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I should play it while it's in there.
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Shining Force
and many more books.
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My cousin's copy of Pokemon
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Phantasy Star
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Poor little thing.
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Soul Calibur
This victory strengthens the soul of... Eva 01!
Googleshng - March 21 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

In case the title didn't give it away, I got an awful lot of letters about anime today. Wow, this was a short intro, wasn't it?

Should I push the big red button?

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Hmm.... probably not.

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I work at a video game retailer and noticed in our list of upcoming games that Crystalis 2 was listed for Gameboy Color. I loved the original on the NES and I can't wait for this title to arrive. However, except for a little blurb in one magazine, I have not heard anything else about this game. Do you have any information, or could you possibly dig up some, about this game that could ease my mind until it arrives. Some specific questions are: Is it going to be the exact same game ported to gameboy? Or is it a sequel? In either case, how much like the original is it going to be?

No, it's not a sequel, it's just a rerelease. They are however adding some odd features from what I hear, like digitized speach. Anyone who didn't play it back in the day should really pick it up now. Oh, and Deja Vu by the way, while not an RPG really, is being rereleased on the GBC bundled with the previously unreleased sequel. Unless that's out already. I need a Game Boy.

"... friendly Angel, come to me."
Well, I never really sent email to you guru people but I saw this when i was surfing just like on friday...

First, the first volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Collection finally has an official street date. You can now look forward to the disc on May 23rd. Volume 0:1 will contain the first four episodes, with English, Japanese, Spanish, and French vocal tracks, and English subtitles. The disc will retail for $29.98.

Is the Neon Genesis Evangelion series good? I've never really seen it. I saw half of the first episode. I haven't seen much anime and I was looking for a series to start collecting. I'm trying to get Bubblegum Crisis 2040, which I think is pretty good. Was that a comma splice?

I was also wondering about Grandia and is it really 60 hours? How is Wild Arms? I know this shouldn't be an issue but are the graphics (still) good?

As well, ADV Films also announced the release of the first volume of Monster Rancher DVD on April 25th. The disc will contain the first three episodes, and an English vocal track. Retail price for this one is $24.98. O boy MONSTER RANCHER rules... hehehe

gman"anime newsie wannabe"78

That's a very good deal. Normally Eva is 2 episodes a tape for like $25 or $30 a tape. As for whether it's good... well, it's interesting. Basically Eva is the most popular deep confusing anime I can think of. It's not for everyone, but a lot of people like it. Plus there's PenPen! Moving along, yeah, 60 hours sounds about right for Grandia, and WA's graphics... well, they're 16 bit style, but by those standards I think they're pretty good. Although my little mantra is chibi is good. ^_^

FF6? Well, OK...
i'm playing ff6 on the playstation and as you probably know there is a bonus section that you can watch, but i have a problem ragarding this, you see i just can't access it from my save on my memory card, but i can view it without the save but i really want to do it with my save, am i doing something wrong ? do i have to complete the game first ? you don't have to print this , i just need an answer.

thanks makkura

The bonus section is basically all or nothing. After you win, you can a chance to save a special file on your memory card, and THAT lets you watch the ending, and the opera FMV, and look at all that other stuff.

Dear Googleshng,

After reading your rant yesterday (3/20/00) I thought I should contact you and apologize for giving you the info I gave to you concerning Escaflowne, as I had not given the proper resources to the articles on the web. I went and looked up the sites that had the news concerning the American broadcast of Escaflowne and the first mention I received was from Planet They had wrote:

Thursday - 03/16/2000

"Mr.E @ 07:25 PST - Cartoon Network is on the Right Track...

AnimeFan has received some more juicy details regarding anime on Cartoon Network. Here's an excerpt:

Gundam Wing may not be the only Bandai title to hit the airwaves. Both Cowboy BeBop and Escaflowne are on the Cartoon Network's "possibilities" list, and they plan on discussing the idea further with Bandai. Mr. Akins said that both Cowboy BeBop and Escaflowne are "cool shows, but content makes broadcasting them prohibitive." Thus, if they are shown, they'll also need a nice amount of editing...

Finally, look for a possible run of anime movies shown as part of Toonami, as well as an all day "Toonami takes over the Cartoon Network" marathon later in the year.

They go on to mention that the Tenchi OVA will be severly edited (though a not-so-edited version will appear late-night like Gundam W), and that new episodes of Sailor Moon will be arriving in about a month. I am really excited about Escaflowne and the possibility of anime movies being aired on CN...hell, we might even see AKIRA (I hope in its unedited glory). At least Cartoon Network has finally moved away from its days of airing "Godzilla," and "Hong Kong Phooey" ^_^. "

Which came from AnimeFan Online - News Service. Later on that day P lanet, posted:

Thursday - 03/16/2000

"Mr.E @ 17:52 PST - A Correction...
It seems that FOX will be getting Escaflowne, and not Cartoon Network. Here's the press release:

The North American Fox Television Networks, Fox Kids segment, announced today that it will be adding the following Sunrise / Bandai Anime TV series' in it's 2000-2001 Saturday morning line-up:
The Vision Of Escaflowne - Shoji Kawamori's masterpiece, currently released in the U.S. by Bandai Entertainment. Hitomi, a school girl has visions of looming disaster in her future, the swordsman, Van, transports her to the fantasy world of Gaea, where apparent love, fortunes, life and death are at stake, and soldiers battle in "suits of armor" style "mobile suits"

Hmm...anime besides Digimon on FOX...that will be interesting to see... ^_^"

I'm sorry that I failed to give more accurate information. Right now I am trying to find out where the FOX press release was posted so you can see it yourself. also I must agree with your rant that Escaflowne will most likely be butchered to be released on the American airwaves.

Again, I apologize for the lack of giving complete references and I only contacted you about this matter because I knew from your post at that you liked the series.

thank you for your time in reading this,

Nathan A. T.

Heh. I still don't believe that's going to happen. If you want to know why, I explained it on my page, it's the current rant unless you're digging through old archives. That's a lot of links.

Secret Anime
Hey, Goog-meister!

I was running this program called "PSmplay" (downloaded it from ) to view the FMVs on some of my PSX CDs on my computer, and while checking out the 2nd disc of Xenogears, I came across an FMV that NEVER APPEARS IN THE GAME. It struck me as odd as it was the 3rd-largest file on the disc! If you get a chance to check it out, could you tell me just WHAT that FMV is?

Oh, and if you need help, here's how to get PSmplay to actually PLAY the FMVs:

1) Obviously, you need to download and run PSmplay with Xenogears disc 2 in your CD-ROM drive.
2) Go to "Analyze CD-ROM" in the File menu.
3) Click "Okay" and wait a few minutes.
4) Save the .psm index file on your comp somewhere.
5) Go back to the File menu and select "Open Analyze CD data", then open the .psm file you just saved.
6) VIOLA! Now you can play the FMVs on your comp! To open the FMV I was talking about above, just select the file with the 3rd-largest number (Should be around 20,000 or so.)


~Ashura "The heck!??!" Gulvideen

Well, I can't investigate this because nobody has ever given me a link to a Mac program than can rip movies out of PSX games, but I do know there's a spiffy little FMV scene hidden on Disk 2 if you do the secret optional lighthouse fun. Could that be what you're thinking of perhaps?

I'm glad SOMEONE caught it.
Gooo-How's it going with Perl?-gle GuYGirL.

Speaking of Amano sempai. Isn't it hilarious how a lot of words get lost in American Subtitling of Anime? I mean, this may be minor, but for a simple example in Escaflowne. They may say, Van Fanel who is the king of Fanelia. And It will only say, King Van. Or something odd like that. Even more minor, but sometimes funny. They show American's Amano sempai means "Captain Amano". But noo, Hitomi will scream that out a million times, and it just says, "Amano!". Oh well, same thing with "Baka" I guess. It's always better than dubbing, I must admit. The rumors are still going about the Escaflowne Movie coming out. I hear it's going to be cruddy. It's ignoring the story line and changing things that happened. [Like Record of Lodoss Wars: TV Series, only it's not going to be as good. ;>] If you'd like, I can send you a link later to the site. Ooh. Oooh. Speaking of movies coming to America, I heard Spriggan is actually a consideration into our theatres as well as Good ol'd Vampy D. [Man I love that PSX game.] For all of you who don't know Yu Omanae, Spriggan #1. It was a manga over here called "Stryker". It's his story and based on Noah's Ark and such other things with military experts. Perfect motion work with cells and artistry, and a great soundtrack to boot. Ok ok, I'm just talking too much. Bye bye!

Dark Anime Ninja of Gaming

Indeed, part of the fun of watching subtitled anime is correcting the bizzarre mistakes made by the translators. Amano Sempai = Captain Amano, but Sempai = Amano? That's just plain weird. Now then, what's this about a VHD PSX game?


Does a certain Final Fantasy Adventure for Gameboy(years back) have anything to do with the Square FF series?


Nope, in Japan it was called Seiken Denetsu. Secret of Mana was called Seiken Denetsu 2, and the upcoming Legend of Mana is Seiken Denetsu 4. SD3 was a really really cool game but Square didn't bring it over.

Will American Playstations play European "PAL" games? I'm considering importing a game from Europe and I need to know whether I need to get my PSX modded or not.

-- Justin

First of all, I'm almost positive that it won't, second, I can thing of no reason to import games from Europe. Europe gets games significantly later than the US if at all. Let me put it this way in fact. Our release dates cover every game ever released in Europe. As you can see, the only thing worth importing is Terranigma, but that's for the SNES anyway. 8)

Join the army they said. See the world they said! I'd rather be sailing.


Why do you keep touching me?

Um... "Haikus and stuff?"
Don't mess with the quickies title,
You hermaphrodite!

-entropius, god of fuzzy dice

5 8 5!?! That's not a haiku!!!

I know this weeks quotation!!! It is from the old woman who sells the medicine of life in the original Legend of Zelda!!! What do I win??? WMAdoy

You of course win the traditional tilde: ~

What IS a haiku, anyway??? Anonymous

This is a haiku.
Haiku are easy to write.
Just count syllables.

Dear Sir,

Do you know the release date for the PSX version of Chrono Trigger?

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Square hasn't announced any plans to bring it over. Think of it this way though, all they added were the anime movies which we have here. FFA was a terrible port. So watch the movies, and if you've never played the game, track it down used for $10 or so.

The Last Laugh:

I know these are going up late lately, but it's taking this long to get enough letters. Business is slow lately for us Q&A folks. Anyway, here's the standard C.C. pic:

Funny story about this. I already had a copy of this pic on the server. I actually saw this person at an anime convention. His costume was actually a joke about how sick some cosplayers are, but it was lost on most of the audiance. Anyway, here's another pic by MegaWolf

Now THAT is funny. Not that that first one isn't. Anyway, I actually got a ton of funny pics from people today, but CC's taking a week off so I'll save them for later. Oh, and MegaWolf: There's plenty of Pokémon info on this site, look in th games section.
One last thing, someone asked when RPGamer will have a review of Front Mission 3 up. I'll have it tomorrow and get one done ASAP. 8)
I hate it when I say one last thing and then think of something else. This is an alternate sig. No offense to Silken but I like the first better, just because it's more anime style.

Googleshng "Roid"
I need to start getting these up earlier, give me letters!

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