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Go see Mononoke!
Googleshng - November 29 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Gillian Anderson is quite the talented actress. Before seeing tonight's portrayal as Scully from The X-Files, I got to hear her as the voice of the wolf god in Princess Mononoke. Fine, I'm being cheesy, but it really is a wonderful dub. First time I've ever heard one.

That would be a nice segway into this first letter here, but I have more to say. In addition to seeing Mononoke tonight, I have come into the aquisition of a digital movie camera. The only problem is that it's driver doesn't jive with Mac OS 8.5. Hey, none of you have any 8.x to 8.6 upgraders around do you? Apple took them down it seems to plug System 9. If I recieve one, I can reward those curious people who want to know more about me with pics and movies. Not of me, but of my stuff and cats and such maybe.

Also, Nate Lund has send me a 3D picture of me. I think I'll make an archive of these soon. Now, let's get on with the column.

Have you seen Mononoke?

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Hurry up and see it!

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Phantasy Star 2
Hi Noah! I know you!
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
He lost it!
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Now HERE'S a good point!
hello Goobshnagle, or however you pronounce that...
I also have something to say about subtitling. People have complained that they detract from the movie/game and should be abolished, and replaced with dubbing. Well, i certainly hope that doesnt happen. I'm not deaf myself, but a very very close friend of mine is. Lunar:SSS for example had no subtitling during the FMV sequences; he was completely lost during those. In games that use FMV for important parts of the story, subtitling is flat out necessary. Also, I agree that subs are usually better than dubbing. The voice acting is always so terrible! I watched The Seven Samurai, which is 100% subbed; after a while I didn't even notice them, I just watched.
Oh, and you wanna see something funny, get Happy Gilmore on DVD, and watch it in Spanish with English subtitles. WEIRD!!

This is really the most weighty point I've seen on this issue. In game speech is a relatively new phenominon, and it's the only thing that makes games unfriendly towards the deaf. Viva subtitling!

Think anyone will come up with a good MMORPG that doesn't insanely suck?

No I don't. Although a lot of my friends love them (Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs for those who don't know the term, I still say MUD), I just don't care for the concept. On the other hand, if you remove the massively, that'd be pretty darn cool. Needless to say I'm looking forward to Phantasy Star Online.

Think anyone will come up with a console RPG that doesn't insanely addict you?

It's been done many times. Check out Beyond the Beyond. It's remarkably unremarkable. 8)

Think I'll ever finish an RPG instead of getting "lost" after not playing for a month and trying to return?

For your sake, I hope so. RPGs have cool endings usually. 8)

You're female, right?

What do YOU think? ;)

How about a date? Probably not :) j/k about that one Jereau

No way. You aren't sure of my gender, and I'm not sure of yours, but either way, no way. having a date would mean having a life, and I just don't have the time for that sort of thing. 8)

Good ol' Gameboy!
Yo Google!! Your doing a good job!!! No sucking up today! Just a lot of YELLING!!!......(quietly) Anyway.......

I have a gameboy that's just gathering dust. Do you know of any good RPGs or any other good games I could get for it. I've played enough Pokemon and already played Link's Awakening. Are the Final Fantasy Legend's any good? Is there anything else worth getting RPG-wise?

"Not Ghaleon dear Quark, MAGIC EMPOREOR GHALEON!!!"

Well, that's a rather interesting question. As far as pure RPGs go, all I can think of is the Pokémon and FFLs. I kinda liked 3, but the other two just didn't appeal to me. Action RPGs are another story though. First there's final Fantasy Adventure, which Secret of Mana is a sequel to may I add. Then there's Crystalis being ported to GB Color. That's really all I can come up with at the momment. Am I forgetting anything people?

Poetry Time
O Odine! Thy Odin!
How I loved thou
Zentetskuken with Renzokuken
to have monsters disemboweld
Dark clouds and lightening
signal your comming
On your six-legged horse
you set victory a course
O Odin! Thy Odin!
You are no longer there
I search for you here, yet you hither not there
Gilgamesh cannot replace you
There's an empty place in my soul without you
O precious Odin
Who forsakened me so

There isn't much I can say about this. I must however point out a simple fact. Slepnir (Odin's horse) is supposed to have 8 legs, not 6. Square keeps leaving two off and it really bothers me. On the other hand, i suppose what they do to Shiva is worse.

I hate that wascawy wandom wule!
hey hey hey. google, 'mlady. the random rule is in centra, and edea got all my good carrrddsss! but i know i could win them back if i got rid of random. what can i dooooo? pwease?

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.

I'm really sick of talking about this. OK, in theory, if you play around enough with saving, resetting, and spreading rules, it IS possible in theory to quarrantine Random down to a single town, but it's just not worth it. I suggest that everyone just stop whining and either play with random, or mod all your non-GFs and characters. It's not like you can't get them back later.

Who's that non-Pokémon?
Hiya, To answer that guy from Friday who asked who the girl was that Pikachu ran under in the opening credits of Pokemon, she's just some girl. The Japanese intro song's first line reads as, "Tatoe hi no naka, mizu no naka, kusa no naka, mori no naka Tuchi no naka, kumo no naka, ano ko no skirt no naka" which translates to, "I'll go through flames, flood, weeds, forests The soil, clouds, and under the skirt of the girl"
Pikachu is running past Pokemon that represent these characteristics. For example: Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur (the flames, flood, and weeds). Then he runs under the girl's skirt. Hope that clears any confusion!

Robyn "Yes, I have no bananas!" Bennett

I think that covers the issue. Someone else pointed out that that girl is a generic Lass from the game.


Hey, Google, Can i drive?


Well, do you have a license?

He who dares call me "he" will die I AM A GIRL, DAMMIT !!!!

Print this.
- Juryu

What more needs to be said?

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Yes. I think it's burnt.


-- Tonberry


The truth is out there. It's too late for me, but use this evidence to inform the masses. Fnord.

-Urban Zombie


Wow! Did my letter really get printed?

PS: I am not a psycho

Yes. Yes you did.

The Last Laugh:

Today was pretty fun for me. I saw some GOOD anime in theaters, got to play some Chaos Overlords, and managed to get ahold of this camera. I really wish I could use it.
On another note, the percentage of people who assumed I'm female was an awful lot higher than usual. Did Veronica imply something when I wasn't around, or what? I know she messed up on the mailto link, but I got enough letters anyway. This brings up the age old question of What's my gender? As usual, I refuse to answer this. Why's that you ask? Well, there's a number of reasons. First, there's the fact that I like being annonymous. Then there's the fact that I avoid sexism from both sides, it makes it possible for me to be addressed with ANY title. Then there's the marrage proposals. I get enough of those as is, if people knew my gender, that figure would go through the roof!

Googleshng "Now with a camera!"
"Male, female, what's the difference? Power is what matters, and I've got power!"

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