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Googleshng - April 27 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

I've been working non-stop since I woke up this morning. Not that I don't do that every day, just that today I'm coming down with bronchitis so I've been really tired all day. Ick ick badness ick. Anyway, let's get going.

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Despite the bad reputation, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Sega Saturn. Panzer Dragoon Saga, Guardian Heroes, Dragon Force -- this thing is well worth the price (which is cheap *cheap* CHEAP nowadays.) Anyway, lately the thing's been giving me a bit of a problem, so hopefully you or one of our fine readers out there could help me out.

The other day the machine started making a weird grinding noise whenever the disc would spin. It turns out that the CD is actually making contact with the casing of the machine in one tiny spot. It's like the spinner of the CD drive has somehow become misaligned. Games still play just fine, but:

1. This noise is LOUD


2. Eventually this sort of thing would just *have* to ruin a CD

So, has anybody else had this problem? Any recommendations on how to fix it?

--bill f.

I think I'll bypass the obvious joke about how loudly the Dreamcast spins disks and take this seriously. A CD drive isn't really as fragile as you'd think. If you're willing to take the fairly small risk of breaking something, you could try just reaching in there and wiggling stuff around. On the other hand, if it's just the very edge of the CD rubbing up against something, it won't do anything to it. There's a decent margin that would have to be eroded before you hit the data.


Hi there, just a few questions.

1. Does it annoy you how evil characters in games always come back to life after you kill them over and over (Liquid Snake and Sephiroth come to mind). I mean, if you have a cool villain, it's nice to see them again, but I think one rematch is good enough.
2. What was the hardest battle for you in an RPG, ever?
3. What do you think about FF8's system of having the enemies level up with you (personally, I don't like it-- one should be rewarded for level buildin, IMHO.
4. If you were an esper/GF/summoned monster, what would you be? (I'm not trying to decipher your gender, don't worry)
5. What's the highest number of lines you've garnered in Tetris (personally, 243 on the Gameboy version)

I think that will do... for now...


As far as having to kill major characters over and over before it sticks, well, it's only fair. How many times do you have to die in a game before you get discouraged and wander off? The hardest fight I can think of in any game I've played is the end of SaGa Frontier 2. It's just flat out insane. FF8 did the whole enemies level up as you do deal, which I always like, but in this case it didn't really increase the challenge enough that it's not a question of sleeping through it. My favorite Summon has always been Bahamut, don't know why, probably because it's usually the best one. Finally, once I had a game of Tetris that was going so unbelievably well I just got sick of it and had to go. I think I was up in the 20s level wise.

The Last Laugh:

Really sorry about this, but I'm too sick to finish. Actually, that's not exactly true, but I fell asleep halfway through my second reply and slept until 2 PM. If I finish then Brad won't have enough time for his. I will try to reply to most of my mail personally to make up for it though when I'm feeling a tad better.

Googleshng "Sick"
Whenever I'm coming down with something, I just sleep through it. It's odd.

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