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Googleshng - April 26 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Here I am, all set to do the column, but there aren't enough letters. There are 40 pieces of mail in my box right now. Now, that may seem like an awful lot, but believe me, it isn't. Actually, you probably just wouldn't believe me. Therefore, today, instead of a normal column, I'll give you a glimpse of just what my mail contains on any given day. So, here's some of the nasty crud scraped out of my box, and heck, I might throw a question or too in also, just to be nice.

And Dan?
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Never Worry About Money Again!!!
Let's get right to the point.

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Best Regards
This message is being sent to you in compliance with the proposed Federal legislation for commercial e-mail (S.1618 - SECTION 301). "Pursuant to Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618, further transmissions to you by the sender of this e-mail may be stopped at no cost to you by submitting a request to REMOVE

Further, this message cannot be considered spam as long as we include sender contact information.

Yes, this is spam. I'm sure you're all QUITE familiar with it. A good chunck of the mail I've been getting has been spam. I particularly love how lately they say just reply with remove in subject and they'll take you off. Now, first of all, replying to these is usually impossible to begin with, and even if it wasn't, is just an alias for another account, so that convienient little system wouldn't work in my case.

Next example
Hey Google.
I know this topic has been carried on for a few days but I just had to say a quick thing. Like the person said the other day, art can be criticized. But I would like to add that you gotta have a reason to back your opinion up. Saying "Amano sucks" just makes you look dumb. You don't offer reasons. This goes along with everything. Saying you hate Final Fantasy 7 without any valid reasons is pointless, you're wasting your time. Also, is there any reason why Ogre Battle 64 is delayed? Atlus pushed the release to around August now, it should've been out around this time. Thanks!

Tristan Adnade

Here's a letter on an old thread. Actually, this has a little question attached, which is a good perk. I think I'll answer it. Games all get delayed for the same basic reasons. The programmers convince the producers that the time frame they wanted the game done by is unrealistic, there's a sudden snag at some point, or it's just not a good time to release a game. Usually it's a combination of the three. Anyway, a lot of letters here look just like this, minus the question.

Scattered Thoughts

1. The group of lodoss episodes is 100 smackers on tape, but only 60 for dvd. Is it worth getting?
2. I like the new setup. My cyber interior decorating skills say so. It's sleek.
3. Just because FFIX is medieval, doesn't mean it will kickass. It will of course.... but y'know...
4. MGS VR missions, Star Ocean 2, Legacy of Kain. Pristine condition. 90$ ebay. soon. You know you want it.

Thanks for reading, oh lords of games, anime, and what not.


This is a big pile of random comments and pseudo questions. It's too big to be a quicky, and too off track to be a real letter. I get tons of these. Anyway, $60 for Lodoss is a pretty good deal, and those games don't really interest me.

It's RPGamer.
Hi googleshng, I'd just like to say that you're the best Q&A person at rpgamer by a long shot. Any ways I know this isn't really rpg related, but I wanted to ask you what you thought about RE4 and how it compares to RE3 on the playstation because I'm considering getting a Dreamcast just for that game ( well there are a lot of other cool games coming out like phantasy star online ) and I was also wondering if you were also planning on buying a PS2 in addition to your recent dreamcast purchase.


Thanks for the compliment. This is a fairly good letter that has nothing at all to do with RPGs. I get 4 or 5 of this sort of thing a day, and I tend to reply to them if I have the time. Still, they aren't print worthy. Anyway, RE4 just rules. I got a DC just for it (although there's a bunch of other DC games I'm looking forward to, like PSO and EA). Although I didn't recently purchase my DC, my mom gave it to me for Christmas under extreme protest from me (we were real broke at the time). I don't have any plans to buy a PSX2 though at the momment. Extremely overpriced, no games I'm drooling over yet, and it has some technical problems.

My mistake, no wait.
In a response to a quickie yesterday, you said to bring a mime so that you could do omnislash, mime, mime, mime, mi...(etc.) Just so that person isn't misinformed or disfigured or maimed, a character cannot do another character's limit break... even with mime. So only Cloud would be able to mime omnislash. ^_^ Kupo!

-Lord Xyyn Dragon- "Mmm... Keebler elves."

This is an erronious correction. Since I was refering to the arena where you only get one character, you CAN just keep using Mime to do your limit over and over. It speeds things up quite a bit. I get corrections like this all the time. I got a couple about that Parasite Eve thing for example.

Cmon Google, this will be VERY intersting for alot of people. Is this not good enough quality or something??

Hey Goog,
I am the one who threatened to email you everyday with my letter I researched on how promising The Lord of the Rings movies look. Well this letter I am sending now took alot of thought, and is quite interesting.. so take a look!
Bottom line, The Lord of the Rings is an inspiration for almost every fantasy story, videogame or movie. I could compare it to Willow, Final Fantasy, even Star Wars. It is THE classic in my eyes, and I don't think we would have RPG's as we know them today without Tolkien's vision. But my purpose is to show you how Suikoden completely "borrows" many ideas from The Lord of the Rings. I am a huge Suikoden fan, so this is why it interested me.
There are many things similar, Ill miss some too. First, the similarities between Frodo and "The Hero McDohl" in Suikoden is eery.
- Both have an amazingly trustworthy companion that refuses to leave their side in any situation and calls them "master." (Samwise and Gremio)
- Both have a huge burden on their shoulders that has the fate of the world in their hands (Frodo has the One Ring while McDohl carries the Black Rune). Not to mention misuse will lead both of them to the darkside...
- Both are unlikely carriers of their respective burdens, and its never really explained why..
- Beorning and Pahn although seemingly have good hearts, turn on Frodo and McDohl feeling putting the Ring and the Rune to use to help them would stop the Black Armies, but both Frodo and McDohl realize the use of their items would be unacceptable and disastrous
- Elves and Dwarves hate each other in The Lord of the Rings. Elves and Dwarves hate other in Suikoden. Both races end up helping each other in both stories. Both races are described physically exactly the same (elves tall and elegant, dwarves stout and grumpy). Elves in Lothlorien live up in the trees in LotR.. same in Suikoden.
- Saruman, Head of the White Council in LotR, turns evil not to help Sauron but for his own intentions. Windy, a witch on the council in Suikoden, reveals her own plans by trying to steal the Rune from Ted (not necessarily helping Emperor Barbossa).
-A fellowship of all races is formed LotR (besides evil). All races must unite to defeat Emperor Barbossa's evil forces in Suikoden.
Anyway, I KNOW I must be missing alot. I haven't played Suikoden in over a year, and am just beginning The Two Towers in LotR! Anyone agree? Do you Goog or did I go overboard?!?!

This is a rambling editorial. Rambling editorials really should be sent to editorials, not me. They take forever to read, and they don't ask a question. I get tons of them. To this all I can say is that those books are the original work of fantasy, so all fantasy settings/plots have some similarity to it. For the record though, Tolken got most of his ideas from Norse Mythology.


That's right. You blind? The part where you kill Eve at the end. She's got boobs! hehehe... boobs.


See what I mean about pointless corrections?

Ha ha! Brad prints MY letters! ~Rand

This is a quicky. I got tons today. Sometimes I get very very few.

I know! I know! It's from Dragon Quest/Warrior II, when the Prince of Cannock joins you. (His name's random.) Do I get a tilde? Pretty please?!?

-entropius, god of fuzzy dice

Here's someone correctly guessing the title. I give them tildes. ~ One asked if I knew what a googol was. 10^100. It's not random actually, it depends on your name. I think Talint is the best one, or Glen if you like CT too much.

Hey google, you don't know me, but I all of a sudden have this incredible urge to be in the Quickies and I am too lazy to go write an e-mail, so like, can you make something up and put it in there with Zarvok under it? Pretty Pretty Please?

Ironically, it would have taken less time to mail me a quicky than it did to track me down and ask me to do it for him. Odd.

Does Natsume have any screen or info of Lufia for GBC? Is it at E3?

P.S.( For Dan)
The Sharks choked. I smell another hat trick today.

E3 is right around the corner, just wait a little longer.

I miss the Austrailians in FM3... they were so cool!


Austrailia! Austrailia! Austrailia! We love you! Amen!

You commented on some harmless content in some notable RPG's the other day. Appearently, you forgot about the honey bee inn in FF7! Man, that thing gave me nightmare's for a week

Don't remind me.

The Last Laugh:

Well, there you have it. Aside from a few really really specific gameplay questions whose answers can be found in walkthroughs on this site, and the obiligitory "you are a ______! I can prove it! Yesterday ____ said Google's the guy/girl to ask. SEE! So, let's see a pic of you in a bathing suit" That's the stuff I don't print. The printable letters at times are rare diamonds in the pile sometimes. Then there's days like today when I can't even find them. If there are any here, I'll try to find them and print them tomorrow.

C.C. is sick. Poor him. Anyway, now that you've seen what I have to deal with you're all going to pity me and send in all kinds of cool questions about games that haven't been mentioned in the column for months? Right? ^_^ Anyway, it's 3 AM so I should be going now.

Googleshng "Letterless"
I want to convert all my money to GP!

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