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Googleshng - May 1 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Brad popped on real late and said he had a migrane and therefore couldn't do a column yesterday. I'm still feeling kinda lousy myself come to think of it. Anyway, thankfully, I THINK I have enough left over from Thursday to pull a full column off. Let's just hope.
Also, since for some reason lately the ammount of letters coming in has seriously dropped off, I came up with an icky artificial gimmick to get things rolling again. Every day/week/whatever I'll pick one of the old games I have lying around that I have memorized but nobody ever asks about and ask for questions about it. Now, while I will still accept, and may I add GREATLY prefer questions about other games, hopefully mentioning one will make some people remember things they've always wondered about it, and they'll help beef up my letter supply. If not, oh well.
In that spirit, do any of you have any questions about the Phantasy Star series? I never see anything about it in here.

Does the breezes knows?
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In the PSX:
8 attacks! Yay!
FM3 yet again
Hey Googie

Im playing FM3, and II was thinking to myself "these are pretty easy battles..." until I got to the one Im at. Im at the battle where your at Taal Naval Base, and I think its the last battle. The enemies that are there are: 3 unidentified wanzers, 1 wanzer with a guy named Jose, 1 unidentified monster machine thing, 1 monster thing with a comander or general (I forget), and 1 helicopter. You start out in a corner, and you closed in by boxes (sort of) If you remember this battle, I think its around 18-20, can you please tell me how to get through it? Ive tried about 15 times, and I cant figure it out. Same thing happense every time. You dont have to print this, but please reply.


First of all, that's no where near the last battle in the game. It is however noticably harder then a lot of early ones. The best advice I can give is to just fully upgrade, set your defense for Piercing, save a couple missles for the helicopter, and probably take out Jose first, Monsters aren't really that bad.

An SO2 Question I can answer!

I have a small problem that I was hoping you could help me with. While trudging through the Field of Love on Energy Nede in Star Ocean 2, I ran into some trouble. I was surrounded on all sides by Master Mages and those purple shield guys. Things were grim, so I tried the only option left: A nuclear bomb. The item description read "blows everything to bits," and having never used a bomb, I foolishly assumed this meant the enemies.

Suprise! I use the bomb and my party is reduced to 1 hp, except for Leon, who is DEAD! I managed to survive somehow, but now everyone in the party understandably hates Claude. How can I fix this... Oh no! ID has awakened! He's taking me over! Help!


Whew. What was that? Anyway, how can I bring up Claude's relationship values again? Please help. I'm having dreams about Ashton stealing Rena and Leon's ghost keeps throwing dinner plates at my head.

-Shinesman Grey!

Well, as you probably know, the best ways to make people like eachother are to keep them on the same party, and I seem to recall healing spells effect it too. Then of course there's the quick fix, books! That's really the only useful information I can give about that game, it's on the EXTREMELY short list of RPGs which lost my interest.

More FM3
Hey Google-sama,

I had been playing Front Mission 3 recently but lost interest after someone said that I would have to build up the wanzers I haven't been using. I'm not big on leveling up so how bad do you think it'll be for me and is it worth it? I just finished the battle(Emma's Scenario) where you fight really long legged wanzer-tank things and I have two characters/wanzers I haven't ever used. BTW: I just finished Escaflowne, that whole Dilandau thing...yikes! What do you think I should see next? I've also seen Slayers(and Next), Evangelion, and some Lain. I am incapable of making decisions on my own. :)

Ikari "mmm...Rei" Gendo

Well, you don't need to keep more than 4 wanzers in good shape the whole game, however, there are a couple parts where you have to split all 8 characters into 2 groups and use both. You can give the same set of 4 wanzers to both you see. Anyway, I had no problem playing through the whole game not using the 4 characters I didn't really like at all only when forced to. Just throw them in the simulator before the fight if you're worried.


I recently started to play Final Fantasy 8 again. I didn't bother to finish it the first time and I just decided to start over. I just now got to the part where I have the Ragnarok. The walkthru on this site says that the Bahamut and Eden GF's can be found on Warship island. It's supposed to be close to Edea's house, but I'll be damned if I can find it. Where the hell is this $#% island? Do you know of a website that has a map to FF8 with this island on it? This is driving me crazy!

It's not THAT close to Edea's house. Really it's in pretty much the southwestmost point on the map. Anyway, a map would do you no good because there's no landmarks near it. Just look around really carefully for the little thing sticking out of the water in the southwest corner. It's JUST big enough to land on.

Ku ku kachu?
I agree with you as far as the most insane battle comes at the end of SaGa Frontier 2. It certainly qualifies on my list of the toughest enemy battles in any RPG. As far as my question goes, is it possible to go into the final dungeon with more than 2 characters in reserve? It would sure help to rid the other 2 subbosses in those one-on-one duels to give the final boss less ammunition to hit you with.


Unfortunately no. You just have to pick the two that bother you the most and take them down. The worst thing about that fight is that you can't really character build in that game... or upgrade your equipment come to think of it.

Hey Gog.!

Why are all these people asking about your gender?!I'm sick of this "What's your gender!" thing on the internet...But that's maybe because your column is so *&^%$%^* great and you're becoming a celebrity....(Don't take that celebrity part seriously and make it go to your head okay...!)

The fact that you used the term internet instead of column worries me. Are there websites dedicated to my gender out there or something? Anyway, the only reason I can think of for people to care what my gender is would be if they wanted to impregnate me or vice versa, which flat out isn't going to happen. So really it's a moot point. I suppose trying to guess is a good way to kill time though. As for being a celebrety, well, I define being a celebrety as having there be people you don't know who care that you exist. By that logic I've been a minor celebrety for quite a long time now.


Hey, Google,
Well, I just read the column on bad letters. I thought the job could be rough, but I didn't realize there were so many letters like that..! How many people write periodically to ask inane questions like I do? Get better,

Tons, I wonder why I left that off the list of what I print.


I hope you get better soon! A sick Google is not a happy thing! ^_^


Thanks. It's creepy how many of these I got.

Feel better, Google!! ^_^ -Lord Xyyn Dragon-

See? Here's another.

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope you get better soon!

Mary-Alice Davies

... and another.

Brad did not update
So I will write this haiku
To fill up some space


Uh, thanks.

Is it just me, or do all dreamcast RPGs suck so far? Have you gone hardcore with any of them yet? Opinions?
Thanks for your time...

The only one that comes to mind is Evolution, which I haven't played. I'll put this off until PSO comes out.

My sister has a thing for amassing large amounts of money in RPGs.
What's the most amount of money you've ever gotten in a RPG?

"One who sells chickens"

I forgot the game, I think it was CT, but I once actually managed to break the money indicator so it cut off the first digit. 8)

The Last Laugh:

I'm still kinda sick and really tired, so I'll keep this brief. I said I'd try to reply to all these good letters that piled up on Thursday once I feel better, and put a rant up. I'll try to stick to that, but if you want to cut out the middle man, just resend'em so they wind up in my new mail. Also, like I said, if you can't think of any questions about anything current, have any PS questions?

Googleshng "Still sick"
Someone stole my GP joke and sent it to Brad. Wah.

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