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Googleshng - April 20 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Today has been largely sucky and unproductive for me. Although I seem to be making up for my earlier innefficiency now, plus it's the weekend so I have disgusting ammounts of time! 8) Anyway, here's Dan.

Dan: Hello RPGamer readers! First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for visiting RPGamer, and this column. Without you, the readers, RPGamer would be nothing. Now, for my self introduction... I'm sure you're all quite bored with the normal introductions that the staffers give you and such, so I'll just leave it at this for now: I am a rabid San Jose Sharks fan. I have been since the year they were inducted into the league. I was at their playoff game on Moday night against the St. Louis Blues, and boy was that a great game. However, they're playing again, right now, and it's game four in the series. So, if I happen to just scream out "YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" at any time during the column for no apparent reason, San Jose scored. Now, on with the questions!

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Lifia 2fia
Hey Google Have you ever made it to the end of the Ancient Dungeon on Lufia 2? My bro once did make and at the final floor you fight this giant slime called master. you choose whether to not fight him or not. I don't know if it matters though. My brother chose to fight him. He was A real wuss. When he got out he got absolutely nothing for it. Do you have any idea if it matters if you choose to fight him or?


Ah! A Lufia 2 question! I could have sworn he was called the Ancient Slime and not Master, but I digress. To answer your question, when you beat him, you SHOULD get a key that will then open the door behind the old man at the entrance of the Ancient Cave.. There are three treasure chests in there if I remember correctly, but I completely forgot what was in them. Your brother may not have actually killed the slime, though... He runs away after a few turns, if I remember correctly, and that doesn't count as killing him, so you don't get the key. Good luck getting down there again and actually killing him!

More importantly, you get the satisfaction of finally being done with the Ancient Cave and you can more on to the actual game. Oh, and I seem to recall you get to keep the slime itself and put it with the Isis treasures. That's just plain cool.

Strategy Guide Woes
Someone asked you yesterday what your favorite non-RPG games are, but you needed a genre to help narrow it down. I'll provide that: What is your favorite fighting game/series? I like Tekken. Some jerks prefer Mortal Kombat or SF II/Alpha. A satisfactory answer would be to say that you dislike fighting games alltogether.

While I'm here, I'll ask guest host Dan the traditional "What are YOUR favorite RPGs??"

-Regis C.

My favorite RPGs? Well, up until recently, my favorite RPG was Lufia 2, and it held that spot for some time. It truly is a great game, and I recommend it highly to anyone. But, Lufia 2 has since fallen to my second favorite game, and my favorite RPG is now Xenogears. I'll also answer the question you directed at Google, though, just because it seems like the right thing to do. I'm not much of a fighter fan, but Tekken Tag on the PS2 is really, really fun... <Smiles innocently> Oh, and the Soul Blade series has great music! Good games, those are.

(by Soul Blade he means Soul Edge/Soul Calibur). Anyway, I would have to say Bloody Roar (2's probably better but I haven't played it much) just barely edges out Soul Calibur. It just has so much strategy with the whole transforming thing, plus the whole breakable wall thing is the best take on Ring Outs I've ever seen. Everything but those two are just too slow for me. Oh, and just so nobody gets mad, I don't count the Bushido Blades as fighting games by the way, I give them their own genre because they're really something else entirely.

Hey Google and Dan!
I really need to ask you something, Dan, as it seems you would know about this. There's an RPG that I remember playing in my youth, but I have no clue what the name is. All I remember is that it was a SNES adventure RPG, like Link. I believe the main character had red hair, but I'm not sure. I remember that in the beginning there is like a mirror or dream part, with a girl and I think she sees her dad. There is also a village in the Forrest where the occupants are animals. My friends tell me it must be a dream, but it's to vivid in my mind, and I remember renting it twice! So if you can help me, I would really appreciate it.
Four Finger Wu

Hey there Four Finger Wu, good to hear from ya! Well, from the description you've given me, that game sounds an awful lot like Soulblazer for the SNES... That would be my best guess, at least. Hope that helps, and good luck in the search of your dream game!

If it isn't Soul Blazer, it MIGHT be one of the Ys games, or Lagoon... but I can't see anyone renting Lagoon twice. X(

Whats up Google and Dan,

This question can apply to both of you (since you both are Q&A hosts of rpgs) Have you played Seiken Densitsu 3? That game is the best in the series (if not the best of all time) What are your opinions on this game? And do you think Seiken Densitsu 4: Legend of Mana is going to be worth getting excited over because I heard it puts shame over the whole series but I would like to hear some opinions on this.

Ssj Android-"I gotta keep going cause if I stop Ill fall behind"

Not much up here. Just hangin', answerin' questions, that type of thing. It's actually surprisingly relaxing as opposed to getting new media up and every hour of the day. But, enough about me. Now, to answer your questions... I have played a little (and I mean a LITTLE) of Seiken Densitsu 3... I thought it was great. I just wish I could have understood more of it. As for Legend of Mana, yes, we've all heard about the bad reviews and how much shame it puts to the series, but, nonetheless, I'm still looking very much forward to it. We can't always believe what we hear from the pres--er, wait. We are the press. Scratch that. Yes, always believe what you hear from us! ;-)

I really only know two things about SD4. It's gotten bad reviews, and it's possible to have a Rabite on your party. I'm hoping the latter outweighs the former.

Paws! Of the Eternal Flu!
Hi Lexy! *glompgerm* Oh, yeah, and hi Goog :)

My question is pretty simple. I got 5 older PSX RPGs and I wanted your expert opinions on which order I should play them in. The games are in no particular order:

Vandal Hearts
Wild ARMs
Genso Suikoden
Legend of Legaia

Thanks for the help =^^=

-Paws =^^=

Paws!! Thanks for writing in! Well, personally, from that list, I'd warm up with Vandal Hearts (great game, just amazingly fun to play), then move onto Genso Suikoden (another great game, but really short). After Suikoden, I'd probably play Legend of Legaia (fun game) and then Wild ARMs... (Pretty long and a good game.) Then I'd finish up with Xenogears, which is just about the longest console RPG there is, I believe, and is my favorite. What can I say, I'm a sucker.. I always save the best for last. ;-)

I wouldn't start with Vandal Hearts, just to use it as a nice break from straight RPGs later on. It is odd though that Suikoden is such a short game. 108 characters on your party by the end, and yet I beat it in a single weekend (and this is BEFORE my weekends started on Thursday nights).

Weird Stuff

Quick question for you, cause I'm too lazy and drawn into the game to figure out myself. In FM3, during Simulated battles. Do you keep the "Exp.", or rewards you earn in battle for your weapons? I know you don't get to keep the surrendered mechs. Just curious.

Dark Anime Ninja of Gaming

No hello for the guest host? Ah well. Anyway, to answer your question, you certainly do keep the experience you earn in the simulated battles for FM3. And, of course, the money. Otherwise, what would be the point? Well, I suppose you masochists could have fun going in there and repeatedly watching your mechs blow up and lose battle--er, ahem. Never mind.

Guest hosts who know all the answers don't leave me with very much to say.

Hey Googleshng, I had bought FFAnthology a week after it came out. So far in FF5 I'm in the 3rd world. I then decided to try FF6 (Around December). Now I'm where Sabin jumps in the fight with Vargas. And that's where I get suck. I don't know WHEN to press Left, Right, Left and then X. I tried it at least 50 times that same month. Now it is April and I STILL can't get past Vargas. It's SMURFING me off. My friends told me to put Wait and put the battle speed at 6, the slowest level, and I can't pass this son of a b@&*^. EXACTLY, when do I press LEFT,RIGHT, LEFT and X. Please help me on this I've been there for FIVE Months.


'Tis the woes of being guest host, not everyone greets you. I see how it is. But, actually, when I first played Final Fantasy VI back when it first came out, I recall having similar problems with Blitz attacks. Then eventually I figured it out and got it down, with no other problems again. But, to be honest with you, I can't really recall or explain when exactly to push the button combinations.. Perhaps Google will have a better answer? (I hope...)

Go down to blitz, hit A, then hit left right left A pretty fast (although you aren't penalized that much for speed). Obviously if it's the Anthology version, those are X not A. Unless you just mean when during the fight do you do it, uh, whenever you want. As soon as you pummel, the fight's over. Like my censorship by the way? 8)

More on Diablos
Some one was asking about how to kill Diablos in FF8 and other people were giving some advice but there is a much easier way to kill him. Before you fight him make sure to have a few Blind spells. When you summon him, immediately cast Blind. Because both Demi and Gravija are % damage spells he wont be able to hit you with physical attacks and he will never be able to kill you. Just draw Demi and use limits when your health is low and he'll be dead quickly.


Hmm... Damn. Wish I would've thought about trying that when I fought Diablos... Out of curiosity, did anyone else beat him right when they first got the lamp, like I did? He was certainly hard like that!

Eww Status Magic. I just beat Diablos as soon as I got the lamp, no problem myself. If nothing else, once your HP gets low enough, your GFs are basically unkillable.

Vanguard Bandits
Hi there, Google and Dan!

I have a couple of questions for you about the upcoming Vanguard Bandits game: 1. I had never heard about the game before Working Designs announced it. Did it sell well in Japan?

2. Are most battles in it tactics-style, or those one-on-one mecha fights you see in the trailer?


Hi there, Loaded..Pants.. No, I don't even want to ask. Moving on... ;-) 1) I'm actually not sure about Vanguard Bandits' sales in Japan... I'm sure they were relatively good, though, if it is getting ported over. 2) Actually, those parts in the trailer where you see one-on-one mechs are just the battle animations... It's a lot like what was done in Brigandine. You fight on a battle map, moving your mechs around, just like you would in FFTactics, Vandal Hearts and such, but once you actually select your attack, it switches to the animation mode to show your mechs fight it out. I hope that clears up any confusion.

The reason you didn't hear anything about it might be that it was called Detonator Gauntlet right up until that trailer came out. On the other hand, it might just be because it's by a company that isn't widely recognized and therefore gets somewhat ignored. They made Dragon Force though, which just plain rules.


I do believe that the quote is from Baldur's Gate. I think Imoen says it, occasionally, when a party member dies.

- Cheshire Catalyst

Dan: And we have a winner! Since I was the one that changed the index quote early this morning, I'll take the honors or awarding you with your tilde. Here, Cheshire Catalyst: ~ Congratulations, and do play again!
Google: Before people get ticked off, I only give tildes for quotes I put up, hence none for you people yesterday.

Hey Google and guest!
I just thought I'd let you know that I picked up Star Ocean 2 at my local department store for a mere $10. Jealous?

Dan: $10 new? Great price! Good find on your part. I paid the full $50 for it, but I'm still not jealous. Who gets jealous over something as petty as money? ;-)
Google: Jealous? No. I don't like SO2, remember?

One small question, why is the Black Chocobo purple? It seems a bit weird to me....

Dan: Because he ate one too many eggplants... Poor bird, they never listen.
Google: That's African American Chocobo! No, wait, nevermind.

Hey, you have fanatical yet graphically talented fans! Can any of them (or you) have an animated gif of some college frat boys with a keg or two within 24 hours?


Dan: College frat boys with a keg or two? How would a photograph be, instead? Just head on over here, we're havin' a ball!
Google: I could get that for you, but it's Thursday, plus I see know real compelling reason to do it.

Hey Googleshnag!
I've got a question about Star Ocean 2. You might have already answered = this in past columns, but I just recently started playing SO2, so it = didn't used to interest me. How do you get the pickpocket skill?
P.S. Is it bad that I have over 20 RPGs(SNES and Playstation), but = still have over 10 still needing finishing?

Dan: Over twenty RPGs and half of them you still haven't finished? Not bad at all.. You sound just about like me. If only I had more time...
Google: Hey! Saying that in front of me is like talking about Thanksgiving in a 3rd World country! Anyway, you need to get that glove that costs a ton before you can really start stealing stuff.

AHA! I knew it! You're a girl, Google! The picture frum yesterday isn't that funny, you're right, but a GUY wouldn't have said anything!
frum Rand

Dan: comment. But, well, I do--bah, never mind. comment.
Google: It's amazing that people are still stabbing in the dark after all these months.

Actually the slimes are in "Slayers the motion picture" . They befriend Naga while she is drunk,.... or somthing. As a fan of slimes you should see it.


Dan: Hey, that sounds like this really great party I was at one night.. See, we were all having a great time and then this slime com, er.. I think I had one too many that night.. My head hurts.
Google: I still don't remember that... I remember sea cucumbers though!

The Last Laugh:

Dan: That was cert..wait! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sharks just scored with 8:37 left in the third! They're up 3-2!! Erm.. Ahem, sorry. Really sorry to all you Blues fans... :-( Anyway... That was actually a blast, if I do say so, myself. I figured this would take forever and be really tough, but surprisingly, I had a great time and it was actually relaxing being able to sit back and just answer questions for a while. I hope you all enjoyed the column, and feel free to e-mail me at if you ever want to contact me. I'd love to hear comments or complaints about how I did as a guest-host. Who knows? Maybe I'll see you all again sometime if Google decides to con me into hosting again. ;-) Take care, everyone, and have a great weekend!

Google: On an unrelated note, did you ever notice that Magus' scythes don't seem to physically exist? How do they justify charging so much for them? Anyway, it is now after 3 AM, so I need to get to sleep.

Googleshng "Bug Squasher"
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