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Googleshng - March 22 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

There are a few little secrets to my trade. Things you can't learn about doing Q&A just by reading it. I think I'll share one of those things now. Every once in a while, I make a mistake, or there's a question addressed to the readership as a whole. When this happens, I find out about the mistake immediately, because as a whole, you people are unbelievably friendly and helpful. The only problem is, there's so many helpful people out there! 8) So, if there's something I don't know, and I ask, "Does anyone out there know?" literally 100 people are going to send me almost the exact same letter. So then I have a mailbox full of this one answer repeated 100 times, and maybe 5 actual questions. I mean, I really honestly appreciate it, but it really hurts the column when it happens. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't respond to open questions in the column, or that you shouldn't correct me when I'm wrong. All I'm saying is that when you do, make it a footnote on an actual question please. The exception to this is when I personally officially ask something. That I go out of my way to avoid except when it's an unbelievably obscure question, or something that has more than one right answer, like, say, what's everyone's strategy to get past suchandsuch.

Anyway, tomorrow Silkenray is going to be guest host again. Yeah yeah. Her excuse is that last time she was hosting because she did that sig pic, and this is because everyone on staff gets to guest host once. Yeah that's what I said too, but none of the other newbies are around and I was assuming they would be. Plus she made 3 more sig pics so now I have one for each day of the week.

Like these new pics?

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The False Pattern
Hey google - ive got this question, see?
Check this out-

Final Fantasy 3/6j: Terra (earth)
Final Fantasy 7: Cloud (wind)
Final Fantasy 8: Squall (water)
Final Fantasy 9: Zitan (WHAT THE HELL?)

i THOUGHT there was a pattern, until now. Is it possible that Zitan ISNT the protagonist of FF9? any idea what gives? (Im extremely confused)

"If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now." (zaphod beeblebrox)

Well, you thought wrong. I've heard this elsewhere but it doesn't apply in Japan. When FF6 was translated, a whole bunch of names were changed. For example, in Japan, Terra is called Tina. Also, I seem to recall that the kana for Squall can be translated as Skull instead, which isn't as dorky. That leaves just Cloud. Not much of a pattern there. Also, the names in FF9 all seem quite odd so they'll probably be changed at some point, heck, they might change the main character to say, Sparky, and then your pattern would be maintained. 8)

"... friendly Angel, come to me."
Hello Google, this is the first time I'm writing to the letters section..I read it everyday and now I'm finally writing a letter based on a letter you got.

On your last quicky for Tuesday the 21st, yet another person was asking about the Chrono Trigger remake coming to the US and you said that the person should just track a used copy of Chrono Trigger for about 10 dollars or so because its highly unlikely the PSX version won't be released here in the USA. Well, I agree with you that FFA was a horrible port and that all that's added to Chrono Trigger on PSX is FMVs, but you will NEVER find a Chrono Trigger for 10 bucks. The cartridge alone on eBay is worth up to $50-60 and FuncoLand is ripping you off with a used copy at $54.99 that's never in stock..

And guess what? Someone in Germany has a BRAND NEW copy of the American version of the game for SNES. They're currently selling it on ebay ( and its at a whopping 112 dollars!

So its no wonder people always ask about the Chrono Trigger remake coming to the US. Its useful to people who don't own Super Nintendos or don't wanna pay around 60 for the game, but for anyone who already has the cartridge (like me) its just a useless waste of cash.

Yeah so I took your little price miscalculation too seriously and I probably broke some people's hopes I admit but I just felt like I had to say it.

Chrono Trigger for 10 bucks. Now you know Square has some unsold copies somewhere :)

*Defiled (Ahmet Deligonul)

A lot of people sent me stuff about how expensive Chrono Trigger is on eBay or at FuncoLand. To these people I can't help but say WELL DUH! 8) FuncoLand rips off more people than any other chain of stores in existance, and eBay is an auction site. You can still get Chrono Trigger for $10 bucks though no problem. You people just aren't looking in the right places. I find, in this area at least, that the best place to find old games is to find a big store near by that sells videogames in addition to other stuff. Kaybee Toys, Toys R Us, K Mart, WalMart, those kinds of places. They tend to have a huge bin somewhere of games for every system all uniformly priced somewhere in the $10-$20 range. It's really amazing what you can find in those if you go scrounging often enough. I see Chrono Trigger all the time, heck, that's where I got my copy of Phantasy Star 2! No wait, it was Shadowrun (SNES), but still cool.

The forgoten console
What RPGs can you recommend on the old Sega Master System console ? I recently picked up a second hand game gear with a cartridge adaptor to play SMS games.


Heh, there's also one that let's you play SMS games on a Genesis. Anyway, the obvious answer is Phantasy Star, good luck finding it though. Let me think of what else there is. Hmm... I can't think of the names of any others right now, but you might also want to look for Golden Axe Warrior (it's a lot like the original Zelda) Wonder Boy 3, which is just plain cool, but be ready for me to try to buy it off you if I ever get any money, and well, Zillion is about as much of an RPG as SotN. 8)

RPGamer's Title Bar
Hey goog,

Please answer me this: I have had RPGamer in my favorites section of explorer for such a long time that the quote that's there is: "Silence! You are in the presence of octop..." and then it just ends because the menu isn't wide enough. Can you tell me what the end of that quote is and based on when it was published on this site? Thanks.


P.S. Thank you very much,
It is apreciated.
I want to eat pie!

As has been said many times in columns past, the title quotes are just one of those spontanious sillt things, there's nobody in charge of setting them, no specific time they stay up there, and nobody on staff keeps track of them. Although this is never said by me, because once I found it out, I started personally changing them every week when I put up Mondays column. I don't keep an archive though. That quote I can place off the top of my head however: "You are in the presence of octopus royalty" -Ultros, FF6. Now where's MY tilde? Oh, here it is. ~ By the way, SOMEONE out there MUST be keeping an archive of title quotes. Please tell me whoever you are! 8)

85 letters agree!
Hey, Goog!

In response to Ashura's letter yesterday, I'm quite sure there IS a hidden FMV on the second disc of Xenogears. It is a movie containing various important scenes from Xenogears, while "Small of Two Pieces" plays in the background. I heard it was only in the Japanese version, but I guess it's still hidden on the North American one too. I'm not sure if that's the right one, but he says it's a long video, so it sure sounds like it. Anyways, I'm glad to help! :)

Now that I've said that, I have a question: Is it safe to use PSmplay? Not just for the computer, but for the game itself? Does it damage the CD data in any way? Cuz I want to use it, but I DON'T wanna wreck my game. :) Thanks!


Now (yeah, now after having everyone tell me) I know what everyone's talking about. If you want to see that movie with out downloading a movie ripping program, here's how:
Take the Making of Lunar CD, put it in the PSX, turn on the power.
Then, as soon as you're past the logos and the actual movies start, hit the open button.
The movie will stop, and so will the CD, take it out, and stick in Disk 2 of Xenogears.
Now you can close it, and it'll play the ending, various disk 2 movies, and, somewhere in there, the Small of 2 Pieces music video. It fits the tune, but the choices of imagery are just plain funny. It's odd that the song is translated though since there's no way to get at it from within the game... to my knowledge. Wait, it's not So2P, it's Stars of Tears. Glad I fixed this before more than one person pointed it out. 8)


Enough, please! You have letters on your RPG Q&A "breaking" weeks-old Anime news! People read Anime News Service, Anime News Network and EX for anime news, NOT RPGamer. Stick to the games, please! We want your opinion on Breath of Fire IV, not Escaflowne's move to TV. You're not breaking this news to people, Goog. Point them at a site that's about anime.


Well, what I print is based on what I get. If half a dozen people all send me something about Escaflowne being on Fox, I'm going to print it, whether it's relavent to RPGs or not. Besides, it kind of is because Escaflowne is a lot like a Square game in terms of plot and general look. 8) Well, still, if many people ask something, I tend to print one. As for the high anime content yesterday, well, people sent me questions about anime and very few about RPGs. So, quit whining. 8)


The unedited versions of anime TV shows include extreme blood, nudity and swearing. I can only conclude from this that the dance scene in FF8 was a giant orgy in the Japanese version.

This is one of those things that probably has flawed logic... oh yeah! FF8's not anime! 8)

What's wrong, Google? You don't love me anymore?


"What is this 'love'?", er, no more channeling old Trek. I'm just sick of talking about Wiegraf. 8)

May 29, 7 p.m. FOX...

Sc o_0 tch

(The subject was Escaflowne) I don't see Fox showing anime in prime time, I just don't.

It's DENSETSU, not DENETSU! DENSETSU!!!!!!! Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, OK, sheesh, I make one little typo and then copy/paste it...

The fool that is me
Did not double-check the count
In his last message.

-entropius, the embarrassed god of fuzzy dice

That's more like it.

I would love to!
Who wants to sing? La LA La la!

Daaaaabu! Dabu! Wh-wh-wh-wh-what do you want?

I can see you don't have a section for Paladin's Quest. I was wondering why because I just bought it and it rocks. It has great musics and the graphics are kinda original.

Because nobody likes it well enough to send us walkthroughs and stuff for it.

The Last Laugh:

I'm really really sorry this went up so late. Every time I sat down to do it I was yanked away from the computer for one reason or another. Here's a really really funny pic to make up for it.

Thanks to CX for that. Send questions for Silken. Here's today's new sig revision, and hey, notice how they don't say tsu anymore? I fixed it.

Googleshng "Roid"
Heh, they call THIS overnight mail?

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