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Googleshng - May 3 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

When I openned my mail today, I was really excited since I got slightly more letters than yesterday. Then I remembered that I didn't empty my mail yesterday. I have, like, nothing. All I see in here that's new are people correcting me that thing I said about about PS1. Appearently, it WAS rereleased on the Megadrive (Japanese Genesis) in very limited numbers (10,000 copies) so it's basically impossible to find. Also, a ton of people got the Error quote, several of which in haiku format. So, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There you go. Ayway, send some stuff in for tomorrow please. Heck, resend stuff I haven't printed over the last couple of days, my mail is an ugly mess so I'm just dumping it all. If you need another topic to get you thinking (it worked great last time) how about the FF games. Seriously. If there's any weird questions that haven't been answered about any of them, now's a good time to ask.

In other news, tomorrow Paws will be guest hosting again. So, send in all those Paws type questions while you're at it.

Any questions?
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