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Googleshng - May 8 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Yesterday, Brad put the column up late. He also encouraged everyone to ask "What's cookin'?" While it should be noted that about 90% of you did, which is more than I expected from that, most of my letters today don't say anything else. So here I am with very few letters, most of which just say "What's cookin'?". On top of this, it's the hottest day of the year, I effectively live in a greenhouse, and the refridgerator died yesterday. In short, today sucked. Yesterday wasn't too bad though. I got to visit a friend of mine, watch some movies, play some games, watch Monty Python and see the sun rise... yesterday was also 48 hours long, since I'm countng it as having started when I woke up. Oh yeah, Sharkey rose from the grave and said high too. In any case though, I put a rant up.

Does the breezes knows?
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Sick question
i read about a deal at babbages or software etc. which offers a "FREE Music Selections audio CD" if you pre-order chrono cross.

i was wondering if you knew anything about this cd... i assume it is not a full soundtrack, but is it more than just a track or two? i dont want to pay forty bucks for a game if the bonus is lame. (wow... i rhymed!) anyhow, thanks.

-the stool god

There's only one way anyone could possibly answer this question. Not to be rude, but, what the @#$% is wrong with you? 8) Seriously though, Chrono Cross, based on everything I've heard, is more than worth buying just on it's own merits. Actually, it just now occured to me that you probably meant pay $40 now or wait and get it used. Sorry, I'm tired and hot and can't think of the third due to the first two. Anyway, that's a good question. Obviously it's not the full OST since they specifically say so. My guess would be about 10 tracks though, hopefully with better quality than FFA's though... better selection too. >8(
By the way, this reminds me. Yesterday someone asked if there were any RPGs in which all the songs are variations of of one core theme. The answer is yes. Chrono Trigger. There may be one or two exceptions, been a while, but if you listen hard enough and long enough, every song in the game is a variation of the main theme. A lot of them are EXTREME variations, but the overall structure of every song is exactly the same. It's really quite cool.

Save me a wing!
Yesterday someone asked a question regarding what wyverns are. The main difference between wyverns and dragons are that wyverns have no "arms." They have legs to stand on (one set) and wings. Dragons have 2 sets of legs and wings. Also, wyverns have considerably less intelligence.

works cited: AD&D monstrous manual, Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles (table top), dave the wyvern from down the street.

matt sullivan,

Yes, that sounds about right based on my knowledge of such things too. Speaking of which, for 8 bit graphics, the wyverns from Phantasy Star look darn cool.

This is not RPG related, but I'm asking anyway because you're into anime and would know the answer to this. In anime, what is an OVA and how does it differ from an anime movie or an episode of an anime series?

OVA stands for Original Video Animation. THey're also called OAVs. That stands for the same stuff, but in an order that seems to make more sense to me, and doesn't spell egg. 8) Anyway, basically it refers to a series (or movie I think) that was only released on video. In this country, that only happens with movies Disney doesn't believe will sell in theaters because they're garbage, but in Japan OAVs are actually good. The production values are higher than a normal series, and they tend to be even more serial than televised series. That cover everything?

what's cookin? anyway, can you do me a favor and give me a whole bunch of money? see, normally i wouldn't ask a thing like that, but there's all this stuff i wanna buy, and to buy stuff you need money, so can i have some? preferably like a million dollars or so?

thanks a lot,

Let me get this straight. You're asking someone who's completely broke, and whose refriderator just died on a 90 day, to give you money. You see, you have to HAVE money to get it. Why don't you just go kill Bill Gates half of his? Give me the other half while you're at it. I need to get a new fridge. 8)

Long Awaited Answer
**Hey Google and Paws,
I have a good question for you guys. What does the Japanese writing say when Odin attacks in FF8?
TheLunarKnight **

Dear Google:

I think the answer to that is Zantetsuken, or "Steel/Iron Breaking Sword".

A ton of people backed this up, and a couple of them sent me pics. There's kanji in them, so I'll just have to trust the majority on that translation.

Hey there goog, I guess I must be more qualified than U and Paws (Either that or I play more FF V), 'cause I Feel it fitting to explain more how Red Mages work.

!Redx2 allows you to cast any 2 spells you can cast (except blue...) in one turn, and give you the ability to cast Red magic (L1-3 of White and Black). Thus, if you make a person a Mimic, give them !Redx2, !Dimen, and !White, Redx2 will give access to ALL Dimen magic, White magic, and L1-3 Black Magic. I think that only Black, White, Dimen, and Summon can be used (not sure 'bout summon tho).

- Vaevictis666

(Oh, and as an aside to the person writing about P&P RPGS, I'd have to agree with Paws on either D&D or Palladium. D&D needs 2 books, Palladium needs 1.)

If that's true, then that's really cool. I see you don't like Square translation from your terminology. 8)


Hey, what's cookin', Goog? ^_^

I just had an FFV question for you... is there a way I can find out where all those blasted Blue Mage spells are?!


Like I plugged on Thursday, the FF5 FAQ on RPGamer is full of all sorts of cool things. One of them is a list of all blue spells and what you can get them from.

Hey Goog, in yesterday's Q&A someone hyped up Betrayal at Krondor and told that it could be purchased for 5 dollars at your local store. Well, Sierra is giving it away FOR FREE. Here's the download site:
If you don't think it's legit, you can go to the main page at
I'm just that good!
-Squall the Surly SeeD

I'm sure that will make uh.. someone happy.

What's Cookin'?

Me! It's too hot in here!

'What's Cookin' in each letter tomorrow, and you'll all get a special prize next weekend.. (snicker)"

It wasn't in every letter, but it was darn close... a lot of what I printed was sent before he asked that.

What's cooking?

Die Brad.

What's cooking?

Die Brad.

What's cooking?

Die Bob... oops, I missed.

The Last Laugh:

I'm not really mad at Brad or anything. I just like telling people to die. 8) Anyway, this upcoming weekend, Brad will be doing Q&A life from E3. By the end of the week, you will probably be sick of my mentioning that. I'll be at Anime Central, but you probably are already sick of me mentioning THAT. Not like you should care or anything, I'm just really excited about it. By the way, did anyone see that editorial about my gender that's been up this last week? Creepy that the issue is spreading to other pages. Anyway, I feel awful in every respect I can think of, so I think I'll go turn on 30 fans or so and colapse for 8 or 9 hours. Good night. Oh yeah, don't forget I put a rant up. 8)

Googleshng "Awful"
The heat is on.

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