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Googleshng - November 25 '99- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you're reading this during the middle of the day, I'm currently at my cousin's house, eating an early dinner, bribing my aunt to tape Dark City off Encore tomorrow (my cable company really sucks), and of course trying to get my Gameboy back.

Anyway, nobody has sent in any humanoid pictures of me, so I guess if I have to change one into a signiture, it's going to have to be the cool black and white slime one. I can live with that.

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I don't think I should be maxed out this early on.
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
Hello Clone Clown!
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
I shall reclaim it!
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Poke Amon
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Phantasy Star
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Punch Out
Gathering dust.
In the Saturn:
I need Dragon Force!
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Super Mario 64
I should change that.
Oh yeah, the upside!
Hey there In FF6 when it says "Load system data" (for the bonus part) what on Gods green Earth are they talking about?It just really bugs me. The Kodiac Marmiset (Canadas most feared primeape)

That would be the one thing that was added to 6 in the anthology. After you win FF6, it let's you save a little file to your memory card. It has all these little stats, like how much you used each character, your play time, that sort of thing. It also unlocks all those little bonuses like the opera house movie, and a bunch of little pictures and stuff.

Long but interesting (to me at least)
As much as I find the Japanese language beautiful, and would really really like to learn it, AND I agree completely that FMVs should have voices, because the image is perfect and it lacks something, AND (wow will I ever get to my point?) no dubbing would avoid mouth-moving problems, I don't think it would be good with subtitles. I probably watch a lot more subtitled stuff than you do, because I live in Brazil and basically everything I watch is in English with Portuguese subtitles, and I can say this: YOU CAN'T EVER GET YOUR EYES OUT OF THE SUBTITLES. Even if you DO understand what they're saying, like I do understand american sitcoms and movies, you can't stop reading it. Imagine when you DON'T understand what they are saying (like an FMV in japanese!) And well, the image is just too greatly beautiful for me to want to NOT look at it, and instead look at some words at the bottom of the screen. It must be dubbed!

- Juryu

This is a very interesting point. I suppose it would depend on the game really. If a company chooses to make a game with a lot of speaking during FMV segments, I can see how subtitles would be a problem. However, if a game were to use eye candy FMV like Squaresoft has been doing lately, I think most people would enjoy a few quick exclaimations and comments from the characters in native Japanese possibly with some subtitles. Why in Japanese you ask? Because American voice actors quite simply don't know how to gasp or scream.
Possibly a more relavant issue is games with voice samples during important plot points. Grandia is a perfect example of this. When there's nothing on screen besides a text box, translating the voice over that's simply reading the text honestly seems kind of silly.

I answer this way too often.
Oh High and Mighty Google (I really don't like doing this but it seems that it is quite necessary):
Googleshng: Nah, I don't need flattering.
Thanks for the do's and don'ts about getting letters printed. I've made a few letters in the past, they never got posted and if this one gets posted, then you're advice really DOES work. Anyway, I've a question to ask ya: I only get $20 a week for allowance and most of that goes to clothing, but I do want some new games once in a while. Well, here's the prob'm: I want a new RPG, actually, a few RPG's and I never rent, and I never buy used games, so if I do get a new RPG, it had better be good. You know about this explosion of RPG's on the PSX, and I just can't decide which RPG to buy. Those game magazines are so intimidating so I jes want your advice, oh great Google (grr...), so if I could pick four RPGs to buy brand new, what would you suggest I buy for the PSX in order from good to not-so-good? By the way, my favorite game on the PSX right now is Final Fantasy Tactics, so Vandal Hearts II is already on my list.

--King Froggore
If you think you're so wise, tell me where I got the name 8^B

People keep asking me this question, so I suppose I might as well give a vigorous rundown of the current RPGs.

  • Lunar: This one was an all around good game and it's out of print. Therefore, if you don't get a copy by Christmas or so, tracking it down is going to give you a big headache.
  • FF8: Say what you will about Squaresoft, they do good work. Despite all the attacks people make against it's story, it has a nice length, I liked the story, innovative game mechanics, and the FMVs are frequent and EXTREMELY impressive, even if you aren't big on graphics like me.
  • Grandia: It's a really big game, with a really good plot, and I love the mechanics of it. You might not like the length of the caves though.
  • Vandal Hearts 2: The original Vandal Hearts had the cleverest scenerio designs of any tactical RPG I've ever played.
  • Suikoden 2: I personally steered clear of this one because I honestly didn't really care for the original, that and I'm broke. However, from people who have played it, I hear it's a big improvement over the original, so if you liked the first, check it out.
  • Thousand Arms: This one was a little too gimmicky for me to really look into. From what I hear though the game itself is solid, so if the whole dating sim concept doesn't put you off and you haven't run out of cash yet, check it out.
  • FFA: Well, it IS two of the greatest games of all time, but, unless you missed FF6 the first time around, I wouldn't place it above these others really. While the original games were excellent, Square did a really sloppy job on the port.

Well, that was a mouthful. Anyway, that was a prioritized list, so hopefully I won't be getting any more Christmas lists to mull over.

Today's letters all seem too long...
Hahahaha, great animation with MewTwo, and Id. I have discovered one of the true improvements fond in Xenogears, Parasite Eve, and umm... Ithink Brave Fencer. It's the PAUSE! Yes, you heard right. This is great. Need to go the the bathroom? Fix some ramen/pizza/ramen pizza? Scream at your sister? Hit the pause button, and the game clock doesn't tick! Random battles don't happen! Does Final Fantasy VIII have this feature?

I seem to recall being able to pause FF8.

Have you read Speaker for the Dead? Sequel to Ender's Game, and a worthy successor.

Yes, I have read all five books in the series. Good.

Why do some psx games let you save anywhere (Tomb Raider III, and maybe IV, Lunar: SSSC, and Metal Gear Solid) when others (PArasite Eve, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy) make you search out save points? Can the playstation handle save anywhere functions?

Well, I have enough programming experience to know that it isn't really a problem to let you save anywhere. You just need 2 extra variables to log your position on a given screen instead of just saying which save point. Honestly, what it boils down to is a design issue. Most game designers don't like letting the player save it anywhere because it removes a lot of challenge. On the other hand, these days a lot of people put in save points right before bosses, so it's something of a moot point.

Is this too long?


Oh, and one more thing. When my sister wouldn't get ready for school, I started screaming, "Youare only a puppet! You have no feelings! " She got ready REAL fast after that. Is that more/less disturbed than your Baal chanting? morbId

Like my Baal chanting, I just think that's pretty amusing.

I cut out some of the rambling from this.
snip snip
could you please keep the non-rpg letters to a minimum, I don't mind quick, unharmful mentions of such matters, but come on! This is RPGAMER! R-P-G! I don't give a damn about 8 'twins' (how can you even pay attention to jackasses like that) or Prozac cookies (you aren't obsessed with them, but I don't care) or whatever.
snip snip

Honestly I do try to keep the column on RPG related issues, but a lot of the time, I just don't get enough serious questions to fill the space (like right now for example). Other times I can't find all the letters I wanted to and need filler anyway. Besides which, if I printed nothing but serious questions, people would accuse me of being too stuffy.

You got the touch
OK, so I'm not being subtle about my references...

My friend lent me the Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack... It's awesome, man... I didn't realize until I saw it last (which was May last year) that... WOW! What an all-star cast! Leonard Nimoy? Eric Idle (I'm also a huge Monty Python fan)? Orson Wells? WIERD AL!? Damn, that was a great movie. ANd the themesong, man... heavy metal version... heh heh... that's awesome. I'd like to hear Iron Maiden doing that (since the band who does, Lion, has a similar style to them)... Oh, and they're FINALLY re-releasing the movie (since it was pulled from the shelves a while back)... you can get it at Suncoast for $20, I believe.. and probably more places, too.. thought you'd want to know.


Thanks alot! Not only did you fill space and tell me that I can finally buy a copy of my favorite movie, you saved me the trouble of plugging it!


Tell "Xelloss-kun" that it's hugely impolite and even a little but ignorant to add "kun" or any other suffix to your own name.

OK. Xellos! What he said!

If you find a Lefty plushie, tell me where to get one!

: Xelloss-kun

Will do! Hey! Didn't I tell you not to call yourself that?!?

If this doesn't make quickies, I'm going to eat your firstborn!

Master of Moux
Istanbul(Constantinople?), Turkey

Ha! I don't HAVE a firstborn! Oh wait, I printed it anyway. Doh!

To be the best Q&A guy, you must do one thing....

Incorporate character interviews into your column.

Maybe I will if I get a big lull.

You said the universal greeting, "Bah weep grah nah weep ni ni bong" and didn't offer an energon goodie!
Now the Quintessons are going to get you (you need energon goodies... lots of 'em! Did you learn nothing from Kup and Hot Rod?)

Well I don't have enough energy to give EVERYONE some.

You need to plug Princess Mononoke more often. If you don't know what that is, I'm going to club you to death with a tire iron. Have a nice day.

Your right I do! Princess Mononoke is in a lot more theaters as of yesterday, so if at all possible, try to get to one of them over the weekend. Who knows when we'll get another chance to see good quality anime in US theaters!

The Last Laugh:

I was planning to end this column with this awesome Sanrio/Warhammer picture someone sent me, but then I noticed it was a meg and a half and today's Thanksgiving. Heck, you might be late for dinner as is so get the heck out. Now!

Googleshng "Google-Sama"
The whole village was on Fi-Yer!

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