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Googleshng - April 3 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

See the title? That's what I'm starting to think about FM3. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful game, and unlike a lot of TRPGs, it doesn't use up all it's creativity early on so I'm still finding some very cool and fun fights, but, well, I have to win it to review it. After I win I'll be able to start over and play the OTHER plotline at a nice slow relaxed pace... until I remember that I have a job now and RE4 is out, then I'll most likely be very distracted. 8)

Also, tonight Sachi, RPGamer's new Japanese correspondant, will be guest hosting. At least I hope so. He lives in Australia, so he's going to have to get up disgustingly early to pull this off. that's the problem with being 11 time zones away I suppose. Anyway, as far as questions, I suppose you can ask whatever, he said he'd like to see some anime questions too, and that's always a nice change of pace, right?

Well, the helpful suggestions about this here redesign are starting to die down and be replaced with a little whining and some real questions again. Therefore, I would like to kill the issue and move on. 8)

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Information Overload
Why do people care so much about Square not releasing much information about Final Fantasy 9 at the Tokyo Game Show? I don't know about everyone else, but I prefer playing an rpg knowing very little information about it beforehand. I remember the times of Final Fantasy 2 and 3 and Phantasy Star 4 when I enjoyed playing these games with the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen because magazines released the information a month too late usually, and the internet wasn't big. Now I basically lost interest in rpgs, in fact the last one I finished was Final Fantasy 7. After that almost all rpgs were covered beforehand and they lost my interest. So why are you people complaining? Right now I have almost completely lost all interest in rpgs. I just thank God not much information was released about FM3.

Hmm... I see your point a bit, I also don't like to have games spoiled for me before I play them. However, these days so many RPGs get released that unless you're filthy stinking rich you can't afford all of them. Therefore, it IS nice to be able to do a little research into games before you get your hands on them. Personally, what I do is look at every single bit of info that appears on RPGamer about a game until I know enough about it to either be drooling over it, or just let it slide, then I go cold turkey until I've won it. Sure, it takes a bit of willpower and doing Q&A doesn't make things much easier, but it helps to be informed. Now then, as for complaining about lack of TGS info, the only people complaining about THAT I've seen are RPGamer's news and new media types, and that's just because they have nothing to do now. 8)

A good marketting concept from Sega?!?
How much will cost per month?

The "I'm really not that cheap" Wallet

Well, since there was a deluge of stories done last night, you may have missed it, but Sega has announced a rather interesting offer. If you sign up for 2 years service from Sega's DC networking service, you get a free Dreamcast (or for those of us who already have one, your $200 back for it), plus a DC keyboard and those are just kinda spiffy. Anyway, the cost there is about $21 a month, which is about what I pay for my ISP, and a heck of a lot cheaper than some (coughAOLcough) so that's a pretty nice deal. I hope it works out for them too, the DC has some really nice stuff out/coming out, and it's going to be quite a while before we see a better piece of hardware in this country.

Art programs
Hey Goog, this is just a simple question, in no way related to rpg's or anything. I just wanted to know what program you used to make the cool signatures that you use at the bottom of your column. Thanks for your time, kiddo. Have a good'n.

-Guy? Girl? No! Strictly Nikkuchan.

Those pics were all done by Silkenray, as was our new logo. Anyway, the first one she did in MSPaint, but the rest are done in Photoshop I think. Hey, I have a Mac, how come I don't have any cool art programs? Oh right, because I can't draw anything more complex than a slime. 8)

Capslock == Bad
WHY CAN'T I FIND ANY INFO ON CHRONO TRIGGER FOR PSX?!?! I have been asking all over the place and can't find ANYTHING on it. I've even written to you, but haven't gotten a response. (or maybe I missed it...) You guys (RPGamer) listed it as a Japanese game you tried on the PS2, but it's not listed on your site anywhere. The only reference made is that you've got media for it in the Chrono Trigger SNES section. Has there been ANY news on it coming to the US?


PS- Sorry about yelling. Hope I didn't scare you... :-)

Capslock is bad, but a sentence or two never hurt anyone. Anyway, quite frankly, Square has made no announcements of translating the rerelease CT. I've said that several times before. More to the point, that PSX2 story did have a source on it. I don't recall exactly where it was originally from, but since it only mentioned good statistics, my guess would be IGN. RPGamer is, for the most part, a US based site.

Chrono Character Design
first off i'm still a little upset the DBZ guy (forgot the name) that animated the first chrono trigger isnt doing chrono cross. Or any game for that matter....doesnt that upset you? his art is so good for RPG's...... and its not like he's busy or anything because he retired.......retired doesnt mean you dont work at all anymore.....he must love to draw......well it upsets me.

Also i was wondering if threads of fate from squaresoft was supposed to be good or not. I've been upset with square lately. The last game they made that truly impressed me was final fantasy tactics.

-Ross Levine

Yes, Akira Toriyama is a great artist and all, but so is Nobuteru Yuuki. As for Toriyama doing character designs for games, have you ever heard of the Dragon Quest/Warrior series? He's been doing those forever. As for Threads of Fate, well, I hear it's a bit like BFM, which I still don't have. If you like Tactics though, why don't you get FM3?

Hey Google!

'Kay, first thing. How do you pronounce your name? I know you have a pronunciation that Paws did, but I wanted a clarification b/c the kana seems to indicate a "shing" not a "shang." Secondly we have a little debate on how to pronounce Leviathon. Is it (using Japanese vowel sounds) LEV i a thon, le VAI a thon, or something else? Finally, what happened to the movies for FF8? I was gonna download some, but the page turned up blank. Maybe they got lost in the makeover. Check 'em out.

--Somnia HypNocturne

As for my name, uh, both are acceptable. Leviathan is Le as in let, vi as in vibrate, ath as in path, an as in, well, an. As for the FF8 movie problem, we're still working on everything, be patient... or better yet, send problems you find to webmaster so we can nail them down... not this FF8 one though obviously.


Hello Googleshng. Hate to reduce you to being CC's personal answering service, but tell CC that that pic with Crono looking at the time machine was funny as hell! Best one yet!


Well, unless C.C. sends me a picture every day but doesn't read the column, now he knows he's appreciated by someone other than me.

Oh, I'll forgive, but I won't forget....... and I won't forgive.

"I will work harder!" = Boxer from Animal Farm reference? FIGHT THE MACHINE!!!

Reclining "I'm to lazy to come up with a smartassed middle name" Tiger

Since evil demons have stolen the title bar away from me, I guess I'll have to give you a tilde for that. ~

Its my first try at twisted humor so x.x; go easy on the critique...
Anyhow, if you want, you could put this at the end of your column one day.

The Real Reason Quistis got demoted....

Hmm... either it's funny because it's true, or it isn't funny because it's true.

Apparantly -someone- doesn't visit the FF-Series and FF-PSX boards.


That's RIGHT. I never look at RPGamer's message boards, or ANY message boards. I don't read our editorials either. The hundred or so letters I get every day tell me plenty about what the readers think.

this isn't a question I would just like to say I really like the new web page layout. It rules. Tell everyone at RPGamer that they are doing a great jobs and keep us all up to date on everything. thanks.

I appreciate that. Now, do I have another detracter like yesterday?

hello i wanted to know if you knew what the longest RPG made for playstation was besides Tactics Ogre.
Thank You

I found one, but I also found serious questions. I'm pretty darn sure they don't come any longer than Xenogears. Grandia is also long. Also, FM3 is very long, but it's a TRPG, but then so's TO.

Whats your take on Vanguard Bandits? I heard its a lot like FF Tactics or Front Mission 3. And the fact that it comes with a Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Demo, which brings me closer to buying this game.

Well, it's translated by Working Designs, and it's from the makers of Dragon Force, the game I bought a Saturn to play... now I just need to find the game.

The Last Laugh:

OK, OK, I'll see about bringing the dates back!

Amusing. Thanks C.C. Well, send in letters for Sachi, oh, and this is late for a number of reasons, bad letters, FM3, interview with my new boss with Mike. Oh yeah, I got a ton of quickies from people with bosses named Mike, and one mother named Mike. Creepy.

Googleshng "Mike"
Yes, I was playing FM3 until 3 AM, but I have to finish it so I can review it.

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