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Googleshng - April 12 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

I was unbelievably busy for the last few weeks and now I'm, well, not. I'm just kind of in shock right now. I hate this feeling. Can't do any work of the paying variety because I need feedback from my boss. Ironned most bugs out of the RPGamer redesign. Won FM3. So now I'm stuck just kinda lounging around until I find a new time consuming task. I wish I had some spendable money so I could get RE4.

Anyway, tomorrow John is guest hosting. Like I said yesterday, he's RPGamer's new European corespondant. He's Scottish, in the dreaded land of PAL, so he imports everything from the US. That means he can probably answer the standard battery of questions, although I'm pretty darn sure he hasn't played anything extremely new. Anyway, ask whatever, should be fun.

Oh, and here's a special little thing you can all do to make me happy. Find a US release date for Koudelka. I've been drooling over the game forever, it's supposed to be out this month, but the entire world seems to have forgotten it exists. Very annoying.

Like Scottish accents?
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In the SNES:
I'm just as surprised as you are.
More on Miang
This is for CC who asked how he could beat Miang.First,buy the best engine for everyone(dah!).Equip them with ether armor+3,extra armor DX,and frame hp 50(actually,I don't you might need 2 ether ar+3 on everyone).Then enter the fight with ramsus and beat the crap out of him as quickly as possible.He almost always casts his Wave demiser#3 twice,so don't worry too much about it.Since you're supposed to have cast frame HP50 twice,you shouldn't have much fuel left.Now,be sure that Fei has at least 1000 fuel left for Miang.When you enter the fight,put Fei in Id mode right away.Have your two other guys attack once so that they can bust a little deathblow if needed.Attack once with fei,which should do around 5000 damage.Then,for his two other turns,have him charge,so that he's able to start another system ID(while charging at infinity attack mode,you get much more fuel).Then,attack her 3 times in a row,and that should be the end of her.But watch out,when she's low on hp(she has 19000),her ether atk goes up and she casts her wave#4 right away,killing your guys.Oh,I just thought of something better.Equip Fei with the Holy Pendant(which Billy joined with),and you should have 6 turns in infinity attack mode,that is,if you haven't sold the item.That's all.

Appreciated. That should help quite a bit... although I SERIOUSLY don't remember the Holy Pendant doing THAT. Anyway, someone else mentioned something about her nasty attack doing damage depending on how much she's taken, so theoretically you have some time to heal up and charge if you don't touch her. The good news is, that's basically the hardest fight in the game.

Hey Goog, in FM3 there are these two computers that have six slots in them. One of them says "Activate%[Up Arrow] low, Combo%[Down Arrow] low" and the other says "Activate%[Down] high, Combo%[Up] high" What do they mean/do? It says nothing about it everywhere I look! Thanks for the help!

I'm pretty sure that's a typo. Trust the arrows. Either that or it means Up a little and down a little or down a lot and up a lot. Anyway, Activate% up means your skills go off more often but you tend to only do one at a time, while Combo% up means they don't go off as much, but you're practically guarrenteed to do a massive combo when they do.

Yes, more FM3
Hey, Goog,

On yesterday's column, someone asked about the secret wanzer. One of your responses were that you were disappointed about its performance. I know the beam's heavy, but keep in mind that the power output is quite high. So it balance out. Now, about its AP consumption. There is a simple remedy to this problem. Simply learn the battle skill, "Double Shot II.' Shangdi's arm has the skill. Learn it three times. Then put the skills In your computer. Make sure your computer is "COMB652", it has high activation. Finally, equip the beam and a rifle. When you attack, choose the rifle to attack. Chances are, the battle skill will activate. Which lets you attack twice for the price of one. so the Plasma beam is free to use. The only activates if the target is within the range of both weapon. The chance of it is pretty high, about 60% of the time. You don't have to use the rifle, but I reccomend. By the way, the Xenogears cameo is in TEIHOKU website. After Hodaka wins the pagent in Emma's game. It's a picture of Alisa and Hodaka dressed as Margie and Elly. If you E-mail Hodaka ,(HODAKA@0700.) to congratulate her, she'll send you the picture for you to put on your desktop.
Soro soro, shitsureii shimasu! (Well then, If you'll excuse me, I must go.)


Shiro "Secret Asian Man" Takemura

Thanks. Quite cool. I wish you'd told me that earlier, it's too late for me to get it as my desktop now. All I could download was that dumb ol' bathing suit pic. Oh well. I still have my freaky rat thing and my old geezer kicking a wanzer in half. Oh, and the other option for the AP cost cutting is to use AP -30% or AP 0, but I still say it isn't THAT great of a weapon.

The plot thickens!
I can't believe it's been six months. It seems like it' only been a day or two. Anyway, you said yesterday that it feels like it's only been a short time, well, let me tell you time travel exists, to an extent. You see, I used to work in a McDonald's and some days, it felt like time was slowed down in there. Yep. I think it was a conspiracy by the boss to get the employees to make more food while working longer than people at normal jobs. You must have realized this. If you ever go to a McDonald's to eat, doesn't it seem like you're there for a long time? That's because the owner wants to keep you in the store eating more stuff. EVIL! So what good comes of this? Using their evil mastery of time control, the McDonald's owners get more work out of their crew than they pay them for, and they get the old coffee drinkers to stay longer, to drink more coffee. It's true.
McDonald's is out to get us.

I suppose I should as an RPG question. Why does the translation of Chrono Cross take so long? I know that there are forty characters to create unique dialogue for, but does it really take this long? I think Square is just trying to make the hardcore fans wait until August so they miss what could be a constructive summer of Chrono Cross. Instead you have to wait until August so that you have to balance CC with School.

Dan "What do you think sir?" B.

Signed, Richard M. Nixon

Well, if you notice, Square is basically releasing a game every month this year. For the record, some games spend 2 years being translated, although that's usually by working designs because they do a BIT more than just translate. Read the last couple pages of the instructions to some games they've done and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, if you work at McDonald's, perhaps you can answer me this. Why do they put cheese on EVERYTHING but you have to ask to get ketchup? I mean, cheese on FISH? X(

Return of the blue
Hey, if Mike gets to be Gendo, Brad gets to pilot a big-ass mecha, and you get to eat crappy instant food and drink beer... then I want to be Misato.


P.S. - I knew that if I wanted to be Rits I'd look very foolish, considering the unprofessional relationship that a certain commander has with her. *ahem*


Top 10
I send a hydrogen bomb back three million years in time to prevent the current living beings from dying yet you *still* complain about the side-effects of time paradoxes. Sheesh... But anyway, for Brad's six month stint, I made that top ten list of questions often asked to the 'RPGuru' and being that I can't use that again... I'm doing the ::Sounds of Australian didjerydoos are heard, due to the fact that the drummer boy is back home with strep throat::


10. Wouldn't it have been funny if Cloud wore that dress throughout the entire game?! HAHAHAHAHA!

9. Why has Square yet to make an RPG based on Lord of the Dance?

8. Damn, I forgot the words to that first song Luna sings in Lunar: The Silver Star... mind repeating the lyrics for me, please?

7. Hey Sexy!... Your name is 'Sexy', isn't it?

6. I'm having a very difficult time trying to decide upon which game I should get with my harned earned cash: Beyond the Beyond or Xenogears?

5. If olive oil comes from olives and grape juice comes from grapes... Then where does Mexican Law Enforcement Endorsed Pepper Spray come from?

4. Have any good RPG reccomendations for my cat?

3. When answering "Which RPGs out there have multiple endings?" I noticed you forgot to mention the original Dragon Warrior... THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!

2. I'm confused... Is Lufia 2 a sequel or a prequel to Three Men and a Baby?

And the number one question that the almighty RPGuru is hardly ever asked...

1. Screw charity! This year I'll send all of my extra money to you! Now for the check... is 'Shng' your last name or is that just part of your first?

There... I finally sent you an e-mail I'm proud of... ::Sniff:: I'm hanging this on my wall! Oh, and uh thanks for your six months of slimey wisdom! I *never* would've gotten over my fear of silk if it weren't for you!

~The "There's nay an animal that can outrun a greased Scottsman!" Sack~

You know, some of those actually DO get asked. People asked Thor #7 all the time. As for #1, I'd prefer it if you just sent games. Particularly Dragon Force. 8)


For that guy that was having trouble with Ramsus reducing him to 1 HP, it's actually a puzzle battle(I think) Ramsus attacks/selects/looks at(dont really remember) at one of your people. Whenever that person attacks he will cast the Wave3.

That doesn't really ring any bells either.

I just beat Xenogears. BEST game ever! At the very end is says Xenogears Episode V. Are there more Xenogear games or is squaresoft doing a Star Wars thing? Bezerk57

The latter.

Hey! I was born there! Cool, huh? Remember, always take the RIGHT turn when you get there...or was it the left?

This is why you should never leave important info in the subject line (Albuquerque).

Let me in the house!
Im so cold and lonely and
wolves are after me.

-Ranklchick, the cold lonely lactose intolerant ghoul from Europa

Now THAT is a good haiku.

Thank you Googleshng,
Your Xenogears hint hooked me.
Now I cannot stop.


That last one is kind of a tough act to follow.

This disgruntled, fat prisoner in my basement keeps yelling:


What should i do google?


Give him some cashews. Oh, and make sure he isn't drawing on the walls with a spoon. You never know, his eyes might have regenerated!

I havent sent you an email in a while so Im saying hi.

BTW for SaGa Frontier fans. CORDELIA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, spears are good.

The Last Laugh:

Woohoo! Up on time! Anyway, tomorrow John "LochNessMonster" Hynd is guest hosting, I'm looking forward to it. Send those questions in.

Oh yeah, a few people sent me little yay you've been here for 6 months things. Appreciated. Just 2 more and I break the record. Anyway, I should get going now... and dagnabit! It's been too long since Sharkey has done anything. I miss his foul mouthed antics. 8(

Oh, and if you're confused by the PenPen thing, well, penguins can't talk!

Googleshng "Pokémon Player"
Starting over while keeping all your old Pokémon is cool. Before you get enough badges they ignore you, pick their own moves, fall asleep, get confused and stuff, and STILL win, it's great.

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