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Googleshng - November 17 '99- 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ugh. You people don't even want to know what I'm going through tonight. I'm in the middle of a week of severe agony too horrible to contemplate. [Ed note from Hunter: In truth, his monitor was on its deathbed and he'll be MIA until Monday most likely.] So, in light of my circumstances, Curtis from the news team will be taking over Thursday and peregrine (better known as Hunter) will be hosting the Friday column. Sorry for the shuffling around, but fate listens to no man.

Curtis claims to be an expert on nothing, which is merely just false modesty. He's a good source for all things RPG related, but at heart he's a huge anime buff and J-Pop fan. So go right ahead and send him whatever nagging questions you may have, be it RPG or Anime. I should be back next week, if all goes well.

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In the PSX:
Resident Evil 3
STARS. Hearts and clovers too! 8)
In the Genesis:
Phantasy Star 2
Oh my god! They Killed Nei!
In the Gameboy:
My cousin's copy of Pokemon
In the SNES:
Highlander! Go!
In the SMS:
Phantasy Star
In the NES:
Punch Out
A friend was playing it.
In the Saturn:
Well, I kinda just bought it.
In the N64:
Smash Bros.
This is actually on the saner side of what I get
*gives you googles of smoozles*
Gin_Ohki meant to email you Sunday night but I was a busy little cabbit and never got around to it. Sawwy.
Gin_Ohki just wants to know what Mr. Googleshug thinks about the FF5 in Anthology. Does he like the ROM better? This cabbit prefers the ROM Gin_Ohki also wants to know if Mr. Googleshug likes Grandia, because Gin_Ohki wants it, she thinks but isn't quite sure.

Well, as I've been saying, that review makes me want Grandia bad. Think I'll get it over the weekend maybe. As for FF5, well, first off, let me just say that I don't support emulation in any form and think that everyone should ALWAYS purchase games they want so that the company gets it's fair reward for all their hard work. That being said, the translation of FF5 in anthology is complete and udder garbage. Dragon? Hydra? SALSA?!? What kind of morons does Square have working on translations these days? You should still buy FFA for moral reasons but the ROM translation is unbelievably better.

Well I need SOME non-quickies!
Hey G,

Hey are you gonna have any Co-Hosting contests? Because everybody love those! well good luck to you.


Well, eventually I plan to start that back up again. This week though, I have the Terrible Burden to deal with.

Aw, that's kinda mean.
Yo, Google!
Just before I wanted to go bitching about your unpronounceable nick, you shortened it to sound much funnier!
Way to go!
look, people - how can you not like the guy, when even his name is so laudable - G-U-G-E-L - Hahahaha!!!
But anyways, I just want to support the new guy, and if you are still not convinced, and wondering about his name - Do you think Luisa Chiccone likes being called Madonna all the way?
And another word of advise to ya - We hate Sega here!
There was a sega-lover here, JD he was called, he was. And where this JD is now? Eh? He doesnt even do his column for a month already!
That's what becomes with Sega-lovers, that does!
Anyways, good start to ya!


Well, you complimented me plenty, but I must defend those you bashed. Granted, Sega's marketing department is about as bad as they come, but when it comes to RPGs, don't mess with Sega! Sega made one of the first two console RPGs! Phantasy Star! Anyone bashing Phantasy Star is bashing me. As for JD, well, I owe all my fame and power to him. Well, him and Brad. Hey, while you're at it, why doesn't everyone stop the Ronnie bashing too. A few compliments would probably perk her up and make her columns more enjoyable. Kind of an upward spiral.


Ha ha I have Dragon Force and you don't. But seriously, if you want a copy of Dragon Force, ebay is auctioning them all the time for prices like $39.99.

Oh just keep twisting that knife! I'm broke. ;_;

Hey I saw you liked Transformers: The Movie. Ahhhh, that brings back some wonderful memories. I can't remember how many times I saw that awesome show. So which was your favorite guy? I'd have to go with Wreck-car, the way he talked made me laugh every time.


Destroy Unicron! Kill the Grand Poopah! Eliminate even the toughest stains!

BRING BACK THOR, BRING BACK THOR, BRING BACK THOR, or atleast put back the invisible text, oh yah and DAMIT bring back THOR!!!!!

What invisible text?!?

I think you're all crazy.

The Last Laugh:

OK, I didn't really get to any of TODAY'S questions, but really! I have a very good and valid reason! I'll explain it all soon enough, I promise!

Googleshng "Wait! I still function!"
I just can't go on living this lie!

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