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Googleshng - April 17 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, my weekend was boring. Mindnumbingly boring. My boss has been out of town, and I needed some feedback from him, so I couldn't get anything done there, I realized that ALL the games sitting around are TRPGs, and I felt like something else, and nothing feasable needed doing around RPGamer. So I just kinda sat around for a while, then totally snapped, then put a rant up, then this morning I picked up Resident Evil 4. Oh, and I'm going to keep calling it that no matter what people say, so nyah! Actually, please don't say anything about it, I like being totally in the dark when I play a game. Oh, and by the way, that rantings link opens a new window, people pester me when it isn't you see. Anyway, on with the show!

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Boomerang Letter
go ahead and throw this in your column ...

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Googleshng wrote:

A few people were wrong about a couple things, so I figured I'd clear things up a bit.

First of all, to the person who was complaining about how they can't read column titles with Opera, I have a few things to say. With the current format, these titles are silver text, on a dark image, with a near white background image. With the old format, they were white text on a blue image with a white background. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that means you couldn't see them at all before. Also, most browsers have an option that forces a page to use the color scheme of your choice. If you aren't satisfied with that, just get a different browser! Netscape is FREE, and I know it has options for turning off images and imposing your own color scheme if for some reason you don't want images.

Next, someone made a comment about Phantasy Star Online being a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. Because of my obsession with the PS series and my extreme dislike of MMORPGs I hate it when people make that mistake. What PSO actually is, is an Action/RPG where you control one of 4 characters. The other 3 are either AI controlled (which you can boss around) or, if you use the modem, can be controlled by 3 friends of yours. The closest comparison you can make is Secret of Mana, although in this case you don't have to keep everyone on the same "screen". I seem to recall there's also an option to hang out in a persistant world, in other words play it as a MMORPG, just as a little bonus. Best of all, I seem to recall hearing that, unlike a MMORPG, you don't have to pay a monthly fee for this. It's more comparable to Blizzard's service.

This last thing I'm not entirely sure off, but I believe the batteries in carts ARE recharged as you play them. Here is my evidence for this theory. First of all, I got the original Zelda when it was new, and the thing still works. I don't think there's ANY battery that can last for 18 years. The next piece of evidence on my list is the fact that if I go a couple years without playing a game, all the save files are gone. However, if I start playing it again, new saves work fine. Finally, remember how old NES games required you to hold down reset when you turned off the power? I believe that was to give it time to charge the battery up.

-Googleshng "WAY too much time on my hands"

I sent that to Brad, and he sent it back to me. I posted it because it fits my postable criteria, and Brad sparked the little phenominon of people telling me what they think my gender is instead of asking questions. Uh, and that about covers it. 8)

Strategy Guide Woes

I don't know what other people think but the two major publishers of game strategy guides really suck at their jobs. Why do they think it's better to put all the maps at the back of the book? Why do they miss critical amounts of information? (Remember FFVII Bradygames guide, that was missing a lot of info) Why can't they ever approach the developers and ask for the info to the game, sheesh. If I knew how to take screen shots I'd make one myself. Speaking of which, how do you guys take screen shots?


I personally never get strategy guides. I honestly don't see why people buy them, but then, I don't see why people buy Game Genie/Sharks either. I mean, not only does it take a lot of fun out of the game when you know what's going to happen, but you can get walkthroughs of every single game out there for free if you know where to look (RPGamer is a good choice most of the time). As for screen shot taking, well, those of us taking the screens have happy little adapters that allow them to hook systems up to their computers and take screens.

FF8 Multiparter
Oh masterful and most honerable Googleshng, with you please answer this multiparter about final Fantasy VIII?

1. When leveling up, are the levels around 1000 exp apart each, or do they vary like in FF6?
2. Do the draw points respawn themselves randomly, or are they set on a timer? (dreams about the Ultima draw points. ohhhhh, the hit points they provide)
3. What do you think the best party is for the Garden at the beginning of disk two? I'm using Squall, Riona, and Irvine.
4. Okay, like last one, I swear. how in the heck do you beat diablos? i heard something about using Carbuncle, but that only reflects demi (which is pretty sweet, don't get me wrong, but i'm getting torn apart with gravitja.)

Thank you oh wonderful and masterful one.

Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them.

I'm pretty darn sure the ammount of EXP you need to go up levels increases. Draw points all follow different patterns (some never come back). The best party possible in FF8 is probably Squall, Rinoa, and Zell, although a lot of people substitute Quistis for Zell just because blue magic is fun. As for beating Diablos, uh, I beat him as soon as I had the chance and beat it no problem. Just heal yourself when your HP gets too low, throw his own demis at him, and then whack him good once he's low enough, or just blast away with your best stuff. If nothing else you pretty much always have limit breaks ready for that fight, use those.

I got Final Fantasy Anthology for Christmas, and beat FF6 right away. I just recently got around to FF5, and am stuck. This is the first time I have ever been stuck in an RPG. How in the world do you beat Shiva, do you know? I am on such a high level, and she STILL kicks my butt!!


You're stuck on Shiva? That's just... odd. Anyway, like in every other FF where you have to fight Shiva, all you have to do is toss some big fire spells around and it's a snap (as long as you stay healed). Also, I seem to recall that Shiva has an attack which splits a large ammount of damage between all the characters in a row (as in, front or back) so generally it seems better to keep them all in the same row for that fight.

Heyas there,

Since I'm drowning terribly in FM3 due to lack of battle skills, what's the best way to learn them?

Well, the only thing that let's you learn skills faster is the learn rate up computer that's available towards the very end of the game. So I'll just explain how to get skills period. When you're looking at parts to equip, if you hit triangle, it will say the conditions under which the skill learned from that part can be used, and the name of the skill if someone has it. Then you just equip that part and keep doing whatever, and eventually (random chance) you will do it. For example, Double Shot I has the condition "2 same ranged weapons". So, you equip 2 machine guns, or 2 rifles, or 2 shotguns, and the arm the gives it to you, then you just keep firing them until both go off at once.

More mail that wasn't sent to me originally
Possible FM3 Spoiler

Hi Brad. I'd make some sort of funny comment or joke but I'm too tired and/or lazy at the moment so lets skip the formalities and get to the question.

In Front Mission 3 I have gotten up to the prison where you are supposed to rescue Moneymaker. But there is one tiny problem, the game freezes in an odd sort of way. When I enter into combat mode outside of the prison I can do all sorts of stuff. Like attacking and moving. But when I attack it is SUPPOSED to zoom in and show the attacking and counter attack. Right? Nope, insted of zooming in the game just sits there after I tell it to attack. No little windows are up, it just sits there with a birds-eye view of the battle field. I can press select to see units behind scenery, but thats all it does. Also before that when I did the Setup thing it took twice as long to load up the 3-d twirling image of your Wanzer. Can you help me oh mighty god

Oh and by the way, does anyone think the term Wanzer is a bit odd?


For some reason Brad just throws all his FM3 questions my way. Anyway, it's clear that you have one of two problems. Either somehow the CD is fatally scratched (take a look and see) or you're just beset with the problem that the PSX is a poorly made machine. A friend of mine is on his 6th or so. So, if it isn't scratched, you can try the good ol' flip it upside-down trick, and if that still doesn't work, consult a proffesional.


Quick! Quick! How do you pronounce "Seifer"? It's driving me nuts and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I pronounce it safer. As in, more safe.

In final famtasy 2, U.S. version, is there any way to keep Cecil a dark knight?
Also can you get the "dark wave" attack for him in the U.S. version?

The answer to both is no.

The Man Said To Me
"What's your favorite color?"
Blue, No Wait, Red-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!


Wasn't that joke just done yesterday?

Why is it only CC that sends you pictures, or at least gets them up?

It isn't ONLY him, just mostly. Anyway, he consistantly sends them in daily, and, well, nobody else tends to, or if they do, it's in a big heap, so I tend to just wad them up and put them on the shelf to use in the future.

Why was Star Ocean: The Second Story , the second story? What happened to the first one?

It was released only in Japan, for the SNES, and yes, it still had the voice acting... good voice acting I hear.

It's my birthday today!
Wish me happy birthday!


Don't you know the word please? Fine, HAPPY FRICKIN' BIRTHDAY ALREADY!!!!!!

this is quite naughty.
It's a scene from RPGelion.

Brad/Shinji meets Steve - the 17th angel

Cheshire Catalyst

This picture may not be suitable for young children, the elderly, the easily offended, or Brad. I probably missed a category or two. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Last Laugh:

Well, since I just used C.C.'s pic for a quicky, I guess I'll just have to use this one Silkenray sent me.

I didn't like my letters today. I didn't even have enough for a column until this morning, and even then I had to sift through 50 letters telling me what people think my gender is to find them. So now I'm going to go play RE4 until it's time to do tomorrow's column, and hopefully by then I'll have some actual questions. Oh yeah, did I mention I put a rant up on Saturday yet?

Googleshng "Zombie Dodger"
I'm not mad or anything, it was just really hard to find the printable letters.

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