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Googleshng - November 26 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. A good chunk of what I got today is on the issue of speach in FMVs in the future. Subbed vs. dubbed. I think I'll print a few of these.

I'm sorry this is going up so late everyone. Since yesterday was Thanksgiving and everything, not many people were around to ask me questions. Anyway, I have finally recieved a third picture of myself by you people, so here it is. This one's by SirMagus.

What is the secret of Soylet Green?

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In the PSX:
WWF Warzone
My cousin is playing it. It's his I tell you!
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
Die Neifirst!
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
Hey, he's here. Gimme!
In the SNES:
Amon: Ow!
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Phantasy Star
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Punch Out
Gathering dust.
In the Saturn:
I need Dragon Force!
In the N64:
Smash Bros.
200% Damage is fun.
Pay more attention people!
Hey Googleshngggggrrrrrrr *hack*

Umm,i gotta ask you something about FFA: I saw pictures of squall in FF6 stile,you now,SD and stuff,but is he in the game? Can you play him ? That would Be ''vetstrak'' as we dutch would say.

The flying dutchman

This is one of those questions that just turns up over and over. In FFA, sometimes when you load FF6, you see Squall, sometimes when you load FF7, you see Cloud. They aren't really in the game, Square was just being silly.

The smallest FF8 spoiler yet
Oh high and noble Google, the true successor to Brad, I've been wondering for a long time; is it possilbe to actualy eat some of those hot dogs Zell is always raving about in FF8? Most of the time I'm in the cafeteria all those lunch ladies go on nonstalgia trips, so I guessed that meant they were sold out. But can you get them at any point?
Another thing I've been wondering, in the opening the Pokemon (hey it's rpg related!) I always see that scene where Pikachu runs past Venusaur, Charizard, blastoise, etc. and Ash, but he also runs between some girl's legs. Just who is that girl?
One more thing, are you guys hiring?

Nope. You never can buy hotdogs in FF8. As for Pokémon, well, I haven't seen every episode, but I don't think that's anyone in particular.
This last point of yours is the rather interesting point of RPGamer's hiring policies. Basically, it works like this. RPGamer staffers are a sickly lot. I think MAYBE 3 of us have been here for a year. Heck, I've only been here two weeks, and I'm not the newest. Anyway, the problem with these opennings is that they fill up instantaniously. There's really only two ways to get them though. You can either be unbelievably lucky like me, or you can act like a vulture. Stalk a staffer, when they look tired, ask for their job. I don't see why you'd want to work here though. I mean, it's not like any of us are here for the money, and there really isn't much glory.

I answer this way too often.
Hey Google,

Since you needed some mail, I decided to send and see if you'd print this. First, have you seen Princess Mononoke? I wish I could but the nearest theater is in the next state and since I can't drive, that makes it harder. Also, I've heard a lot about the craze with simulation dating rpgs such as Sakura Taisen and Thousand Arms which incorporates dating members of your team and how it affects your performance in battle. What do you honestly think about it? Do you think it adds a different touch to it or not? Anyway, one last question: boxers or briefs? ^_^


I have yet to see Princess Mononoke. I plan to this weekend. All of you should too! As for dating sim RPGs, well, I personally am a bit put off by the concept. Finally, well, boxer meat is much too tender, er, wait, was that what you meant?

Some people have called Metal Gear Solid and RPG or Adventure game. I think it is primarily action, but just with a better plot than all but maybe 5 other games ever released (probably). What do you think it is?


I haven't played Metal Gear Solid myself, but I can tell you it isn't an RPG. I can also say with near certainty that it isn't an adventure game. My definition of RPG is QUITE rigid, and it doesn't include a lot of stuff covered on RPGamer. Adventure games are things like Zork, Myst and Sam and Max. That really just leaves Action and Action/RPG. Action/RPG used to be what they called a game with both Action and RPG elements, but these days, most action games contain RPG elements, so the distiction is meaningless.

It begins
I have issues with subtitles like Juryu, whenever you see a foreign film you have to watch the subtitles to understand and can't pay too much attention to the rest of the movie. Also on a second note, how do you know that Japanese voice actors are good anyway? I mean, maybe they sound just as corny as Americans.


Well, basically, I watch a lot of anime. Some subbed, some dubbed. Trust me. Japan has all the good voice actors. They can convincingly portray emotions, gasp, cry, and scream!

Perhaps Juryu does watch a lot of subtitled things, but then, just because he watches more of it does not make him an expert. I watch anime frequently, and I much prefer subtitled (of course, this is a long and old debate...) I'll tell you, you don't miss nearly as much as you think. Eventually you don't even realize that you're reading subtitles anymore. I can't tell you the number of times I start singing along to the opening themes of things like Utena or Saber Marionette J in English, only to realize that, 'oh yeah, it's Japanese...' American voice actors just don't know what they're doing. Try taking a DVD anime title and switching back and forth between Japanese and English. You'll understand then. And, if you're like me, you'll start shuddering, too.


Yes, dirrectly comparing always works. Personally, I used to hate subtitles because they divert your attention, but once you get used to them, you notice that you have a lot more vocal talent there, and, really, you don't need to rely on the subtitles. Most of what gets said is proper nouns, distorted english, or really really common japanese vocabulary that you can pick up pretty fast ne? ^_^


You're not supposed to eat your own's unnatural...

~gluttonous NaOH

It is? I guess I'll stop then.

What is this I hear about 'basic dos' programming?


That's a new one on me, but DOS is evil, and BASIC is evil, so stear cleer!

Didn't Chris tell you to tell Xellos-kun that it's impolite and ingornant to add a suffix to the end of your name Google-sama. :)


Yes. SOmeone else called me that around when I was making my sig though. 8P

ma! ma! i got my editorial published on RPGamer! Under my REAL name! Aren't you proud of me?

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.

How many times must I tell you people I'm not your mother?!?

By the way, do you know how to get that Gogo dude in FF6? Someone told me to go instead some creatures's mouth? Wha?

Yup. They live on Triangle Island in the world of ruin. Let them eat you.

The title for the Thanksgiving column comes from the guard's line after you free Celes in FFVI.

Blackjack Gabbiani

That it was! So is today's. For your prize, you may choose the Barbie comb, or the shrunken head.

The Last Laugh:

Well, I'm done for this week, in closing, I give you the cool Sanrio/Warhammer picture from yesterday. Enjoy. Now, send Veronica some questions because I feel guilty about stealing some of her time, what with this late update and all. Also, go see Princess Mononoke! As soon as you possibly can!

Googleshng "of Amber"
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