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Googleshng - March 22 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

As you can see, today Susan AKA Silkenray is guest hosting yet again. Uh, everything else I would say here I covered yesterday.

Susan: Greetings from me, Silkenray, sig pic artist extroardinaire and New Media Wench in training... I have very little to say this time, as you already know all you want to know about me. I would make a joke here, but it's late, and I'm tired. So without further ado... on to the questions!

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I have a question that's been bothering me for a while. Ok, all things considered which do you think is a better buy, Playstation 2 or Dreamcast. I was thinking about getting a PS2 when it comes out, but I have heard that Dreamcast is also good. What do you think, should I go ahead and buy a Dreamcast, or plunk down an extra $100 for the PS2?

Roast beef tastes yummy
Just the fact that it is meat
Makes me all happy!

I'd go for PS2, because it's gonna have the Final Fantasies. But that's just me. Google?

Well, I bought a DC because it's confirmed to have several games I'm looking forward to (Phantasy Star Online, Eternal Arcadia, RE4). I haven't seen any Must Have titles for the PSX2, PLUS the price is way too high, PLUS I have misgivings over a lot of aspects of it (only 2 controller ports, the same controllers as the PSX basically, that sort of thing). Don't flame me over that, it's my personal opinion. I'm also probably going to get Nintendo's new system.

Phantasy Star Spinoffs
I was looking at a page that I came across on the web
and it has some pics from some games that I've never heard off. PS Adventure and PS Gaiden. What's up with that? Wondering if you've ever played any of these games before, and if you have, then what are they like?

...No idea. I'm really nowhere near as smart as I pretend to be.

Well, the best place to get info on them is that site right there. It's the best PS site I've ever seen (I've had it bookmarked for years). Anyway, to make things quick, they're both Japan-only spin offs for the game gear. I'm not sure if they're by the official PS team though (heck, PS3 wasn't). One of them is an RPG, and the other is an "illustrated text adventure" to use my own term, you know, like the original Shadowgate.

Hiya Google,

Yesterday, Cthulhu, said that anime should not be talked about so much in the Q&A. Well, anyway, I don't watch a lot of anime but if I do it's often because or a letter mentioned it. I think that your column is good the way it is because the main focus is RPGs but also other "topics of interest" to RPGamers are discussed. Now, for some questions:

1. What do you know about Lufia 3 or ruin chasers? I haven't heard anything about that for a long time.....

Silky: I've HEARD of them...
2. Is that Escaflowne going to be aired on FOX Rochester (WUHF)? Do you know how I could find out? (I haven't seen any commercials...)

Silky: I know no more than you

3. In the Suikoden 1 the hero's last name is "McDohl". But, what is the last name of the hero in Suikoden 2? Anybody out there know......

Silky: I neither know nor feel bad for not knowing. Character last names are irrelevant.

4. Do you RPGs should be remade? Square ports games but they often are flawed while it works well for Working Designs with Lunar and Grandia, etc.

Silky: Remakes are good for one thing and one thing only... allowing people who haven't played a game before to play it.

-Zed- "I'm the Grim Reaper's pen pal"

I'm in a hurry, so I'll let a lot of this slide. If it's on Fox it's on Fox, period, but I don't believe it will be. I'm going to have to track down some info on Lufia 3/RC myself. I agree on the remake thing.

Unusual Sentiment
Hey, I had Paladin's Quest for a time a couple of years ago, and I must say it was one of my favorite games. I didn't think it was all that well made, but something made me keep going back to it. I know somewhere on the internet there is a walkthrough for it, because I had to use it once to beat the game. I'd recommend it to any RPG devotee. If you haven't played it yet, you should. Have fun finding it, though. In the many years I've been an RPG-aholic I've only seen 2 copies, and one was sold shortly after I saw it. I know it exists, but it's rare.

Frog (It's a frog-frog! Don't make me make you hop!)

I think it's all explained here. Do I need say anything at all?

Well, since someone linked me to a walkthrough for it and I'm filling in for Info Station this wekend, we just might add coverage.

Ok, not to be offensive or anything, but I read your column every day, and I notice that you post all these pointless questions and/or comments, but I get none of my real questions posted. Why?! On the otherhand, do you know if any big game companys like Square are going to have contracts with x-box? Thanks! Roast

Quite simply, Google posts stuff that's asked most often during that particular day. From what I've heard, the X-Box is too new for any major companies to sign on to. Besides, Square's with PSX2.

Right, nobody has made any exclusive deals with Microsoft. I don't think that anyone has actually made ANY deals with them. As for my not printing your letters, uh, the sig doesn't ring a bell... but I don't print a LOT of letters. About 104 a day. Nothing personal. Oh and hey, I printed this one! 8)

This is for both Goog and Silken. I'm looking for an old-school type RPG, like Chrono Trigger.(Fantasy Type) Which one's do you recommend? Please don't give me a list of 20, just a couple of your favorites.

I'm assuming you mean non Final-Fantasy... and I'm also assuming you mean for the PSX... That's a hard one (for me), as I'm fairly new to the PSX world... I was always partial to Tales of Destiny. Got it used at EB for like $12.

Lunar is an awful lot like CT, go for it.


Huzzah! The tsu is vanquished! Long live the shi, ne? :)


Susan: Eram, eras, erat, eramus, eratus, erant... sum, es, est, summus, estis, sunt.
Google: Shi-ne, heh. Me get. I actually found that really funny. Am I just tired?

Though I hardly know you, I find your presence in my bar most alluring and I have to bring myself to ask you, more publicly this time, WILL YOU MARRY ME?
And another thing, my love, how the hell do you beat the last boss in Gustave's scenario in SaGa Frontier II?
Thanx, baby.

Susan: Well, um... Normally, I would be honored, but... at this point I have more fiances than Ranma... As for the second, I don't have SaGa Frontier II yet... :(
Google: Spend about 5 hours straight trying to get in position to block them off in time. Luck factors in way too much.


Susan: A tad hard to explain... Like the easter bunny, except evil and powerful and not fuzzy and cute. Vote Cthulu. Why settle for the lesser of evils?
Google: Sure, stick ME with the serious answer. The original tentacle covered monster so horrifying it drives people insane just to behold. Created by H.P. Lovecraft. READ A BOOK!

Hey Google, what's up with the pictures by your name? They've been changing each day.


Susan: That's my fault...
Google: ne for each day of the week now.

Was that really a Star Trek quote in yesterday's column? ("...friendly angel come to me.") Do I get a prize for recognizing it? Or have 50 other Star Trek fans already pointed this out to you?

Susan: Neko wa kowai, neko wa kawaii... what's the difference?
Google: Scary vs. cute. Anyway, you're the only one. The tilde's in the mail... and nobody caught the subtle Amber refernce (False Pattern). 8(

Hello, I was just wondering if there were any websites out there that had old game genie codes for super and regular nintendo? Could you help me out at all?

Susan: You forgot an E
Google: Most walkthroughs, including ours, have Game Genie/Shark codes at the bottom.

That was the one. Now, if I could just find an MP3 of "Stars of Tears".... Thanks for clearing that up, Googster!

~Ashura ".....Googster? What orifice did I pull *THAT* out of!?" Gulvideen

Susan: Stars of Tears is gorgeous... a shame they took it out of the game. I'll sing it for you, if you wish... ^^
Google: It's on the OST, go buy it! Plus the Japanese version's on Creid I hear.

The Last Laugh:

Silkenray: Well, as suspected, I really didn't answer anything, now did I? Sorry about that. Oh yeah... this is the place where I say something witty, plug my site, and go away, right? Hrm.... I'm bad at MUDs, just so you know. Oh, and I... *rambles on for several hours* Oh yeah! My site... A Web of Silk ... not much there yet, and I haven't updated in awhile, but that's because nobody goes there. So go there. Not only will my art amaze or blind you, but if you use my roleplaying area then I'd be very happy. Something witty to say... uhm.... "My name is Kate"... "Kate? That's an awfully girly name for a boy".... "It's short for... Bob!". That's all. Not origional... But since I'm already on staff and don't have to worry about making a bad impression... HAH! Nya nya.

Note from Silky's legal advisor: If Silkenray seriously offended anyone, then firstly, her wit is dull, and secondly, you are too easily offended. She apologizes for her state of semi-idiocy, but she was trying to keep her head from exploding due to seasonal allergies. And if anyone has an instant dislike of her due to this, then they can g...

Note from Silky's legal advisor's legal advisor: We apologize profusely for the potentially offensive material contained within our client's apology for potentially offensive material in his client's RPGamer Q&A guest hosting closing statement. We believe fully that there is no reason for anyone to get offended by any of this, and that those who take offense are likely over-sensitive and have mental issues spanning back many years, and not just from the beginning of this column. We humbly reccomend for these people a simple treatment of shock therapy at their local mental institution.

Googleshng: I'm too tired to post a pic. I'll make up for it later..... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Note: OK, this SHOULD have gone up last night, but there were some server problems that prevented me from uploading it until now.

Googleshng "sleep"
I'm too tired for THIS too.

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