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Googleshng - March 20 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I sure did a lot this weekend. Put a rant up, did some major cleaning on my computer, learned perl, saw the season premier of Farscape. Heck, I even got a little done on my game. The only thing I DIDN'T get around to is that amateur game makers hub page that I started working working on, then someone leaked to the public so I started getting flooded with mail and I know this is a run on sentence but they're one every once in a while so I'm not about to finish it anyway know that I learned perl I can set it up so that people can add themselves to it so I won't have a horrid ton of work to do and will be able to pay attention to it again instead of redirrecting everything to a sub folder of my mail box. Get all that? 8) Well, let's get going.

What's in the box?

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FF6 Stuff
I have played FFVI many times over as it is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Yet only just recently I happened to read one the editorials and it stated that Shadow is Relm's father. Now while it was obvious that there was some kind of connection between the two, I don't recall ever finding out this father-daughter relationship. The editorial said that one could only find out through a side quest during the World of Ruin, but I always complete all the side quests (atleast the ones I know about; is there some other not widely known one?) Well, I was just hoping you could clear this up.

Ramzlita IV

It's not a side quest per se, it's a bunch of flashbacks you see when you sleep in an inn with Shadow on your party. As for the question in your little P.S. well, that's one of those things that people always argue about, it's also a rather big spoiler, which is why I didn't print it.

Dear Google-person-whatchamacallit,
Since Monday of last week I've been sending letters asking the same three questions, adding different things here iand there so now yet againg I send in these questions asking the same three questions. First, what are Contrail's future plans? What happens after Wild ARMs 2? Second, Can you give me a timeline of the gundam sagas? After Cartoon Network's release of Gundam Wing I'm addicted to that show now, I've built 5 lego mechs. Third and probably finally unless I come up with a creative idea for a fourth question, how do you pass the Hell Gate after going through the first three basement floors for the first time? Do you have any good ideas? All my guys are LV. 50 but I'm still losing! I need help! And finally for my instantaneous of the moment question, do you guys have any idea on the exact U.S. price or release date for PS2? Those are my four questions, if you don't answer soon there'll be more and more questions!
Haunter of RPGamer staff,
Mr. Mysterio
<thunder and lightning>

Yeah, well, I was getting a ton of mail last week, and today's a Monday. Keep that in mind everyone, on Monday you have a better chance of getting things printed. Anyway, I can't help much with these honestly. As far as Contrail goes, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that smaller developers don't tend to think as far ahead as the big ones. After WA2 you'll probably find out what they're doing next, but for now, I haven't heard anything. As for Gundam, as I find myself saying CONSTANTLY, I don't get the Cartoon Network, so I haven't seen it. Unless someone starts a write-in campaign to Eastern Connecticut Cable, all I can say about Gundam is that there's a lot of it, translates it, and the first few seasons are about as gritty as anime gets. Since you didn't say a game on that next one I can't answer it, besides it doesn't ring any bells, and finally, I've heard between $300 and $400, which is WAY too much to pay for a console if you ask me. Oh, and this is probably as good of a time to mention this as any. The PSX and PSX2 do NOT run Linux, or any OS. The PSX2 dev kits run Linux. There is no reason for a console to have an OS, and the only ones that do are the DC and the X-Box, although I can't see what it does in the DC... is it just to mess with memory cards?

I am SO sick of this question
Ok, after using Brad's 'Weapon Break advice to defeat Gagarion at Loinel Castle I got pretty far and now I'm stuck AGAIN!

I've only tried about 4 times, but I can't seem to beat Weigraf one on one at Riovanes Castle. I am at level 37. I have made Ramza a Monk with Battle Skills and I intend on Breaking his Weapon(so he can't Lightning Stab my ass to death) Then punk him monk style! But I can't break the Weapon and it seems to only give me one try, before I'm dead...Am I screwed or can I recover...and what tactics do you employ?

Mephtik X

p.s. - sorry if I sent twice...

OK, first of all, keep a save file from before you go into Riovanes until after chapter 4 starts. There's 2 back to back nasty fights in there. Anyway, the best possible strategy there (aside from Be on level 99) is this: Monk with Squire as your secondary, Auto-potion as your counter, 99 X-Potions, and no other potions. Then you just run around the edge using Chakra if you're about to die, and Yell otherwise. Eventually you have 4 actions to his one and if that still isn't enough, you can always bring your attack power up with Accumulate. The best part is these things don't expire before the next part of the fight where the rest of your party comes in, along with some rather nasty demons, so you can beat that before anything moves. Another interesting strategy people have told me about is just to jump. When you're in the air, he can't do anything to you, and you hit for a ton of damage. Oh, and this question has been answered in this column like 50 times now. 8)

Amano sempai
Heeyyylo Google, Your secret's safe with me. Shhhh..

Yes Yes yes, Amano is the man. To answer the question about his involvement in Kartia he did do the artwork. As a matter of fact, if you've noticed any of the Japanese cover-work on the Final Fantasy series, Mr. Yoshi [for short] Amano did all that art as well. Not including FF8 of course. But soon to have FF9 under his belt. As a matter of fact, I got to meet the man at Katsucon [ an Anime convention around here that I got to go to.] He spoke of his upcoming works, and even mentioned the fact that his character drawings were due soon, within a week I believe[For FF9]. He joked about how he always does things quickly and also can't work on something for more than 3 days. He was funny and a nice guy. He knew very little english, but enough to tell the Audience a thing or two about his favorites. Ex. Someone asked what his favorite comic was, or what he would want to draw that was over here.. Answer: "Bato-man" in his japanese like accent. He also did work on the first Vampire Hunter D, some of the Gatchaman. He does art for Sandman over here, and resides in his Ny area now. But enough of my mindless dribble. I just hope I didn't type all this trivia for you to not print it! Hehe, J/k. I don't mind. ^_^*
Oh, and he's got PLENTY of stuff on the way. Trust me.

Dark Anime Ninja of Gaming.

When I saw that letter in Brad's column I was SO freaked out. I thought my mail box would be filled of nothing but people saying yes, he did the character art for Kartia 50 times over. As it turns out though, I got very little mail and only 2 like this. A few little corrections though. Amano didn't do the characters for FF7 or 8. People whined like crazy for him to come back, he did for 9, and NOW people are complaining about how stupid 9's characters look. There's just no pleasing some people. It reminds me of the time someone was whining to me about how Square made a huge mistake having Akira Toriyama do the anime intro and ending for the CT rerelease because he drew everyone like Dragon Ball characters. Anyway, Amano also did the original manga of Vampire Hunter D, but when they made the movie they didn't stick to his style, which is a shame, his whole long haired pale skinned anorexic in funky clothes style is perfect for a vampire. Although on the new VHD movie, which is based on the next third of the orignal manga (so I suppose there'll be a third movie eventually) and which I heard will be in US theaters, he has a bit more control over it, so it looks a lot better. I think that about covers everything about Amano. 8)

Big Brother is up and running at Square HQ!
Someone mentioned about Wild Arms: Second Ignition in Brad's column that the logo for the game was pasted into the movies, and s/he was wondering how they were going to deal with having it cut? Simple: they re-render the movies. It's not that hard to do. Squaresoft did it with Ehrgeiz; I owned an import copy two months before it came to the US, and after playing the demo I was dumbstruck at how they had americanized Yoko's face in the movies as well as in the actual gameplay. It just didn't fit!

That's just freaky about Ehrgeiz, I never played it myself though. Anyway, I haven't really been paying attention to WA2 being so busy playing the original, so, that's about all I have to say on the matter.

Several Silly Questions
Dear Google-I don't get enough mail on Mondays-shng,

You know what was really great about RPGs before they hit the mainstream? The fact that even though we didn't get that many, we got to play them full and through. When I got Final Fantasy II, I had tons of time to play it, and I didn't have the release of another RPG right around the corner that made me want to rush through it. I must have played FF6 at least 6 times through. I could never do that now a days since there are SO MANY RPG's released in today's market. I have way too many unfinished RPGs. And even the ones I do finish I can't go back and enjoy because there's yet another RPG that I'm really interested in.

How the hell do the Japanese deal with this. They get WAY more RPG's then the US does. My guess is they have very strict loyalties to certain companies.

What's your whole take on this Goog?


Interesting point. It is true that basically nobody has time to play games through over and over again if they're getting every game that comes out, but that isn't a bad thing! I mean now you can play new Tactical RPGs all the time, if you want you can play nothing but extremely linear 80 hour games, or you can just play RPGs every spare momment you have without having to play the same games over out of boredom. Life is good! Now, if only I wasn't COMPLETELY broke right now. 8(


If It Is Real, Send Me A Copy. I Love Mr. T And Anime. Thanks

This is in regards to that Mr. T vs. Slayers thing. THe link's in my latest rant if you care.

Look at Gremio.
He has been eaten by spores!
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

-Milich Oppenheimer

Don't force me to rename Quickies "Haiku and stuff" 8)

In the words of the immortal orcs of WarCraft II.....
"Zug Zug"

Well, they're far from immortal, but "Dabu!"

hey google, just thought i'd submit a kickass pic i made. You probably got more than one of these but hey, please post mine! Credits are for Id and Carrot Glaces. -Id

This is just plain odd.

Enough with the Dune Stuff? Its the Golden path! It will drag on for thousands of years. Happily drag on. Because I said so!

-Leo Atriedes

That's Leto.

Out of quickies again.

I hate when this happens.

My mom's friend is downstairs laughing her head off at the premiere of that new sitcom that's going to be on Fox tonight for the first time.

Appearently my mom has connections at a TV station so she gets ahold of this sort of thing before it's ever on TV.

The Last Laugh:

CC didn't send me anything today. Oh well. I'm off to learn more perl. Bye.

Googleshng "Super Nerd!"
Last night I telnetted into the unix shell to set the access on my perl cgi. How nerdy is THAT!?! 8)

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