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Googleshng - May 10 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

The next few days should be pretty cool all around. Today is arguably kinda special, but who cares? Tomorrow's guest host will be Brian Wachter, one of RPGamer's newest staffers, and a longtime friend of mine. He's played most stuff, so pretty much all questions are fair game... don't bother asking him my gender though, since he's never met me in person. The only way you're going to find THAT out is if you come to stalk me at Anime Central... and actually a decent number of people are planning to do that. Anyway, while I'm there watching obscure anime and blowing every cent I have on stuff to take home, Brad will be hosting Q&A live from E3... well, I guess not live, if he did it live you'd all have to hit reload an awful lot. 8) Then after that I'll be back to plug the fact that Tuesday will be my 100th column... maybe I'll do something special and cheesy for that, like, print 100 letters... nah, that would be cruel. Well, something anyway. Today though is just my boring old More columns than any other host column. Oh, also I updated Fan Googles again, and fixed the two things I put up yesterday while I was at it. Now let's get going.

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How do you pronounce...?
In the Genesis:
Shining Force
Domingo just rules.
Hey you gooeyness Congrads on being the longest Q&A host here.
Anyway heres a real Final Fantasy 8 question... In the triple Triad Card game is there any suggestions you have on how to play? (I just got the game yesterday)

Thanks. Anyway, the best advice I can give is to spread as few rules as you can, and learn to take advantage of the rest. 8)

Dear googleshng...*checks page*, yes g-o-o-g-l-e-s-h-n-g

I have a problem, and after reading your column for so long I've decided to ask for your help. I got Xenogears last month (yeah i know I'm late but money is tight) and I got 44 hours into it and then i put it into my playstation, boot it up and i hear SKKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee. Thoroughly confused, i open up my system to find the disk was off a bit and it went flying around in the top and got scratched up by the....uh...*waves hand in circular motion* disk-spinny-thingy... you know. Anyway, my disk is really scratched up and when you boot it, it loads the opening FMV and the X at the end keeps fading in and out. I tried putting the other disk in and loading the save, it tells me to put in the other disk and when I do it just sits there at a blank screen trying it's little electronic heart out to boot. I'm currently at the part after you get Maria and it says "Intruder Alert!" on the save. My friend burned me a copy and i wanted to know if I am close enough (or how much time i have left) to the start of the second disk that i can rent the game and finish it in one session, or if I should spend the money for a Mod Chip?

To sum it Up..

1. How close am I to the second disk?
2. How much does a Mod Chip Cost?
3. Does anyone rent Xenogears anymore?
4. What do you suggest I do?
5. What's Cooking?
6. How many hits does your rant site get? Being so closely tied to rpgamer must get you thousands of hits!

If you could answer these questions for me i would be highly appreciative.

Well... in theory if you didn't have anything else at all to do, you could get to disk 2 on a rental probably. Good luck finding a place that rents it out though. If you have a friend who has the game though, can't you just borrow it from him for a few days? As for how many hits my page tends to get, well... that's a good question. I don't like hit counters, and don't particularly care, but I was getting 500 hits a day before I started doing Q&A here, so it should be a bit higher now... but then I don't do an update every 2 days anymore. Let's just say a lot.

Konban wa Google

How are you? I'm doing just dandy. Since you are currently undergoing a shortage of mail, here's my piddly e-mail (maybe next time I will try and bribe you with a fan google). This is a Kartia question. Do you know if there are any hidden cards you get (possibly like arena, way out of the way chests that sort of thing)? The second question also pertaining to Kartia is, do you know if it is worth beating? I love the game, but I don't think I've ever talked to anyone whoe has actually beaten the game? Thanks for reading this. Here is a tilde for you and the rest of the staff that participates in the obscure quote on the title bar game. ~

Congrats on passing up Brad
Gygaxis Thisandthatis,
Bryan Jebavy
Googleshng wa ponbiki desu

If you want to get all the secret stuff in Kartia, here's all you have to do: Destroy everything. If there's a bookcase, burn it. If there's a tree, burn it, if there's a Kyau, blow it away with an energy demon or two, and heck, you can also get some stuff from killing certain encrypters and stuff. I really do love the system of magic in that game, don't you? Completely customizable spells that really wreak havoc on the terrain. As for whether it's worth winning, well, I think it is. Darn good plot, especially when you play through both scenerios and see everything. When you beat one you can transfer all your weapons and armor over to the other too.

Wait, this isn't an RPG!
RE4 Spoiler

Hey Google,
How in the world due you beat tyrant in the plane hanger? I got at least 7 grenades on him on time out, but that still wasn't enough! He barely even blinks when he gets hit.

PS: To all the other loyal readers I made quickies a couple weeks back, so don't give up if you can't seem to make it. Dreams do come true

The Great Cornholio

This has absolutely nothing to do with RPGs, but I'm in a weird mood so I'll answer it anyway. Basically, you unload everything you have at it until it starts staggering after every couple shots. Then just ran over, hit the button, and wave goodbye.

Suikoden 3
Hey, Goog!
I just had a couple of things to say about the Suikoden series. I thought that the first one was very cool. It was the first "true", good rpg I cut my teeth on. (The fist rpg type game for me was Shining Force. Long live Shining Force!) Then a couple of years passed and I got Suikoden II. At first, I thought that it was awesome because I had just been playing FFVIII and Suikoden's pacing is just a whole lot faster. Hardly any load time, you run around fast, and battles are realy fast for having six in your party. It had really sweet music too. About as good as the first which I really liked and bought the soundtrack to. After a while though, I began to lose interest in playing Suikoden II bacause I realized that it was almost the exact same gameplay as the first with slightly upgraded graphics, a few menu improvements and some different spell mechanics(not very different even). I played up to the last dungeon, but stopped there because 1) I had lost a lot of interest, and 2) *spoiler* Nanaki got killed with the really good fire rune (the rage rune if I am remembering correctly). I gotta kick myself in the ass so I can get the will to finish it someday. Well, what I am getting at in a really really roundabout way, (I wanted to get some stuff about Suikoden off of my chest) is that, do you think that Suikoden III will be more of the same? Because if it is, I don't think that I will be interested enough to get it. See ya later.


Well, nobody can say anything about Suikoden 3 at this point. It was just announced. There might be some interesting info at E3 though, so feel free to ask Brad this weekend.

This is to answer the question about the puzzle in breath of fire 4 that someone asked about. Yes, there are similar puzzles like in BoF3. There's even a part where you have to walk around a grass field similiar to the desert scene in BoF3, though it's less annoying, but still just as frustrating.

If anymore question of BoF4, I'm more than willing to answer ^_^ hee hee (spoilers anyone?)


Uh, thanks.


It's my birthday, so
Print this please, and today's quote
Is from Xenogears.


Uh, happy birthday then.

every magazine review thats come out says that vagrant story is 20-30 hours despite any rumor that says it was really short. are you going to buy it now?


I noticed. I wouldn't say a rumor though. That short time extimate came from the game's producer. I guess things changed. 8)

Hey googleshng, guess what?

It's hot.

Actually, it's raining now, so it isn't really.

I have Dragon Force for Saturn. Yay.

Why must people rub that in?

Slephnier was mothered by Loki and fathered by a male , that is why he's a mutant looking creature.


So what? 2 Y chromosomes gives you 8 legs? No wait, all of Loki's kids are freaks.

Hey! Your not wearing shorts!


Actually I AM, although I wear sweat pants a good 360 days a year.

Any idea if RPGamer is going to review Wild Arms 2?

I know someone will, but I'm not sure who.

The Last Laugh:

Someone sent in an amusing theory that I was an Amano character. I didn't print it though because uh... hey, why didn't I print that? It was funny. Oh well. Need sleep.

Googleshng "Packing"
Time to finish Escaflowne!

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