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Googleshng - May 4 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Oh boy. As you may have noticed, I am once again plunged into the magical pit of spikes we like to call helping out newbies. Actually, I don't really mind, especially since this batch includes a friend of mine. Anyway, here's Paws... who I should really call by her actual name since she's on the staff this time. So, here's Anna.. no, that's just to weird. Paws. 8)

Paws: Hi! I miss doing this. No, honestly, but I've been busy doing lots of other things =^^=. Also, I am now well! Yay! Most of you don't know, but the reason I basically dropped from existance was because I had the flu for six weeks-since the 1st of march! But, I'm all better now and working steadily at the new section. But, no one knows what it is and I like it that way. It'll be a big, happy surprise =^^= Anyway, time for the column!

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Whole lot of FF5 questions
1.) What are the best combos for each character?
Paws: There's many good combos. It really depends on the situation. Boss battles mean barbarians are basically no-nos, especially bosses like the sand worm that punish you for attack haphazardly. I like to keep 2 magic classes and 2 warrior classes.

2.) Is Sorcerer worth anything? The sword magick so far seems pretty useless.
Paws: They're good against bosses. Other than that, not really cept that they're pretty good fighters.

3.) Does the red mage make the black/white mage obsolete? If it does then i'll be sure to transfer my current black mage to a red mage. ;)
Paws: Nope, you just have to understand how it works. The red mage only has access to certain of the magics. a White mage can access *all* white magic, and the black all the black, but the red mage is limited in each. I'm trying to remember which ones...but I can't, so next question! =^^=

4.) Is the berserker worth anything? I've tried him twice, first I can't control him and second he hits for about 8 damage when a monk hits for 100. is he completely useless?
Paws: Check a couple things. One, his weapon. Most berserker weapons pretty much suck because they're not dependable (axes, for example), but there is something good after you've got him to level 2 if I remember correctly, but it takes a frigging long time to get there so you prolly won't think it's worth it.

5.) Summoners, are they worth it? (I haven't tried them out yet.)
Paws: They summon the dudes that have joined you. Easy enough?

6.) How do the blue mages work? Are they useless? I got Reina up to the third level of abilities in blue magic and couldn't figure out how to get her to be able to use it! What am I missing?
Paws: You ever play FFVI? Know how Strago works? Same deal. For those who haven't played or didn't get his abilities, it boils down to this: you need to experience the magic and survive in order to acquire it.

7.) Last one. When you get your abilities the white/black/red say they cast lvl. 1 spells, lvl. 2, and so on. So would just the lvl. 1 white magic cast all white magick spells that had no number on the end. And lvl. 2 white magick would cast all white magic spells with no number and with 2 (Cure, Cure2.) If so can you eventually get a Cure6 so that a non-white mage will be able to cast it?
Paws: Nope, not quite. Each magic has a level assigned to it which I honestly don't remember how to access. The levels don't come into effect *while* you're that class. They come into effect once you use that magic ability with another class. Level 1 gets you access to the 'basic' spells: fire, ice, lightning, and cure. antidote is level 2, if I remember right, fire2 is level 3.

Good luck! =^^=

Well, let me just give a good rundown of FF5's class system. First of all, the abilities you gain from going up job levels have no effect right then. For example, if you are a white mage, you can cast all white magic regardless of your job level. However, if you only have White2, then if you switch to another class and pick !White as your secondary ability, you can only use levels one and two. Furthermore, after you master a class, if you switch to Bare, you automatically get all the non-! abilities from it. Very nice. Moving on, Red Mages get red magic. The spells are the same as white and black, but the abilities to cast them are independant. So, Red Mages only have access to the first half of the white spells, and the first half of the black. This includes nice staple spells like Bolt2 and Raise (each row on the list of spells is one level). Furthermore, Red Mages EVENTUALLY get !Redx2 which let's you cast two red spells in one turn. So, they don't get the great spells, but they get the good spells twice (for 999 JP). Blue mages learn spells that monsters cast on them. Some of these are EXTREMELY good. Berserkers, with the right weapon, do more damage than any other class (especially with 2-hand as a secondary ability). Always being Berserk isn't usually good though, so I don't recommend them. Sword Mages just plain suck. Does that about cover everything? If not, take a look at RPGamer's FF5 FAQ. It's very helpful.

I'm a lumberjack and... I'll shut up.
Yggdrasil actually is part of an ancient Nordic mythology. It is the sacred ash tree of life, always being attacked by Nidhogg, the evil serpent. The fountain of life is supposed to be under one root, while Hel, which is the Nordic version of Hell, is under another root. The only pronunciation I have ever heard of it was in Grandia. Colonel Mullen always referred to their operation as "Operation Yggdrasil." In Grandia it was pronounced Yig-drai-sool, with little space between the Y and the G. Think of a scandinavian accented guy saying it.

Anyways, that's all for my rambling. Hope you learned something.


As stupid as this sounds, I learned this in a romance novel. I love historical books, and there are an abundance of romance novels based on travel backwards (and forwards) in time, so I end up reading them for the historical content rather than the gushy endings :P

As for pronouncing it I've been hounding someone for months to help me but he hasn't gotten a confirmation. It's one of those words where I throw up my hands and go "I won't go there!" because I know people are gonna argue over it. Same deal with Chocobo :)

I'm going to stick by what I said yesterday, unless the people who gave me the correct pronounciation of Ragnarok disagree.

FF8 Spoiler
OK, I would rather it be Xenogears day or something, but FF day is also cool. So here is a question for you. At the beginning of disk 4 in FF8, I am needing some help on how to beat Adel. You know when Rinoa is tied to her. I can't seem to beat this boss fight and I really don't feel like starting all over again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man.


While this isn't a strategy that can stand on it's own, it's incredibly effective. Attack them both. Seriously. What you do to prevent Rinoa from kicking the bucket is simple. Cast regen on her at the beginning of the battle, and use cures on her as needed. You'll need to work out exactly how much damage you do and how much she can take so you don't kill her in one shot, but that shouldn't be that tough. Double and Triplew works amazingly well here, and if you want you could cast shell and barrier on her too, though that just may hinder your curing and regenning if anything. Yes, you *can* cast healing spells on enemies, just like you can cast offensive spells deliberately on your allies.

I hope you got all your side quests done, only one is available in disc4!

Forget healing spells. Just get recover so you can heal her by 9999 for no MP. Also a good why to kill undead.

Well, it seems our boy Thor over there is usually late on his columns.. and since now Paws is on Rpgamer bout we give Fridays to her? Might be interesting. All right..onto the questions.
Paws: *blushes* Might be fun, but I'm working on the new section and that's keeping me hopping. One day'd be fun, but then people would want me to do the whole weekend and I've already told you peoples, no bumping off Brad =^^=

1. Have you ever noticed that EVERY game in essence is a roleplaying game? Let's take half-life for example : You "PLAY" Gordon Freeman as he tries to save the world.
Paws: Yes, that's what makes a game truly good, how well you feel immersed into it. However, truly definiing an RPG is a difficult task and everyone has their opinions, though there are a few common things shared. I'd list them, but I know at least one person would be contrary and write in they disagree.

2. What's the true story behind the tilde?
Paws: Do the wwAAAAAAaaaave!

3. All right..last one. I've been trying to get into Pen and Paper RPGs for a while now.. Google, Paws, which one should i start with?
Paws: I cut my teeth personally on AD&D, though my favorite now is RIFTS. To start? I'd recommend anything in the Palladium series, depending on your specific tastes, but PFRPG's prolly the best for beginners (Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game). The rules are simpler and there's less books in the series.

Googleshng and Paws
They are writing the column
I like to eat cheese
Paws: You know what? I hate poetry. Mean english teacher.

Hmm... you know, I pretty much agree with what Paws said on everything there.

Translation problems
After beating FFII(a) a couple of months ago, a few things have confused me about this great game:

1)After Palom and Porom cast stone on each other to stop the walls from crushing your party, when you revisit them later, a item screen pops up (similar to the one's for the pass and the Magma Key prompts). Why does it do that? No items in my inventory worked. Was it something taken out of the American version?

2)Why does every character that "dies" mysteriously reappear later in the game? Was Square thinking that people would enjoy to see the party members die, only to reappear as NPC's later on?

3)How can such simple and quick game(relative to newer RPGs) be so good compared to the more "advanced" and "mature" games of the present? I typically enjoy RPGs for the story (which was alright, but nothing compared to the newer games), but this game was just a cool experience; I enjoyed it without feeling like it was mainly tedious leveling up after every dungeon (like many newer games).

Those are just a few of the things that bothered me, but this game is still one of my (if not my most) favorite RPGs.


1. I'm definite there is, and I know you get it underground. However, every time I think I have it I accidentally forward the plot to the point of no return. Oops! =^^=

2. There are two ways of looking at it. From the nice perspective, you're emotionally attatched to the character, battle dependant, magic dependant, etc. I for one got up and jumped up and down when I found Yang, I was *that* happy. The ugly way of looking at it? It saves money, because everything about the character is recycled and therefore cheaper.

3. Some games just have something indelible which maked them this way. That's as good as I can explain it :)

Every single comment in your letter is the result of Square watering the game down for the US port. In Japan, it's harder, everyone has special abilities, and people stay dead.

Square Games
Guess what, Google?
One hundred any nineteen days until Chrono Cross is released!!!
Oh, I heard Vagrant Story is only six hours long. Is that true?


Heya Xenochick. Nice to see another female around ;)

only 19 days, eh? I'd better decide what I want more then, Pokemon TCG or it. Tough choice, I want that Meowth and I can't seem to find it in any card shops.

6 hours? I highly doubt it, though I suppose it's in the realm of possiblity. You're supposed to be able to defeat Suikoden in less than 10, but that's if you get only the basic chars you automatically run across and never go back for the others. But, Vagrant Story looks really good. I can't wait to see the dragons! =^^=

That was 119 days. Anyway, I keep hearing conflicting things abpout Vagrant Story. As far as the time, I've heard 6, 9, 15 and 30+. The 30+ was just from one person though, so he might have just been REALLY slow. I still need to find that out, because the game looks quite cool. I might get it even if it is short honestly, it seems like it might get by on style.


Hey Google and Paws,
I have a good question for you guys. What does the Japanese writing say when Odin attacks in FF8?

Paws: Sorry, I can't read Japanese. The only reason I understand any at all is because I watch so much subtitled anime. Google: If you can get me a screen shot, I can try.

Will the sequal to final fantasy 6 come out in the U.S and do you have any information about it?

Paws: O.o? Sequal to FFVI?
Google: This person is refering to a pretty well done April Fool's Day joke by a site I don't recall. I lost the link to it, pretty cute though.

Paws, can I have your phone number?

Paws: Sure: (555)-555-1234
what, you don't know the fundamental rules of the movies?

Hey there. I kinda have a hobby of collecting import RPG cartridges and packaging and stuff and playing them. I constanly get a lot of guff like "oh, it's a waste of money, why dont youjust download the emulator and rom" and stuff. Not that I'm against emulation, but for some reason I just think it is so much more fun to hold the controller in your hand and sit in front of the TV with my super famicom or famicom. Am i nuts? I mean i do use emulation to try out games before i buy them, but i hate cruddy interfaces and slowness and bugs and stuff. I'd just rather have the real thing. (and buy the way, I do read japanese {er for the most part} so it's not that big of a problem)
and furthermore, i really enjoy specifically Super famicom games. God i dont know, but i really feel like there is just more quality... I hate american cartridges and boxes and stuff. I mean i do enjoy the occasional PSX rpg, but damn, my SFC just calls to me. I love the graphics, and see it isn't any 16-bit system, it's only SFC (or SNES grrr). Well anywho, please give me some insight as i know business has been slow for you lately (business?) and it's just something i always love talking and reading about.
Adamu Oturesuki

Paws: I also prefer a controller, which is prolly why I didn't get very far in FFVII PC.
Google: I know this is really long for a quickie, I was just glad to hear I wasn't the only one who goes to the trouble of tracking old games down instead of getting ROMs.

..............why write up a column if there are no letters?


Paws: Personally, as someone who reads the column everyday, I'd rather see a 'sorry, there won't be a column today' rather than NOTHING.
Google: Well, if nothing else, it let's you know that I'm not just running late, dead in a gutter, slacking off, or anything else like that. I like keeping people informed.

How come no one has noses in FF Tactics? Is it a genetic disorder or is it just a world where noses aren't needed? -Zev

Paws: It;s a natural defense mechanism. Remember, perfume is an armor. (and damn good an accessory)
Google: One of many. They also have the ability to alter their skin and hair to fit their job, like chameleons.

The Last Laugh:

Paws: I really enjor doing Q&A and hope to be back soon! =^^= Now, don't forget to watch for me in the new section, I hope to get it up real soon! I will sign off with my new classycat face: =^_ _^= Now no one will think my ears are my eyes any more!

Google: Sorry to keep you waiting. E-mail problems made this take me 8 hours. Not fun. Anyway, this pic ISN'T by C.C. but by Bart. That reminds me, I haven't heard from C.C. in a while, i think he's sick. Poor him.

Googleshng "Ugh"
Ooh, someone's upping screens for my favorite game series! Yay!

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