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Googleshng - May 9 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

I have a fridge again. That was pretty fast really. Also I spent the day cleaning and managed to uncover a window that's been blocked forever. So, it's not QUITE as unbearable in here now. Anyway, moving on, do you know what today is? Today marks the day that no other person has written more RPGamer Q&A columns than me. Brad still has me tied right now though, so tomorrow is the day I officially pass him. Then of course he catches up again this weekend, but this is the week where letters are hurting from so many people having finals. Oh yeah, I finally got around to a long overdue update of the Fan Googles page, check it out if you care.

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Hey google,
I was watching Raw is War and up popped a commercial for Vagrant Story. Have you seen this yet? I've been waiting for this game for months and I love seeing commercials for Squaresoft games. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I flipped out way back when the were pushing Secret of Mana, my personal favorite. Do you think video games should be advertised more often in the form of TV commercials? For me, nothing is more convincing than a full motion teaser.

Well, commercials for games are a rare and wonderful thing yes, the only problem is that they almost never show any gameplay, just FMV. If they had commercials that actually showed off gameplay, that would just be great... like the trailer of Vanguard Bandits we have up. Anyway, as far as Vagrant Story goes, I'm still split between disdain from hearing it's freaky short, and wanting to play it because I hear it has really good mechanics and it has a very distinct style to it. Reminds me of the guy who does all the illustrations for AD&D's Planescape books. Tony DiTerlizzi I think his name is.

I'm a sucker for this kind of thing
Yo Goog!

Since you seem to be short on letters these days...

Do you know if Breath of Fire 4 contains puzzle elements like number 3 did? Some of those puzzles were fairly interesting.

Also, do you know where I could get the complete Amber series in separate books? I'd prefer buying the separate books rather than that big, ugly Great Book of Amber.


Well, I haven't heard much about BoF4 yet, and to tell you the truth, I never got a chance to play 3. Being broke sucks. Anyway though, since this is Capcom we're talking about, and they are the undisputed masters of selling the same game over and over, my guess would be yes. 8) As for the Amber question, there I can give a more satisfying answer. All ten books were just reprinted within the last couple of years, so they should still be in pretty good supply if you look in the right places. Check Amazon.

Mr. Saturn,

I am now proud to be a member of the same demographic slot as you; I just bought a Sega Saturn, but I have no games and have no idea where to get them. But, as i was inspecting my newly acquired acquisition, i noticed the slot towards the back that says "Cartridge Insert". I realize that this is probably for memory cards, expansion packs, and the like, but do you know if i can play Genesis games on this thing too? I have no genesis games to try it out.
good luck hunting down games!

opul (Paster of Muppets)

ps. do you know of a good place online to find dungeon maps for the original Phantasy Star (only as a last resort)?

Nope, you can't jam a Genesis game into the memory catrige slot in a Saturn and play it. You can't jam it in at all without breaking something come to think of it. As for maps of Phantasy Star, check out The Phantasy Star Pages. It's a really good page all around.

Even More on !Redx2
Not to berate the issue overmuch, this is my understanding of the FFV !X-Magic/!2xRed command works.

First, you have actually get the skill, and it has to be placed somewhere in the characte's command list.

!X-Magic by itself will enable White and Black magic up to level 3. 2 spells may be cast from either group. To enble X-Summon, the !Summon command has to be placed in the list as well, which seems rather pointless. !X-Jikuu will work only if both !X-Magic and !Jikuu/!Dimen are in the list.

!X-Magic will not work with !Blue, or with another !X-Magic, so you can't casts Fire2 on Shiva four times at once.

Thanks for clearing that up. Let's move on now though.

I checked EB World's info on the CDs that come with these 3 Square games. Each game comes with a CD of 5 tracks from the game. Definitely not worth worrying about, but the games are worth the $40 without any extras, so you might as well reserve it, unless you've already got the complete soundtrack. (imports maybe). Wyre

Only 5? That's a rather half hearted effort if you ask me. Still a nice gesture though.


"That right. I'm a coward" is uttered in the best RPG I've ever played, Xenogears. It's said by Fei to Elly after he tries to blame others for the Gear incident. The FMV that plays after the comment has the absolute worst dubbing I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. Yuck.

Meanwhile, all this talk of Odin reminds me of something. Do you recall Odin from FF7? I distinctly remember how I saw him having two different attack animations. The normal, throw giant spear into sky, and the other one, ride mutant horse past full moon to attack with sword. What's up with that? I know it doesn't happen all the time, but I can't find any reason why there is two animations for him. Is he the only one with two?

-Red Raven, no doubt

"A mutant horse"? That's Slepnir! Well, I guess he is a mutant horse, but Square has this nasty habit of cutting off two of his legs, and that's just wrong. Anyway, basically they stuck in the spear thing to make Odin worth using against bosses. Also, that's not the only GF with two animations. There's a small chance when you summon Choco-Mog that instead a fat chocobo falls from the sky. Also, Xenogears has a much better dub than a lot of things I've heard. 8) Oh yeah, tons of people got this, so here's some tildes for you all to split: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Hey there Google-
What is this game 'Lords of Lunar'? I've never heard of it...


Put in the Making of Lunar CD. At any point, just hit Up Down Left Right Triangle Start. Tada! It's really fun in one of those simplistic sorts of ways. Very cool easter egg.

I just finished capturing all 150 pokémon, and want to start over with all my old pokémon. Is there anything special I've got to do to keep them in the new game (some sort of hidden NewGame+ option), or do I just select new game?
- Hiedran
P.S. Hope you stop cookin'.

The best way to start over with all your Pokémon is to rent Stadium, upload them all the the N64 boxes, start a new game, and take them back. If you do this though (or the slower method of trading them all with 2 copies of the game) make sure you're happy with all your names, because you won't be able to change them after.

Mr. Google
I have been wondering, is Square going to release the re-make of Chrono Trigger in the U.S.? Or should I try to find a SNES copy? Thank you.

Evidently not. Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't.

Hi, hi, hello there, Googleshng,
I remember a long time ago someone asked what the voices were saying in one of the boss battle musics from Xenogears. I don't know what date it was printed and I'm dying to know!

Sentient mode is capable. Don't go sending in other theories, because I checked that very carefully.

I'm bored. And I don't have anything to do.


Evidently not.

Man it is so friggin hot!


It sure is.

I said ****! on your column!
Take that!



The Last Laugh:

There you have it. I miss C.C.'s pics... wonder when he'll rise from the grave and get back to them. Anyway, I'm really tired from moving furniture all day, and will now promptly collapse and sleep. Good bye.

Googleshng "Long term"
Oh yes Jogurt, I DO like your helmet.

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