau de Meadow'....

Perfume snipers! Duck and cover!

"Male, female, what's the difference? Power is what matters, and I've got power!"
Did you reeeaaally want to say that? I'd hate to think of you as a guy who runs around in a dress and blows kisses at men that make them attack each other.

... No! I most certainly am not! Besides, Flea kisses girls too, and Robo!

Could I be a judge for the annual RPGamer Bikini Contest?? Please?!?!


I didn't know we had those... I'd better go talk with Tidwell about that.

Shrouded in odd clothing,... this a man...?
...a woman...?
...or should we ask...?

~Boomer Kuwanger

Isn't Gogo great? I used to rename him Odo.

You have kitties?

That I do. 5 of them. I'm taking pictures of them as they come in range of this camera.

You've got a point, keeping your gender unknown. It makes life so much more interesting.


Tell'em bro- er, sis- er, Pat!

Hey, Scully's about to say something profound! *pause* Maro! I meant Maro.

-102 "They took away your name, and gave you a number! Da na na!" 386

Hehehe. Oh, and thank you for including your own HTML for me. The blue isn't my fault!

The Last Laugh:

Well, this was interesting. I got to talk to Sharkey, I found out that 95% of you now consider me female, and I got to use a robot camera to spy on the mammoth car! Also, here is yet another entry to the growing pile of weird pictures people send me for closings. If I ever run low on these, I have my own stash. >8)

Googleshng "Let the messed up fan pics come!"
I bet you thought I'd put my gender here didn't you. 8P Sucker!

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