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Googleshng - May 16 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

I hope none of you have anything important to do today. I figured, I shouldn't really count yesterday towards my 100th Q&A, because I didn't really do one. Still, today was the day I had marked for it, so I decided I'd just have to make this one count double... well... actually a little more than double. You see, for some strange sick masochistic reason, I have decided to celebrate this 100th column by printing EVERYTHING. Literally. If it's in my RPGamer box, I'm printing it. That's not the same as everything I've been sent though, since there's some stuff in there that I moved to my non-RPGamer box, like someone telling me where I could get Dragon Force not too far from my house. 8) Anyway, it's going to be a LONG column, so, let's get going!

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How do you pronounce...?
In the Saturn:
Albert Odessey
Hey google, what's coo- uh.... shakin?
I was just wondering, seeing as how EVERYONE hated Blue Fields in FF8, why, oh WHY, did they put it on the arranged soundtrack? It was a waste of money and disc space, IMHO.

P.S. in reponse to your response to the quickie about Slepnir (*thinks to self: yeah, that's worded correctly...*), 2 Y chromosomes doesn't give you eight legs, it actually makes you tall and thin with REALLY long arms and legs. It's true, I read it in my science book (well, what ELSE am I supposed to do during a lecture? :P), and I'm sure YOU know that anything you read out of a book is true...


Really? I thought that was what gave you down syndrome.

If you have a modded Saturn I would be happy to burn you a copy of DF for the SS.

Normally I am morally opposed to burning games (even for so-called "dead" systems, hah I still play the SS more than the PSX) but with a game that is out of circulation and as ridiculiously high priced as DF for the SS is on auction sites, I would be happy to do this for a fellow gamer.

Hey if WD was still making dough on the copies of DF that were circulating around on ebay and the like out there I would say no way, but when WD sees no money from the sale of a $90 auction I don't really see the harm.

If your SS isn't mod chipped then never mind as a burn will not work.

Long live good RPGz,
(aka games that have a solid design background vs. trendy FMV)

Well, you do have something of a point there. I suppose in terms of morals and dollar votes, used games and burned games aren't that far apart on the scale. Still, it's just over the edge for me. Besides, I kinda like the whole process of searching for old cool games... plus you get the case and instructions that way! Oh, and no, my Saturn isn't modded... at least I don't think it is.

It would appear that FOX may air Escaflowne after all. I found the following news at PlanetAnime:
Bandai Entertainment has announced the delay of both its Escaflowne English dub VHS and dual language DVD. The reason for this delay is due to the announcement by FOX Kids Network that they will be broadcasting Escaflowne in the fall. A Bandai press release assures retailers that the will be able to capitalize on the publicity that the television broadcast will bring. To the consumer this translates to a long but highly anticipated wait.

Yes yes yes, being at an anime convention, I've heard this from enough sources that I can't deny it anymore, but I still can't see Fox doing anything other than mutilating it beyond all recognition. Escaflowne is NOT a little kids' show folks.

Dragon Valor
Why didn't anyone tell me dragon Valor has been released? This game has been bouncing all over the place on your release dates page. Is it truly out now? Because, a few days ago, I was pretty sure it was listed for a March release. And another thing. Why don't you guys talk about it more? Are you going to review it?

-Zack Smith

Well, quite frankly, nobody on staff, or at least nobody who's around right this second, is paying attention to it that much. It's still officially "coming soon" not that that's particularly informative. 9/2 is the projected date right now. Anyway, when it DOES come out, yes, we will review it.

I don't like Game Genie/Sharks myself.
hey google, long time listener, first time caller. But anyways, i was just rooting around to check if there were any gameshark codes for star ocean 2, and i came across some. BUT the thing was you need to put in this CRAZILY LONG @$$ activation code. Well me being as crazy as i am, i decided not to and try and crack some codes of my own. This is not as easy as i thought it would be. Most games i had no trouble cracking codes for, but star ocean 2 seems to have been coded VERY differently than most games. The coders seemed to allocate memory values to random places in a given area ( this is a theory, i didnt actually find this out since im not that skilled ), so it was a hell of a time tryin to get my characters max/infinite HP and MP. Sooner or later i actually got it to work, so i wrote the codes down in a safe spot turned of the PSX and loaded the codes into my gameshark, then loaded the game. To my suprise the codes didnt work anymore!! So this is how i decided that the memory values changed all the time. But i soon realized that the given area for character stats were placed in the 8009XXXX slot. So if anyone out there wants to get there characters HP and MP to max and infinite just use the code generator and look up a known value ( which should be the characters HP/MP ) and it should give you a bunch of possibilities, all you have to do is choose all the 8009XXXX possibilities and change the last four digits (e.g 8009B4C2 03E7), and if you dont know any hex just change all the last digits to either 9999 (hp), or 999 (mp). So i dont know if this will actually help anyone but hopefully it will make someone want to write a faq on hackin Star Ocean 2. But if someone does, please give me some credit. Unless someone else has figured this out before. Just remember use the code generator to find the HP/MP value and activate all the codes that look like this 8009XXXX. Thank you and goodnite.

( another Canadian, getting bored of that stupid RANT about Canada. STOP SHOWING THAT DAMN COMMERCIAL!!!! )

I believe that says it all.

Perfect Works
I did have a previous theory about the odd "Episode 5" at the end of Xenogears, but it was destroyed when I got my Perfect Works book today.
I really have no idea what any of the text means (I'm working on it), but I do know someone who knows Japanese, and I'll be able to get a clear answer for ya if you'd like.
I know, this letter really wasn't made for printing, but I just thought that you'd like to know that someone is working on it.

I know a lot of people who would like a full translation of that. Personally, I'd like a copy of the book itself. Not only would it fill that need for more Xenogears, but translating a book would improve my Japanese!

The horse's two legs
Where could they have gone?
Giddyup Sleipnir

What about Odin?
No one seems to notice that
He too is diff'rent

I think you are cool
Do you think I am cool too
I can robot-dance



More about Perfect Works
I believe this artbook got a second printing and is no longer rare. At any rate, I saw 5 or 6 copies at Kinokuniya in NYC a couple of weeks ago. I was tempted to buy one and ebay it but it didnt' seem worth the effort. Don't know if this will help you find a copy by it should be easier to find now.


White Wolf
(This is a little late, I'm getting caught up on your columns that I've missed while on vacation.)

On your May 4th column, you said that Sword Mages sucked... I have to disagree. Once the Knight (and possibly Ninja jobs?) are mastered (I think, it's been a couple of years) you have the dual-wield and/or multi-attack abilities, then just equip your Traveller with SwdTech and you can put Nuke on both your weapons which already hit 4 or 8 times... kind of like the Offering + Gengi Gove + Illumina + Scimitar combo in FF6. Just about any boss falls quickly to this assault.

But then again, if you've mastered 3 classes then your Traveller becomes really powerful anyway.

Oh ya, and the pencil & paper RPGs from White Wolf studios (Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, etc.) are all really good, with less emphasis on dice rolling than AD&D and more on role-playing (which allows new players to make stuff up as they go even if they don't know 100% of the rules).

I THINK that Sword Mage comment has been covered already, if not thanks. As for White Wolf games... well, I'm personally not THAT fond of them. Why only d10s? Personally I love rolling huge piles of dice. That's why I like Battletech and Games Workshop stuff.

Poor guy...
First Google, I want to thank you for you recommending to me Xenogears, so far it's a great game. Anyway, I'm really checking out E3 updates from other websites and on one update at (on May 11), there was a E3 news headline that stated that Squaresoft will release Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger for the Playstation this summer!! I immediately went to your website to see what you have on this story and I haven't seen any mention about this. I also checked other websites and they don't state this news story.. Do you know if your E3 guys came across these games at the Squaresoft booth? Thanks for your time.


Well, I hate to tell you this, but you misread that. SEQUELS to SoM and CT will be out this summer. Namely Legend of Mana and Chrono Cross.

SaGa Frontier
To the person who was asking for SaGa Frontier help in Brad's last column:

- Spoilers ahead -

I'm fairly certain that there is only that single ending when fighting Hell's Lord; I base this on two facts: I don't know anybody who has gotten any other ending, and I've beaten Hell's Lord in two turns.

I know the thought "That ending sucks!" springs to mind, but remember that the credits were shown after the fight with Rouge; basically, everything after that *is* the ending sequence.

-- Speed

I haven't played SF1, so, I'm just going to move on.

WA2 Help Part 1
Hey Google
This is for WingXero.
To get Tim's special powers, you have to equip him with the different guardians and summon them. For example, to get 'Red Beaut' you have to summon the fire guardian so many times. Its sort of like the esper system in FF6.
And without further ado...

Kill "He's Badrew, I'm Killbot, YOU'RE next!" Bot.

Maybe I should have used Brad's format today...

SF2 Questions
Hey Goog,

I recently bought SaGa Frontier 2, and I have some questions.

1) I was visiting the city of Gruegel when something wierd happened. If you go Northeast from where you enter, there's a castle gate with a guard patrolling the area. If you talk to him, he says "Bug off" or something to that effect. But when I talked to him this time, he said "Bug off" and added, "Oh, you're bothering me. I'll give you this to go away.", and a window popped up asking me which slot my PocketStation was in, obviously to give me something. Of course, I don't have one. Would you happen to know what he gives you?

2) In the booklet, it says the "+" signs next to each of the weapon and magic types on the R2 quick menu are "Character Attributes". I'm not sure what that indicates, however. Does the character specialize in that area, or what?

On an unrelated note (sorta), there was a question about Blue's quest on SaGa Frontier 1, and the words "The End" appear after a while. Well, it happened to me, and I just went on as if I had beaten the quest, and I still achieved the special ending that you get if you beat all of the characters' scenarios.

On another unrelated note, have you ever tried pressing the Select button when an audio CD is playing in the Playstation? I didn't know about that until recently.

Thanks for your help in advance, Goog.


Your first question is answered in the instructions... ironically it's just about the only useful info in there. Yes, the +s do mean they have a natural affinity with that weapon/spell, I have no real comment on the SF1 thing since I still haven't played it, and finally, yes, start is play and select is stop. That's just sad.

WA2 Help #2
Hey Googleshng,
Just figured I would try and contribute. In Wild Arms 2 Tim's spells are all linked to Guardian forces, each one gives him up to two spells, these spells are accessed by equipping tim with the related guardian and having him kill enemies (if you look at his spell lists, it will list the fp cost of each one, but before it is a number, that being the number of enemies you have to kill to unlock that spell.)

Hope that helps

Already covered above I believe, and there's more down the line.

Cheshire Catalyst
Well, I was at Barnes & Noble, the bookstore yesterday, and I was just perusing through the periodicals, when I stumbled upon the 2600 magazine. I've looked at it before, but this time, I flipped to an article called "Your Internet Birthday" and it was written by someone by the name "The Cheshire Catalyst". Would this happen to the be the same CC that does pics for you? I thought that was just really weird.


I seem to recall this came up when he guest hosted. Anyway, to my recollection, it's just a coincidence.

Sound conversion
I have been on RPGamer for about a year, and one of the things I like about RPGamer is the music. It is great. I hear different music from Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy games. I want to put them on a cd. One of the problems is that I don't know how to change a midi file to a wav file. Could you tell me how to do it? I tried different ways. I would like a way that doesn't cost anything.


There's a lot of freeware programs out there that can convert sound files. I might track down some specifically if I get the time and post them here later.


Tons of quickies: RAR! POST US!

I will, I will, just give me time!

The Last Laugh:

I would have to get an extra big pile of letters the one day I decide to post the lot of them. I'm still going to finish posting the whole wad, but it's going to take me a while. As is, that's a lot more than normal, so it should keep you happy. There's also a whole bunch of cool pics I'll splice in here when the whole thing is done.

Googleshng "overworked"
Posting over 100 letters is time consuming, you know?

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