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Googleshng - March 30 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

This is bizzare. My mom came home tonight along with some people who I MIGHT have gone to high school with. That's just flat out creepy, so I'm staying up here writing the column rather than double checking on that. Anyway, here's Josh.

Josh: My one condition for doing this whole guest-hosting thing was to be allowed to plug the editorials. So I'll be nice -- I'll only plug the editorials twice. I'll plug the editorials once in the beginning. I'll also plug the editorials once in closing. In between the opening and closing there are no editorial plugs. Also, after the end there are no plugs for editorials. So, to get on with it, I'll plug editorials now. So without anymore ado, let me plug editorials. Here is the plug for editorials: Editorial Plug.

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How do you pronounce...?
Funny because it's true.
It's Rail Cayder again, after a short absence... With the release of Phantasy Star Online, It will give us Rpgamers a new level of interaction. I Hope this sends, but attached is my concept of player interaction in PSO.
(I got this pic off of the Gamers Republic site, then edited it, btw)
-Rail Cayder

So Google goes from being a slime, to a man/woman, to a polygon made by Phantasy Star -- I'm sure he's very proud that you at least put him in a game he likes (or at least with a name he likes).

Hmm... I can't be an android or a cat or a Farmer or a Dezorian? Awwww... oh well, at least this way I get ears that look like horns and big claws.

Breaking the monotany
i have a problem with front mission 3: i can't get any other simulator missions! i have done like 15 battles and i still only have the tutorials and that 1 simulation you start with. where to i get more?


Well, first you get down on your knees, fiddle with your rosaries, bow your head with great respect, and... Oh, wait, that's the Vatican rag. Well, Google will know (I hope).

A few people have been asking me this. Anyway, you get them in a lot of places. If you're hanging around a base full of rebels, and you talk to them, they could give you one, I think you can get an extra difficulty level on an aircraft carrier, everything else I've gotten from the computer. Poke around web pages.

When two companies love each other very much...
Nintendo, Sega, and Electronic Arts are suing Yahoo for allowing the sale of pirated material through the Yahoo auctions. I know there is a connection between Square and EA. But what is it exactly? I mean, one didn't buy out the other, right? So what does this lawsuit mean for Square? -Poozer

Since Google's the guy who probably knows the corporate stuff and all, I'll explain to you why it won't make a difference: I doubt that this will have any way to prevent people from selling, say, a bottle cap, and including a CD as a coaster for their drinks as a reward for their patronage. But don't quote me on that if I'm wrong.

Well, first of all, basically what Square and EA did was get married. Squaresoft is extremely recognizable in Japan, and EA is extremely recognizable in the US, so they agreed to stick eachother's names together so that they would pull in more freaks who haven't heard of both. 8) As for the lawsuit thing, well, if they won, people would have to just bookmark the pages of CD pirates rather than just look on Yahoo. 8)

The color theory
A friend made this chilling observation the other day:
Sega CD was black
SNES was grey
N64 was black
PSX was grey
3DO, Jaguar, and some other systems nobody remembers were black (I think)

... Playstation 2 is black. Things aren't looking good.


What does that make gameboy colour?

Don't forget the Saturn and the SMS, they're black too, the NES and Gameboy grey, does the Virtual Boy count as black? The really creey thing about this theory is that I've never thought of an exception to it (Turbo Grafix 16, NeoGeo, black). Well, the PSX2 is black, and I'm pretty sure the X-Box is too. No word on what color Nintendo's is, we can only hope. Hmm... everyone run out and by a Dreamcast! In just a couple months, it's library will include RE4 and PSO, not to mention Soul Calibur and Chu Chu Rocket are out already. 8)

Thick Instructions?

This is probably a dumb question, but, anyhow....why do some playstation RPG's get put in double cd-jewel cases when there's only 1 disc (Suikoden, Wild Arms)? It would fit perfectly in a standard case. I've wondered about this for quite some time....


Well, since double CD cases don't fit in padded envelopes, or most CD racks/trays/towers, it's a giant conspiracy to get people to buy double-CD oriented things. Either that or there's someone pushing pirated double-CD-cases out there for dirt cheap, and these companies are cashing in.

Marketing ploy. To the average mindless impulse buyer, seeing a double CD case means they're obviously getting more. Why get that thin game when there's thicker ones for the same price? So, in a word, evil. I salute Capcom for what they did with RE3 and Dino Crisis

Hey Googlemeister and Josh

Got a few questions for you two

1. Google, how much is Front Mission 3 like Mechwarrior if at all?

2. Josh, do you have a favorite author in the editorials?

3. Both, what do you think is the best and the worst RPG ever?

Red Nu

Well, if I were to say who I liked the best, I'd probably get killed -- or I could be a narcissist and say myself... Tough decision, I think I'll go with the universal answer statement: "Only once, but I was drunk."

Best RPG is a tough one. I'm really partial to Star Ocean 2, and have probably logged more hours on that game than lots of others. But then again, I loved Parasite Eve, and that was a short game and I don't own it to replay... But then again, there's a special place in my heart for FF4j. And worst goes to Legend of Legaia -- the only RPG I've been unwilling to finish.

Front Mission 3 is a lot like Mech Warrior, except that it's turn based, doesn't have ancient flat shaded graphics, is set in the real world in the not to distant future, so there's cities and stuff to fight in, and it has all kinds of cool features like pilots who can get out or be knocked out of vehicles, mech sized shotguns and melee weapons, it's all quite cool. As for best/worst RPGs, well, my personal favorites are of course Xenogears, Phantasy Star, and FFn (n being a number I can never really decide on, usually 6 though) not nessessarily in that order. As for worst RPG, well, if you want to get technical about it, the worst RPG is the original Dragon Quest/Warrior. It has no plot to speak of, you only have one character except for one little side track, the entire game is just countless ours of character building as you walk the surprisingly short distance between the only save point in the game and the Dragon Lord. I suppose you could argue that there's a weird zen character building mindset you fall into, but I think honestly the only reason most people like it is because it's the first RPG they ever played. My first RPG was Phantasy Star, no where near as much character building, great plot, 4 characters on your party, mind blowing graphics (considering it's 8-bit), cool music, set on 3 planets you can go between in your spaceship, monsters you can try to communicate telepathically with, and it's the only game of any kind I've ever seen in which one of the main characters is a talking house cat. Well, that was certainly ranty. 8)

Another Multiparter
Hiya Google and Darien! Here are some questions and comments:

1) When is Tales of Eternia coming out?

Josh: If it is coming up, it's not in the release dates. Unfortunately the "Staffer Brain-Implant" thing, where I gain full knowledge off all RPG news hasn't kicked in yet. Sorry 'bout that.
2) How do I get the golden frypan in ToD?

Josh: In Frostheim, a peddler sells it for the cheap price of 70,000 gold!
3) Is there ever going to be a Xenogears sequel?

Josh: Unfortunately, the "Squaresoft Psychic" chunk of information is included with the RPG news one.
4) Doesn't it suck when they move your favorite show (Sailor Moon for me) to a new time slot so you can't watch it?

Josh: Bah, Sailor Moon's a little girl's show...what? You say Darien's from Sailor Moon?! Well, uh... *escapes from 5 and 6 which are also SM questions*
5) Doesn't it suck even more when they won't listen to you begging to put it back?
6) Tuxedo Mask is REALLY great. ^_^
7)Stars of Tears rules, doesn't it?

Josh: It's on my playlist, that an answer? ;P
8) What of the Luna Rock album?

Josh: J-pop is not my thing....Like J-Pop! Take Japanese!
9) I found an all-anime store near home! YAY!!!
10) I need a new RPG. I was thinking maybe Alundra 2 or SaGa Frontier 2. Koudelka looks nice too. Suggestions?

Josh: Google likes Koudelka. Koudelka is good. SaGa Frontier 2's review is up, go read it ;) And enter the contest, then you can WIN Alundra 2!
11)Algebra sucks. :(
12)I want Star Ocean 3!
13) Claude is a Cloud wannabe.
14) Precis makes my ears bleed.
Umm...that's all. Print this letter or I'll have to use some Mars fire on ya! MARS FIRE....(insert "ignite" here if this isn't printed!)

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

And in other news, Star Ocean 2 did rock. And Precis is my woman :P

Out of your options, I would personally go with Koudelka, but that's just a matter of personal taste. As for a Xenogears sequel, so many rumors fly around about one that if Square ISN'T working on one at the momment, I'm sure they will eventually just to shut everyone up. It would have to be a prequel of course, and there's plenty of potential for that!

You guessed it, Multiparter
hola google and darien!

first, let me say that i just got a game called 'bust a groove 2' and, regrettably, it's more fun than my also recently acquired copy of SaGa frontier... so much for my love of all things SaGa...

anyways, on to the questions:

!. have you (either) played Tales of Phantasia? from what i've heard it's better than ToD.
Josh: Nope, but if it's anything like ToD I'd probably like it. The story may not be the best, neither is character development, and let's face it, the graphics are nothing to be proud of, but goshdarnit, it's fun!

@. is there something i'm missing in so2? for the life of me i can't play it for more than an hour at a time without either getting really, REALLY bored or the $#*^$& game freezing...
Josh: I think Star Ocean 2 is just like Tales of Destiny -- same problems, but tons of fun. I just enjoy active battles, so that's probably it.

#. why do neither of the two blockbuster's in town have front mission 3?

$. it seems the 'old school vs. new school' debate died down before i had any coherent thoughts on it so i'll turn them into a question: do the 'old schoolers' fail to realize that almost every final fantasy before 7 was at the top of the graphics scale for the time? ('almost every' because 2j and 3j had the same basic graphics as 1)
Josh: Final Fantasy three had far better graphics in my opinion. So there!

%. how much are you looking forward to legend of dragoon?
Josh: Nope, but if it's anything like ToD I'd probably like it. The story may not be the best, neither is character development, and let's face it, the graphics are nothing to be proud of, but goshdarnit, it's fun!

and finally:

^. am i the only person in the sacramento area that hates cake?

thanks for answering my many questions (if indeed you choose to...)

- the frito "master thief" bandito hehehehe... stupid cops...

As for why your Blockbuster doesn't carry FM3, well, renting games sucks! Don't do it! The places that rent games out only carry games they've heard of, and they don't go out of their way to hear about games either. Besides, FM3 is a long game, there's no way you could finish it on a rental. 8)


Hello, Josh.

Goodbye, Josh

~Susan, AKA Silkenray, now with amazing tilde action!!

Josh: My first stalker! Wait...that's not a good thing ¬.¬
Google: Coworkers can stalk eachother?

I noticed someguy sent in an E-mail saying that Magic Knight Rayearth is the only anime Subbed/dubbed at the same price. That's not true though. Slayers is the exactly same way.


Josh: I just think it's funny that animé, which we all associate with Japan, is written in Katakana. Oh the irony!
Google: Slayers costs more subbed than dubbed around here. 8(

Dennis looks EXACTLY Like Bill Nye... and he's kinda a science guy too!


Josh: Didn't you know? After his television carreer ended, Bill Nye had his agent take him into a new medium. Since he can't act, he was brought into video games. He says he enjoys it a lot, but it's hard to fit into consoles.
Google: You know, the trick to answering quickies is to keep it as short as you can.

What is the point of the Clear file in Breath of Fire 3.

Josh: Well, see, once there was this big monster that terrorized the BoF workers... So they incorporated their ultimate anti-File weapon into the third installment of the war between BoF and File. It also makes the menu look nicer.
Google: You still don't get the brevety thing. Oh well, I haven't played BoF3 myself, but every other game I've ever played that has you make a little clear file when you win lets you use it to start a new game with some fun little perk.

The Last Laugh:

Josh: Well, that was fun. I got to look at a faq for someone else, and appreciate how hard Google works. I also got to plug editorials. Due to the constant plugging of editorials, I'm hoping that many, or at least some of you will go and visit editorials. When you're done religiously reading Q&A, and you need something serious to calm you down from the fits of laughter, go and read an editorial. And then, please write some. Don't forget, every 10th visitor wins the right to flame me! (No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, members of the RPGamer staff and their families, and pets, and any illegitimate children are not eligible for winning the free flame)

So now that you're done with Q&A and have read the secret text that may or may not actually be secret, go ahead and submit to my shamless editorial plug.

Did I mention that last night people that looked like people I went to high school with showed up at 1:30 AM and stayed here until 5? As it turns out, they were people my mom went to school with, I went to school with their neices I believe. It's very disturbing to see someone who looks a little under 20 and find out they're more like 40, you know?

-Joshua Maciel

Googleshng "Stressed out"
Swordfish is really good, you know that?

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