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Googleshng - March 29 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday was very rough on me. Amoung other things, I spend the majority of the day at a job interview. It went pretty well but it took forever. Plus there seems to be a huge lull in letters this month... people have been on vacation though I believe, that explains it. Oh, and I finally found out where Brad is, and he wasn't floating face down in a river. That's good to know.

Anyway, tomorrow Josh from Editorials will be guest hosting he's really been sprucing up in there too. He almost has it spruced up so much that I'd be willing to read'em, but I get enough opinions on everything doing this. 8) Anyway, get those questions in early if you can.

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My mistake
Although you're probably going to get tons of email on the subject, I know of at least ONE RPG where it pays to speed: Suikoden II. If you manage to keep passing various checkpoints in a small allotment of time (with a not-hard-to-get-or-out-of-the-way-at-all optional character in your party named Clive), finally arriving at the last area of the game in under 20 hours, you can fill in this mysterious man's past really well, and help him accomplish his goal of finally tracking down a woman he's been hunting since the first Suikoden game. I think you get to face her as a boss, then, but I'm not sure (I have yet to go through like that, and I have lots of other things to do before then).

Interesting, and yeah, a few people pointed this out. Anyway, I stand corrected. 8)

Sub vs. Dub rises from the grave
Dear Google,

Local Suncoast (only place that sells subbed and dubbed anime here) , Sailor Moon (only videos available subbed and dubbed) pricing:

Sailor Moon R (Movie--subbed): $24.98
Sailor Moon R "Promise of the Rose" (Movie--dubbed--gag me): $14.98

You yourself said subbing is cheaper, and yet buying it costs more. Money for a whole voice acting staff, re-writing of script to fit area released, editing for censoring... and it's STILL cheaper??


Well, it certainly isn't because it costs more. Subtitling has a one time cost of about $100 for a title maker. Dubbing requires a recording studio, and hiring a whole team of voice actors. It also requires major rewriting of the scripts so that mouth movements match for some companies. A much costlier proccess. The reason it costs more is that people who buy subtitles want to see things in their unaltered form, while dubs are aimed at the casual folk who don't care too much about the evils of localization and aren't willing to spend as much money. I can go either way depending on the series.

Aww, isn't he CUTE?
After listening to that MP3 Silkenray put up for you, I had a question. Are there any (or any plans for) a Lovecraftian RPG. I mean that would just kick arse. I love his work and even though movies based after his stories suck (ACK! Cthulhu Mansion. THEY DIDN'T EVER EVEN SAY CTHULHU!!!! just like "There is an evil presence" or some junk like that) I think an RPG would be fun. Dark dreary, full of madness. Parodn me as I ascend the Mountains of Madness. Damn Rats.

-Janus 0f (YES! that is a ZERO!!! Not an O see 0O0O! live with it!) Zeal

Based dirrectly on H.P. Lovecraft stuff, no. However, Koudelka will be out in the not too distant future, and it seems to be HEAVILY inspired by Lovecraft. Very good looking game, I've been drooling over it since it was first announced.

I agree with Naz. I get so engrossed in a game's storyline that I find myself rushing, even when I don't want to. As a general rule, if I can't finish a game in half it's advertised play time, I have done something wrong. 80+ hours for Grandia? I finished it in 32. The longest game I've ever played has been Xenogears in just under 50, and that was after all of the optional stuff (second was Star Ocean in 45, but that was after the Cave of Trials). As far as a speedy reward, I've always felt a fast time is a reward in itself. Finishing FF7 in under 20 hours made me quite the big man amongst my friends. There are a few games that reward fast playing- Suikoden II for example has a subquest (Clive's to be exact) that you can only see by getting to the tail end of the game in under 20 hours. Compound that with trying to get all 108 characters, and you've got quite a massive feat on your hand (one I haven't accomplished yet).

Oh, I'd better ask a question. Why does everyone hate American console RPGs? I thoroughly enjoyed Shadow Madness and Secret of Evermore- sure, they aren't without their faults, but what game is? People should stop nitpicking all these RPGs before the developers decide to stop giving them to us. =P


OK, I'm still trying to figure out how you could blast through Xenogears that fast. Do you know some kind of trick to speed up the text or something? As for why people hate domestic games, well, it's not a generalization really. There's exactly one standard RPG and one Action/RPG that anyone has heard of. Anyway, they both just aren't very good games.

Helpful hint
If you want to capture wanzers just get the Taidong's arms and a melee weapon to learn the ejection punch! With that and the high activation computer I average about 3-4 captured wanzers a battle.


That is a MUCH appreciated tip. I'll have to try it. 8)

Language Lesson
Just thought I'd say that "wanderung" means "walking tour" in German. "Walking" is simply "wandern."

That's all, and you'll probably get plenty of other letters saying the same thing. ^_^

--P. J. "Speed" Reed

Ok, I admit it, I was just quoting from memory, it might have said wandern. Also, this is the only letter I've gotten on the subject, I really should learn German some day.


How long is FM3?


That's not an easy question to answer. A lot depends on your playing style, and how addicted you get to the cryptography sub game, whether you insist on playing through both scenerios, let's say you need to spend at least 30 hours with it, but I could see playing for 150 if you want to totally gut it.

Do not change Quickies
To Haikus 'n' Stuff because
It's fine how it is.


I was just kidding.
I'd never do that to you. That would just be cruel.

What the hell IS that mp3 from the 27's column?! What IS she saying???


"Cthulu wa kawaii" Japanese for Cthulu is cute.

I know this is a bit late, but I just wanted to note that you left out red and blue mages from the poll. Those (of course) are my two favorate classes.


You know, under each poll is a mailto link for the person who wrote it. Besides, there is no "red magic" they just get black and white, as for blue, well, there's no monsters in real life to learn spells FROM. Red/Blue mages rock though.

Hi Google!
For my school choir, a few of my friends and I are performming Small Two of Pieces. I'm doing the piano and the guitarre solo.


Good for you.

If subtitling costs less, howcome Magic Knight Rayearth has the only videos I've seen where subtitled costd the same as dubber? EVerything else I've seen costs more subtitled
Neon Id

See above. 8)

You must be a guy, cause I don't think girls like to have scraggly hair. Of course, I wouldn't really know, now would I? Well, ummmmmmm............ I'm bored. How about you?


I'm related to plenty of girls who have scraggly hair at times. Then from the other end, look at Nash from Lunar!

The Last Laugh:

Speaking of Lunar

Oh, by the way, Darien likes ToD, SO2, Grandia, and long walks on the beach the standard mounds of NES/SNES games. So, if you have questions on any of those, send'em on over. 8)

Googleshng "Stressed out"
Swordfish is really good, you know that?

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