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Googleshng - April 3 '00- 1:30 Eastern Daylight Time

I'm pleasantly surprised with today's letters. I got what I believe to be an accurate cross section of opinions on the redesign as a whole, and Q&A specifically. I also got enough REAL mail to make a column! The only problem is that while plenty of people say they don't like the gold on dark responses, nobody really suggested anything better. I'm going to try something else today, let me know what you think.

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Let the critique begin!
Hey, Google.

I'm writing to praise, really I am ;). I like the dungeon-esque look that the webpage now has, and frankly the teal was beginning to get on my nerves a bit. Also, the front page is now much more efficient with space, and that was one thing that bugged me about the earlier format as well. My one complaint is of the (frankly) rather disgusting combination of puke yellow and stone grey that you use in your replies to my opinion, nothing much really looks good with dark grey except for white or pale cool colors :(. Perhaps you could look at that again?


Is this better? 8) Actually, the story behind the response colors yesterday is almost interesting enough for you not to just skip to the next letter. I spent the whole weekend helping other people reformat their pages, and debating on little things like the back button that by the time I got around to writing the column, it was late and I realized I needed new colors for the replies. So, since Brad was around, I asked him for a suggestion, he said try gold on light grey, one of us had to go, gold on light grey was unbelievably hard to read, and the rest is history. So anyway, I hope you like this better because otherwise I'll have to spend several hours looking for something else that works.

Science Lesson!
I guess this has a Xenogears spoiler...

Hi Google!
The new layout took me a few minutes to figure out. First, I didn't see where your column was and instead only found Brad's. So there I was, trying to figure out why you hadn't updated yet when I finally discovered where everything was! But now that I get where each thing is, it's pretty cool! Hey, was I the only one that thought the X-Files was a lot like Xenogears? Moulder even talked with that guy about his wife the same way Citan did to Jessiah and Sigurd about Fei's case.


One thing I particularly like now about the main page is that you have links to every section, and the most recent 3 updates all right there without having to scroll down at all. Although if you want to check when interaction sections have been updated, you still do. Oh well. As for that episode of the X-Files, oddly enough you WEREN'T the only one to notice how similar that X-Files monster was to the whole Fei/Id thing. I wish I was paying more attention to that episode.

Woohoo! Only one correction!
Yo Google,

In response to Deyat who was asking if raising a character's faith in FFT will cause them to leave the party, it is possible, but he doesn't have anything to worry about. One time I got bored in FFT, and I heard if you lowered a character's brave enough that they'd leave the party. What made it incredibly hard to do, was that their brave had to be below five permanently. If you use the technique to lower a character's brave by twenty points, it'll only be a permanent change of four points, so I basically had to lower my character's brave to zero and end the battle, about twenty times. I'm sure it's even harder with faith, because you can only raise it like four points at a time (permanent increase of one point) and I'm sure you'd have to get the person's faith to 95 or above. Deyat can lower his character's faith with solution if he wants to, but it doesn't matter how many times the "I'm too religious to fight" message flashes, the person won't leave until his faith gets significantly higher.


OK, here it is plain and simple. If your brave gets down to 5, or your faith above 95, wave bye bye to that character, otherwise you're fine except that they'll whine when they get close.

More about Art
Many famous artists started doing real work after they amassed enough wealth working for rich people that they could do what they WANTED to do and not worry about money. Take John Singer Sargent, for example. He said that once he had the money and didn't have to work for aristocracy it was the most liberating experience he'd ever had (Paraphrasing, of course). And the expression "starving artist" means something. Namely, they AREN'T just trying to get money, or they would go work at McDonalds and work on the side. No, "Starving Artists" are doing just that: Starving for their work. Basically, what I'm trying (Failing) to say is that while many are, not ALL artists just work to get money. Some do it for the sake of art. Crazy idea, I know!

This is really in response to a letter I didn't wind up printing, but let me just make something clear. I did not say that all artists are in it for the money. What I said was that all artists DESERVE money... well, the good ones at any rate. As for the concept of starving artists as it relates to games, have you ever heard of Freeware, or to a lesser extent Shareware? There's also no name developers who work for years on something and never really make any money.

FM3 Fun
Hey Google good buddy, I got Front Mission 3 a little while a go and its just as good as what I like to refer to as ffcracktics and I got a few questions. 1) Where do you get the Inferno dialer? 2)How do you get Alisa's senario? 3)Do you know where I can get some of the music from (cause there is this one song that sounds like cowboy music and its really cool)? 4)Are there any hidden characters or different ones in each scenario? Plz answer these I just gotta know. The Fresh Prince of Darkness

I don't want to answer that first question publicly, but I'll see if I can get a walkthrough to go up soon containing the answer to that. 8) Moving on, if you go with Ryogo at the very beginning, you wind up with Emma, if you don't, Alisa. They'll probably release a sound track fairly soon, I think all games get them these days. As for hidden characters, heck yes. The two main plot lines I'm pretty sure have totally different characters, plus depending on what you do at other times, there's secret ones you can get. Nicely concealed plot branches, I like.

Even more redesign talk
Despite my resistance to change I have to say that this may be the best new incarnation of RPGamer I've seen, but..... yes, there had to be a but to this. That gold colour font on the grey background may be aesthetically pleasing from a distance, but when actually trying to read the text on it, I find it just a little trying on the eyes.. But that may just be me.. anyways, my only concern is whether or not the older pages will all get the treatment... I say this because I remember seeing older pages that weren't converted from the green look to the blue look.. Oh yeah, what's this eFront and Tech Center stuff on the left? was I just blind and not seeing it before or is this new? jus' wunderin'...

Ham On Rye

I can't find it now but I had a letter asking if this redesign was brought on by the need to cram more ads onto the site. I figured I should go out of my way to point out that it is not. Actually, this was first being discussed before I even joined the staff, and that new little ad only came along recently. As far as it being hard to read, well, that's a long story. Anway, to actually answer THIS question, yes, this redesign should actually encompass every page on the site.


Do you have any information on the way dream cycles work, what goes on in dreams, or facts about dreams?

I suppose so, since I've taken psychology and all. Uh, why do you ask?

I just wanted to know if you think Thor will ever com back.

That depends what you mean. Will he ever come yank my job away, no. Will he ever go back to updating his page, he still does, just that it isn't all that often. As for whether he'll ever come guest host, well, I've asked, he gave a vaguely affirmative response, so in theory he will if he ever gets the time.

Hail my sexless slime friend,
I like the new layout, but how can I tell when you last updated. I have yet to find a date next to your link or am I just a moron(which is a possibility)?

A lot of people have been asking us to bring the dates back... maybe we should.

i got the hypercard reference bit.
[ |; )
j'ai une ‰me solitaire

A lot of people claim they did, but not one so much as mentioned Gunbuster, which is what I was making a reference to. 8)


I just wanted to say I like the new layout.


Everyone seems to love it... don't I have any letters here from someone who doesn't?


Ahhh... there we go. 8)

Why oh why oh why would the Art and Lore page be optimzed for such a gratuitously high resolution. Mass horiziontal scrolling AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Relax, someone's working on it. You can't change a site this big all at once.

The Last Laugh:

Well, here's one thing that never seems to change.

I really love having someone to make funny pics down here for me. Makes my job much easier. Anyway, we have here idea number 2 for responses. I hope you like it better, but if you don't, well, I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. Anyway, now I have to take a break from working for my boss, Mike, to go have a meeting with my other boss, Mike. They're both appearently a lot better than my friend's boss, Mike... uh, this is getting creepy. I MUST know SOMEONE whose boss isn't named Mike... right?

Oh, and by the way, everyone who suggested putting some space between the left bar and the page content, i didn't blow you off, that's being implemented. 8)

Googleshng "I will work harder!"
You know what's been bothering me? Now the hidden text on all the old Q&As is visible... need to go change'em to this.

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