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Googleshng - March 22 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I was woken up at like 7:30 this morning by my mom's alarm clock, downstairs, behind a closed door. She slept until 11:30. For the record, that's about 5 hours of sleep for me. What do I wake up to? A lack of Brad's column. I'm going to assume he's face down in a ditch bleeding to death or pinned under some debris or something though since he isn't the type to mysteriously disappear without notice. Still, Between that, the resulting lack of letters, lack of sleep, and a few other things that don't concern you, I've had a massive headache all night. It's starting to get better though, so I'm no longer clutching my skull in pain.

On a lighter note, I spent the entire weekend playing Front Mission 3. I absolutely love this game. I'm also the official reviewer, so I'm going out of my way to find flaws in it. Heck, I figured I'd be done by now, but it's nice and long. Plus I'm totally imersed in the mechanics now so any questions in that regard, gimme! 8)

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Albiet the story is a little over a week old now, its still better to get the correct info up.


"News of the North American Fox Television network's alleged acquisition and forthcoming broadcast of The Vision Of Escaflowne TV series from Bandai Entertainment is meeting some interference this week in the form of new information from Bandai, it seems as if information that came to light from the Fox press conference last week maybe premature:

- Contact with Bandai indicates there has been NO official announcement stating that Escaflowne will air on Fox Kids as of yet. Their position is one of stating No Comment at this time.

- Allegedly, at the FOX press conference stating the acquisition of Detective Conan for Fox Family Channel, the person heading those projects spoke of Escaflowne. There may have been a misunderstanding that got out in the form of an incorrect statement of acquisiton."

Hope that clarifies things for that matter.

Now that's out of the way I was wondering what you, and the rpgamer community in general, feel about having spoken dialog and songs in RPGs left in Japanese with subtitles where necessary? Lunar is tollerable (except for the hackjob of the opening song *cringe*), Thousand Arms is painful (though at least they left Hamasaki's songs intact), Star Ocean 2's battle voices ruined what was otherwise a wonderful game, and I don't think I even ought to mention my feelings on the Rhapsody preview movie. With anime we have the choice of sub or dub, why not have the same option with our games? Especially this is the case for the next-generation consoles where the disks are large enough to store both English and Japanese dialog (Sonic Adventure for example). So, what do you say, should we start petitioning gaming companies for this option?


Like I've been saying, I sincerely doubt that Fox will really show Escaflowne. As for the dub vs. sub thing in regards to RPGs, well, that came up not too long after I started this job and stuch around forever. The general consensus reached was that it really wouldn't kill the developers to release dubbed and subbed versions of games. They really should dagnabit.

Movie trick
Hi there! (Oh god, far too cheerful) Uh...hi. (Better) You're interesting little Lunar movie disc trick worked well and I saw the Xenogears movie, so I thought, "What a neat trick! I'll try that with my other games as well." I tried it with all of them. It only worked with both Xenogears discs and the demo disc that came with Parasite Eve that had the Xenogears demo on it. Am I doing anything wrong? Anyway, next question. Is it at all possible to cheat at the roulette in Alundra? Please give me the answer or I'll sick Elmo on you. Thank you for your time and attention.

Jamie "No really, he's locked up in a cage in my basement. See, he's right dow...AAAAARGH! MY ARM!!!!!!!!!" Harper

Well, the fact that it works at all with Xenogears is a total fluke. They just happen to store their movies the same way. It also works for Lunar itself. Might work for Vanguard Bandits too. As for your Alundra question, well, I've never played Alundra and my eyes aren't focusing due to sleep deprivation, but there's always the good ol' fashioned save and reset trick, yes?

answer this question
and i'll give you a cookie
chock full of prozac

in FFTactics
is there a purpose to get
all the holy stones?

i've wrote you before
but you refused to post my
plea for an answer

~Casey Edwards

OK, I have J-Pop blasting into my ears so my eyes are wide open these spots are a bad sign though, think I'm blacking out. Anyway, no, there isn't, but while you're doing so you wind up getting all the cool secret characters. 8)

Disturbing notion
The Oracle, Brad Lohr - March 25 '00 O oops. I don't know how, but last night, I totally forgot about writing this. So here I am, doing it later in the day.. and probably messing up my chance of doing a decent one later on. Doh. I hate that. Anyhow, not a lot going on.. just busy weekend.. but I got my tax return. Yay. And Front Mission 3, (though I haven't played it yet.. ) .. anyhow.. I'd better get going with it.. here we go!



Heh, while FM3 is addictive enough that I can see Brad playing it all day instead of doing the column and wouldn't blame him one bit, I think he'd pop in to tell me so. His motherboard probably just spontaniously burst into flames or something. 8)

About time
I beat FF Tactics yesterday! It was the only thing that left me speechless when the words "The End" came up. It's probably an overtalked about subject, but that was the best game I've ever played in my life. Well, maybe not better then Xenogears but definately as good.


It would be great if this signified the end of my getting tons of FFT questions, but I doubt that's going to happen.

Battle of the musicians

Just wondering...what composer do you like better: Nobuo Uematsu or Yasunori Mitsuda? Everyone says Nobuo because of Final Fantasy, but I like Mitsuda better. I think his songs are extremely beautiful and emotional. Just listen to the Chrono-trigger or Xenogears soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, Nobuo is a talented composer too, and I do like his music. It's just that Mitsuda struck a chord with me.


Yeah, they've both done some really great work, but Mitsuda is a bit more consistant in the level of enjoyment I get out of all his songs, Uematsu has kind of a hit and miss thing.


So... Brad wants to be a time mage... and I agree with him! I'd cast SLOW and finally get around to beating Grandia...
I'm also concerned about the astounding number of people who want to be summoners... who the heck would need that kind of destructive power? Anyhoo, what kind of mage would YOU be?


I also voted for time mage. I mean, I don't find the need to kill stuff or heal stuff around the house but manipulating the flow of time has all sorts of uses! As for why so many people voted summoner well, a lot of them are probably drooling fan boys who think that "Shiva iz h0t!" 8)

The Last Laugh:

I can't believe I actually managed to pull this column off on time. Although the severe pains in my stomache, forehead, eyes, and hands are telling me I need sleep. Ooh, pretty spots! Also, CC is back, see?

Also Silkenray made this creepy little MP3 she wanted me to post but I seem to have misplaced it. I expect her to hack into my column though and put a link to it right here for you. Good night.

Googleshng "Wanzers have Wridges?"

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